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Are money fears getting the better of you? Today's Sun-Neptune opposition in your security-minded zones could stir up illusions of scarcity. Chances are, there's something deeper going on here. Tune into the emotions that could be driving up your anxieties, perhaps by journaling or listening to a guided meditation. Your need to be in control could also be interfering with your earning capacity. There is no "perfect job" out there, Aquarius. Aim for work that's fulfilling, but banish the unrealistic expectation that you'll never be bored. 


Going to the chapel, Aquarius? Today features a special meetup of the love planets—romantic Venus and passionate Mars—in your seventh house of committed relationships. If you've been thinking about making a partnership official, this could be the best day of 2015 to do so. Single Water Bearers could meet someone with long-distance potential, a person who convinces even your skeptical sign that fairytales can come true. Teaming up for business is also golden, especially with a friend. Hello, dynamic duo!


As you’ve fluttered about, making friends with the world, your inner circle has been feeling cheated of your time and attention. Fold up those social butterfly wings today, Aquarius. You’ve scattered your energy in a thousand directions but today is meant for focusing on the people closest to home. Give close friends and family the same love that you would a new acquaintance that you’re trying to woo, charm and impress. Cook dinner for the family or visit your best friend in her neighborhood tonight.


Sound the alarm! As the moon in your domestic fourth house butts heads with irritable Mars today, you may not be able to contain your frustration with a member of your clan. Even if you aren't the one stirring the pot, a female colleague or relative likely is, so watch how you react to her. Avoid giving (and soliciting) relationship advice, too. Under these volatile stars, love is one of those hot-button topics that will trigger both of you.


Honesty is the best policy, Aquarius, even if that means baring your soul. Sharing your secrets can be a scary thing, but wouldn’t you rather have people know the real deal instead of hearing a distorted version of the truth via the rumor mill? Nip a potentially explosive situation in the bud, and spill the beans. Summon the courage and live up to your reputation as the zodiac’s truth-teller. You’ll feel worlds lighter because of it.


Ooh la la! Love is the headline news all weekend. On Saturday, you’re in a flirty, feisty mood, thanks to a quarter moon in our fifth house of amorous passion. You could turn heads from the moment you leave your house. Collecting admirers is a cakewalk for you today, Aquarius. If you need to confess the full-throttle truth about your feelings, this is your moment: wear your heart on your sleeve. Your lust for life extends to every area. You may decide to pick up a paintbrush, a camera or a microphone on this creative day. Express yourself boldly, Aquarius. Sunday's stars summon the relationship rescue squad. Love planet Venus ends a challenging six-week retrograde (backward) slowdown in your partnership zone. Seeing eye-to-eye with a romantic partner or colleague has been dicey since July 25. Perhaps you bickered more or just didn't feel the strong attraction. An ex may have resurfaced, further confusing matters. Don't worry, Aquarius: you haven't lost that lovin' feeling entirely. With Venus resuming direct (forward) motion, you should find it much easier to connect and get back on the same page.

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