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Today’s quarter moon in “the more, the merrier” eleventh house sets the scene to connect and collaborate with innovative thinkers. Shed your shell, and socialize with like minds. You might even find your way onto the invite list for an elite soiree tonight. Pay no mind to those occasional flashes of insecurity, Crab. Be your charming self, and you could make a fated connection. This lunar light is about restoring balance, so take stock of your social network. Identify where you could add a few more friends and bid adieu to those needy takers.


Keep your ears perked for spicy accents, Cancer! Romantic Venus switches signs, settling into your globetrotting ninth house until February 20. If you’ve got a holiday planned over the three weeks, a sexy dalliance could be in the cards. Already attached? Plan a sweet escape a deux. You don’t need to spend a lot of cash either: renting a cozy cabin in the woods can be just as romantic as a whirlwind weekend in Paris.


Aim for inclusivity, Cancer. Under today’s stars, that might even mean with your so-called competition. Collaborative efforts with such cohorts could bring positive results for everyone involved. There’s strength in numbers, but if the differences between you are too large to overcome, simply stay focused on producing the best final outcome possible. Make sure you’re taking advantage of the latest technological tools and online innovations—it will keep you well ahead of the curve.


Bitter, much? Under today’s Venus-Saturn square resentment could rear its ugly head. Generosity with expectations is not a selfless act, Cancer. If you went well beyond the call of duty by your own accord, you can’t accuse others of being greedy or ungrateful. Step back, and give them an opportunity to step up. Also, express your needs instead expecting others to be mind readers. Ask without apology—it’s time to call in those pending favors.


Bad romance: take two? Today’s the Sun and Mercury retrograde merge in your seductive eighth house, stirring up memories of you-know-who. That old beau or the one that got away could contact you out of the blue—or you might be the one inspired to reconnect. A word of warning: if this person caused you heartache and grief way back when, keep the door to yesteryear locked shut. Or, if a reunion might drum up trouble (in your world or someone else’s), keep this connection in the past. This evening, shore up your defenses against smooth-talking slicksters.


Itchy feet, anyone? This Saturday, fiery Mars electrifies your ninth house of wanderlust, giving you a hankering for terra nova. Don’t lock yourself into an all-day obligation, Cancer. Rejig your schedule so that you’re taking care of tasks that keep you on the move. If there’s no way you can slip out of town for the afternoon, jump into a lively cardio class at lunch hour to burn off some of that restless energy. Make dinner plans with a pal in a district that’s new to both of you. Saturday’s stars could also make you a tad too candid, so think twice before shooting from the hip. On Sunday, the adventurous vibes are stronger than ever, courtesy of self-indulgent Venus syncing up with free-flowing Neptune in your travel sector. Explore new ground, Crab. Check out that winter festival, give snowboarding a whirl, or peruse an up-and-coming neighborhood. Never mind what your mother told you about talking to strangers either. Strike up conversations with new faces.

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