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Time for a relationship review? The cosmos may flash a yellow light today, tapping the brakes on a specific alliance. Today's tense Jupiter-Saturn square makes you slow down and evaluate, especially if things have been racing ahead at warp speed. If something is meant to last, it will—and that includes close friendships, love affairs and business partnerships. So why rush? Saturn’s stern influence is helping you get things on a more solid foundation, e.g. making sure you have shared, compatible goals.


Your freedom-loving sign is feeling unusually amorous, thanks to an auspicious alignment between desire-driven Venus and risk-taking Jupiter in your commitment zone (the second of three this year). You're ready to roll the dice and make your next big move with a partner. This warm-hearted vibe could find you making concessions, spending more time with your love’s family or coworkers, for example, and just generally keeping the peace. With Venus retrograde, you could even find yourself returning to a former flame. The key is seeing relationships—and how you approach them—in a whole new light. What have you learned from your past mistakes that you can apply now?


Can you back up that big talk with results, Aquarius? Today’s moon-Mars clash forces you to put your money where your mouth is. Instead of talking about your lofty plans, take concrete steps to make ‘em happen. Sure, it’s great to get people fired up and enthusiastic. But you also need to make an agenda. Otherwise, the saying will ring true: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.


Time out already! Today’s quarter moon in your domestic sector gives you permission to turn off your ringer and curl up with a good book, or just to zone out with chill, dreamy music. And, wow, do you need to relax, Aquarius. Your social calendar has been abuzz lately; your plate is brimming with all kinds of exciting opportunities. If you feel pressured to keep performing, consider this: one night of refueling your emotional tanks can actually help you be more productive in the long run. If you don’t exercise self-care, you could be a real pill tomorrow. Trust: TLC is for the greater good.


Oh, those mysterious depths. Today, clever Mercury moves into your intimate, intriguing eighth house, making you quite the seductive siren. Until August 27, be selective about what you reveal, especially to a lover. Playing it close to the vest will draw in interested parties, like moths to the fire. But it will also give you an important opportunity to discover that, especially in terms of love and money, a little intrigue goes a long way. Listen to your keen perceptions before acting. Your personal power will shoot through the roof.


Most days, you've gotta be you. But this weekend, with the Gemini moon moving through your theatrical and self-expressed fifth house, you also need an audience. Indulge your whims, guilt-free. (Yeah, you did improv at open mic night and bombed…but you were fully committed, and that’s what counts.) Enjoy time with your honey, or a budding crush. You have an insatiable need to charm and be charmed. Only the suitors who can hang with your quick wit will make the cut. (Everyone else? Thanks for playing.) If your brightly-burning light threatens some people, so be it. You exude enough warmth to make even the worst Debbie Downer have fun…eventually. On Saturday, you’re also turning up the volume on a key partnership, as driven Mars roves through Leo and your seventh house of relationships until September 24. If you've been in limbo with a non-committal type, you may just end up forcing the issues. Are they in or out? This is not the hokey pokey…so you'd both better act fast. Coupled Water Bearers could end up arguing over small stuff that turns into big stuff. Either way, it’s a sign that you need to release tension. Hashing it out is clarifying—and if someone can’t accept your true self, you may end up rethinking the union. Solo Aquarians could get serious about finding a partner. Check out the myriad options for matchmaking and dating—one of ‘em is bound to float your quirky boat.

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