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Keep a low profile, Water Bearer. Today, the moon in Sagittarius, your social eleventh house, forms a tricky square to deceptive Neptune in Pisces. Your ideas about a friend or colleague (and especially their financial sitch) could be completely upside down—and causing some mistrust. You don’t want to assume that your values at odds with a member of your crew, either. Playing know-it-all or sanctimonious isn’t at all sustainable. So don’t even get up on that soapbox to begin with.


It’s electric! Today, you’re feeling exceedingly plugged in, as the moon in Sagittarius, your eleventh house of social connections, forms a supportive trine to revolutionary Uranus in Aries. A chance meeting—at, say, a networking event or cocktail party—could yield some brilliant ideas, a new crew or a soul-fulfilled, wacky evening. (Or all three!) Kindred spirits abound, and you feel immense peace from just telling it like it is. (“And another thing…!”) Nothing quashes an Aquarian’s spirit like keeping your audacious, truth-telling side under wraps. Go on…be audaciously YOU.


Today’s full moon in Capricorn, your twelfth house of healing, could bring a moment or many of hard-won peace. After six-months of soul-searching, you’re at the top of your meditative mountain. Celebrate with restorative yoga, free writing in your journal or just take a long stroll by the sea. Communing with nature (especially water) could also restore your soul. A partner may figure into the equation today, as magnetic Venus meets up with lucky Jupiter in Leo, your seventh house of relationships. Maybe you and your mate can steal away together. Single? You could meet someone who has long-term potential. Be aware: this person may be wildly different from your usual type. Keep an open mind and heart.


Stay under those covers, Aquarius. Today’s climate could be a little unsettling, thanks to the moon meeting up with controlling Pluto in Capricorn, your twelfth house of the subconscious. Some old fears or shadowy thoughts could resurface, putting you in an unusually pensive mood. Here’s the good news: whatever comes up is meant to be healed, so even an emotional crisis is really an opportunity. Listen to your intuition: What do your mind, body and spirit most need to feel restored? Yoga? Dance? Journaling? A stroll by the water? Whatever calls to you, just follow that flow.


Today, you’re thrust into the spotlight, as the moon in Aquarius, your first house of solo endeavors, could put all eyes on you. You might as well use this platform to your advantage, Aquarius. Think of where you need to further your agenda, whether for work, a passion project or a personal matter. Be assertive and share from the heart. Fortune favors the bold.


Rebel, rebel! On Saturday, a partner or friend may not appreciate your contrarian ways, all thanks to the moon in Aquarius, forming an opposition with indulgent Jupiter. What is bold and truthful to you could come across as arrogant and stubborn to someone you care about. When a Water Bearer digs in those heels, you don't readily budge. Try gently but firmly asserting your need for “me” time. It’s possible that your partner will be happy with even a modest concession. On Sunday, you’re feeling especially grounded, thanks to a supportive trine between the moon in Pisces, your second house of security, and energetic Mars. Do all the practical things required to set yourself up for a good week. Go over your budget. Get in a nice, long workout, in case the coming week gets too hectic. Write a list of what you’d like to accomplish, delineating between “urgent” items and ones that can wait.

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