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Saturday, January 18, 2020 - Sunday, January 19, 2020

Need to plump up your bottom line? Don’t wait for the phone to ring with a mega offer. Under Saturday’s galvanizing square between Mercury in your innovative eleventh house and spontaneous Uranus in your financial sector, you could hit on an idea to use your talents to earn some bank. For example, can you use your writing, design or photography skills to launch a sideline freelance business? With a little hustle and muscle, you could bump yourself into the next income bracket! You may be feeling cranky or out of sorts under Sunday morning’s intense Scorpio moon. Take a little longer to get out of bed. Instead of checking email straightaway, journal about those swirling thoughts to regain perspective. And if you can reschedule a brunch, do it, Aries. A lunar “change of the guard” arrives this afternoon, drawing you out of your cocoon. With the moon then zipping through Sagittarius for two and a half days, you’re open to expanding in unexpected ways, both professionally and romantically. The trick is to keep your foot on the gas, even when you’re driving outside of your comfort zone!

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