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Your social butterfly wings get a satisfying workout as garrulous Mercury grooves into Aries and your communication house until April 14. Be the one to initiate and organize group get-togethers, from game night to after-hours dancing to yoga in the park. Water Bearer writers can make great advances during this two-week cycle. Pen a series of blog posts, take a creative fiction class, or try your hand at a podcast or vlog. Mercury might also present a paid opportunity to teach (online or IRL). Research teacher-training courses or start planning a killer curriculum.


Institute an open-door policy at Chateau Aquarius—or deadbolt it shut? Feisty Mars blasts into Taurus and your fourth house of home and family until May 11. Home, sweet, home could turn into the perfect venue for memorable parties, cozy dinner dates, and overall good times with your nearest and dearest. At the other end of the spectrum, conflict could rear its ugly head, infusing your haven with tension. If so, take plenty of timeouts, Water Bearer, and keep breathing. Collaborating with women can be especially fulfilling during this cycle. Just don’t get entangled in any cliques though, as their rules will be too restrictive for your indie spirit.


Willpower: out the window? Just when you decided to stop dating fickle people or partying so much, today’s escapist moon-Neptune opposition challenges your resolve. Temptation will surround you, Aquarius, so get clear on your boundaries. Let your inner flirt out to play, but respect your limits. Getting sucked into an obsession is anything but sexy. Steer clear of temporary thrills, for both your emotional and physical health.


Today’s cosmos set the scene for connecting with an intriguing, rebellious like mind. We don’t need to tell you what a tall order this is, Aquarius. Do what you can to facilitate this synergy, but don’t force anything. A lucky angle between the life-giving Sun and go-with-the-flow Jupiter will help heat things up. Open up about yourself, and dive deeper into the getting-to-know you phase. It could pave the way to a special friendship—which might even be the prelude to something more serious.


You’ve been moving at the speed of light lately, and you’re looking forward to life calming down a bit. Newsflash, Aquarius: things will slow down when YOU decide it’s time. All this action is actually generated by your love of excitement, so it’s up to you to give yourself a much-needed breather. Today’s stars encourage you to create a space in your schedule for a bit of solitude. Unroll your yoga mat, turn to your trusty journal or simply take yourself to lunch.


This Saturday, your innate desire for terra nova is stronger than usual. You can thank a lunar eclipse in Libra electrifying your globetrotting ninth house for this extra pull toward faraway lands. (Don’t be surprised if you end up reserving an epic vacay in the near future.) Cross-cultural connections in and around your neighborhood hold potential, too. One in particular could morph into something deeper before the month’s end. Entrepreneurial Aquarians could be struck with a brilliant business idea. The cosmos give you the green light to jump in with both feet, but heads up: the demand could be MUCH greater than you anticipated. Alas, not a bad “problem” to contend with. Watch your words this Sunday. You’re a comedian at heart, but keep those one-liners to a minimum—especially when in the company of people you don’t know well. A few “harmless” comments might lighten an intense dynamic, but at the same time, you could be accused of not taking the issues seriously. Make a point of showing the sensitive part of your personality, not just your well-known witty side.  

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