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Buckle up! Today’s meetup of the moon and supersized Jupiter in your commitment sector hits the fast-forward button on a fresh relationship. Even though you’re eager to develop a deeper connection with you-know-who, your first reaction might be to slam on the brakes. Don’t do it, Aquarius. Instead, pause and collect your bearings. Slowing things down a bit will help you catch your breath before you roll those amorous dice. No gamble, no gain.


It's getting hot in here! A sexy alignment of Jupiter and your planetary ruler Uranus could reveal a sizzling attraction. It takes a special person to peel back your calm, cool, and collected mask, and today’s cosmic confab brings an electric energy that works both ways. Don’t wait to be wooed, Water Bearer! Initiate a conversation, and it could pave the way for a fascinating connection. With changemaker Uranus in the mix, a friend could suddenly express amorous feelings for you. You might feel some tension bubbling beneath the surface too, so broach the topic head-on. Coupled? Surprise is your secret love weapon today. Do something unexpected for your sweetie, and let those sparks fly!


Today’s mashup of charming Venus and your rebellious ruler Uranus, both in your communication sector, might incite your inner prankster or devil’s advocate. By all means, engage in a lively debate or throw out a few well-timed zingers, but just make sure you don’t cross the wrong lines. You’re at risk of pushing the envelope too far, so think before you speak. Err on the side of caution, and save those non-PC jokes for your most trusted confidantes. Otherwise, that off-color quip could land in you in some serious hot water.


There’s an officializing vibe in the air, thanks to today’s full moon in your eighth house of permabonding. Whether you’re carpooling, co-signing a lease, or putting a ring on it, the next two weeks are all about merging resources. This lunar light also summons the seductress within. Your powers are more potent than you realize, Aquarius. Only bat those long lashes of yours at someone you want more of in your world.


Don’t let that dark cloud hanging over your head ruin your entire weekend, Aquarius. The storm will pass as the workday wraps, when the moon moves into your happy-go-lucky ninth house through to Monday. Your optimism tanks will be topped up, giving you an urge to explore. A spontaneous trip out of town could scratch that itch; you might even be inspired to catch up with a friend in another city. Stuck close to home? Venture outside your typical stomping grounds, and dip your toe into a fresh scene.


Saturday’s stars reveal where the Almighty Dollar has created a divide between you and a loved one, or some disparity on the work front. Talk it out, Aquarius. A merger of the Sun and healing asteroid Chiron helps keep the conversation real. A misunderstanding is likely at the core of this conflict. Review your respective expectations—especially when things started to go sour. Focus on generating concrete solutions: draw up a payback schedule, establish a barter agreement, or a combination of both. Sunday’s stars prod you to loosen up—especially on the romance front. A flirtatious faceoff between the moon and Venus calls for a lighter vibe in your love life. Single? If you come across a prospect who only seems good for playtime, don’t be quick to write ‘em off. If you’re both clear on the ground rules, you could have a real blast. Already in a relationship? Spice things up by exploring terra nova together. Jump in the Zipcar, and drive without a destination in mind. The best part of the day might be steaming up the windows on the side on the road.

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