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Freedom can be had in the company of others, Water Bearer. Under today’s opposition of the independent Aquarius moon and expansive Jupiter in your relationship sector, you could find yourself pulled between autonomy and attachment. It doesn't have to be one or the other. Take some solo time to deal with your most important to-dos. Then, reserve the rest for a close friend, or perhaps an adventurous night out with a potential paramour or your other half.


Today’s cosmos call for a short stint at home base, thanks to messenger Mercury transiting your domestic fourth house till the month’s end. Organize a short family getaway, or at least get a Google Hangout happening with the whole clan. As the fourth house rules the feminine, pay extra attention to the sharp and smart women in your inner circle. If it’s been a while since you’ve connected, host an intimate dinner with your favorite females.


Honor your feelings—just don’t let them run the show. Today’s faceoff between love planet Venus and conservative Saturn encourages you to find a balance between the two. Instead of putting all your passion out there for the world to see, read your audience first. They might be a more conservative bunch, so if you’re trying to push a change, do so slowly. They’ll be more likely to warm up to your vision if they don’t feel pressured.


Let the healing commence. Starting today until September 22, transformational Pluto turns retrograde (backward) in your twelfth house of the subconscious. This potent period challenges you to look within for the answers. Instead of kicking your latest paramour to the curb, finding a new job, or numbing yourself with that dreaded vice, get to the heart of it all and confront your demons. Make friends with your shadow side, Aquarius, and you’ll be able to identify where fear is holding you back.


Yet another "code red" situation at Chateau Aquarius? With aggressive Mars in your domestic fourth house, you could find yourself taking on the role of mediator—again. In the process, however, have you put a supportive soul on the sidelines? Today, the red planet forms a tense angle to expansive Jupiter in your interpersonal zone. Don’t be surprised if you feel pulled every which way. Instead of stressing out about meeting everyone’s needs, only commit to those that you really have time for. Burning the candle at both ends is also begging for burnout. Put self-care high on your list of priorities.


Eureka! This Saturday, the skies are filled with an Aries new moon in your creative and communicative third house. You could come across news that ignites an “a-ha!” moment, possibly inspiring an exciting new vision. Some Water Bearers will be motivated to spread your message to the masses through a blog or other artistic means. As the third house rules the local scene, you could jump in on a community project, or sniff out undiscovered nooks and crannies in your area. In the process, you could come across a kindred spirit, and be inspired to join forces. On Sunday, you’re in homebody mode, thanks to the moon, mental Mercury and motivator Mars aligning in Taurus, your domestic fourth house. Get experimental in the kitchen, and host an intimate dinner with your loved ones where you can share your creations. Feathering your nest—be it redecorating a room or undergoing more involved renovations—could consume your entire day. Heads up: With Jupiter in your interpersonal house, be prepared for demands from your inner circle. Someone close to you will want your attention, derailing your plans. Make it a win-win, and turn your home makeover plan into a joint effort. Show your appreciation by treating for dinner afterward.

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