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Healthier habits? Today’s stars help you find interesting new ways to get your life in shape, thanks to a supportive trine between the moon and innovative Uranus. Maybe a friend introduces you to a new fitness app, or you discover a cool new way to eat organic or keep your life running smoothly. You might try a meal or juicing delivery service, for example, that cuts down on wasted produce, or sends you ingredients and ready-made recipes together. Efficiency and planning don’t have to be boring, Cancer. Ask your friends for ideas.


Meandering conversations? Yes please! Thanks to a rather personable moon-Venus alignment, you and a trusted ally could wile away the hours today, engaging in chit-chat or telling jokes while you work. You may lack the discipline needed for anything that requires concentration, but you can still gain support and make headway by talking ideas through with a colleague, or engaging in some creative brainstorming. Keep things light, airy and diplomatic.


Dig in your heels, Cancer. You may be contending with a power play—perhaps a boss or love interest is testing your mettle, as the moon meets up with domineering Pluto in your partnership house. Stand your ground, but don’t fight manipulation with more manipulation. Bring unspoken truths to the surface by asking (truly) open-ended questions. Set clear intentions, e.g. creating a win-win for both of you. Act from the high road, and others will rise up to meet you.


Your powers of perception are extra sharp today, making you an emotional sponge. With the moon roving through your intimate eighth house, you could feel overwhelmed all the intensity you pick up. While you may want to give the world a giant hug, be selective about how far you engage with people and their problems. You could get sucked in by  the "energy vampires"—and there are plenty who would be happy to feed off of your nurturing TLC. Save your focused attention for those who deserve it.


Missing the mark? In work and money matters, you could be frustrated, as harmony-loving Venus backs into Leo and your finance sector. Venus will be retrograde (backward) here until September 6, which can bring unforeseen slowdowns and challenges, especially with interpersonal matters. Use this time to get clear on how your day-to-day life could be improved. Maybe you need to do a better job of budgeting. Or perhaps a relationship with a coworker needs finessing. If you're contemplating a high-end purchase, you may want to wait until the fall, as this retrograde can stir up real buyer's remorse.


On Saturday, your joie de vivre makes a comeback, thanks to serious Saturn moving direct (forward) in Scorpio, your fifth house of passion and self-expression. Since mid-June, Saturn's reversal here could have had been a downer—maybe your love life hit a rough patch, or you just needed a LOT of boundary-setting with people in general. Saturn retrograde may have dulled your creativity, or forced you to put an artistic venture on the back burner. Now, you could feel more certain of what you want, or able to carve out time for your passion projects again. Go ahead and speak up! On Sunday, you could have a strong vision about your life purpose, as a moon-Neptune meetup in your worldly ninth house inspires you to expand your comfort zone. Travel could call to you—maybe you research a meditation retreat in Bali, or just take a day trip somewhere out of city limits to explore. The change of scene will totally reset your spirit, especially if it's near water.

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