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Warm and fuzzy is where it’s at today, thanks to a quarter moon in your domestic fourth house. Give your social butterfly wings a rest, and cozy up in your cocoon. Spend some quality time with your nearest and dearest, dive into your latest Amazon download, whip up your favorite comfort food. A couple of days of topping your tanks will put you in prime Aquarian form again. If you’re inspired to do a bit of nesting, don’t take on projects that will take you longer than a week to finish. Think: strip and stain an antique armoire, install floating shelves, add a fresh coat of color to one of the living room walls.


Prettifying Venus slips into your opulent second house until February 20, turning up the volume on your cravings for all things luxe. This isn’t about hedonism, Aquarius. Instead it’s about investing your hard-earned money into high-priced but practical items. Hello, Birkin bag! This Venus cycle also urges you to indulge in more sensual delights, especially when it comes to amour. Think: formal dinner dates, hot-and-heavy grooving on the dance floor, heated massage oils behind closed doors.


Take a walk down memory lane today, Aquarius. Start with those shoeboxes full of mementos and photos, and don’t forget your old journals either. Sorting through them could inspire you to revive some grand ideas and dreams. This stroll through yesteryear will also give you a longing to reconnect with some important friends and influential people from way back when. Follow that urge, and send an email or Facebook friend request. Reunited and it feels so good.


Today’s not the day for peace talks, Aquarius. A tense faceoff between stubborn Saturn and vain Venus put people in a self-absorbed state. Having a constructive conversation will feel next to impossible, so retreat to your respective corners for a couple of days. This time is best spent engaging in other activities independent of each other instead of trying to force things into a compromise.


Protect what’s yours. Today’s mashup of the Sun and Mercury retrograde in Aquarius urges you to safeguard your identity. Create fresh passwords for your social media accounts—making sure they’re different to those you use for online banking. Apply the same logic to your work. You’re happy to be part of a victorious team, but don’t let anyone steal your ideas. Take official ownership of your efforts, so there’s no confusion about who's the genius behind them. For some Water Bearers, it might even be trademark time.


This Saturday, put practical matters before playtime. A motivating merger between go-get-em Mars and asteroid Chiron in your grounded second house gives you the gumption to finally deal with those troublesome to-dos. Slap on the blinders, and get ‘er done. Silence your smartphone, shut down your browser, and you’ll be able to clear this off your plate in time to meet your fellow culture vultures for a night on the town. Is it your turn to fulfill your designated driver duties, Aquarius? You’ll be riding high from accomplishing so much during the day that an alcohol-free evening won’t bother you one little bit. Slow and sensual is the way to go on Sunday. An alignment of sultry Venus and fantasy planet Neptune heightens your senses. Indulge them: visit a butterfly conservatory, listen to up-and-coming indie bands, try an organic dark roast espresso. When it comes to romance, old-fashioned rituals can get those embers burning brightly. Think: slip a handwritten love letter into your sweetie’s pocket, light scented candles, debut a silky new piece from Agent Provocateur. Meow! 

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