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Has your need to be "right" started to affect your relationships? Today's Sun-Neptune opposition pushes you to pause before your play devil's advocate, give unsolicited advice or opine on anyone's personal choices. Even if you intuitively feel you can help, the other party may not be open to your feedback. Sometimes, silence truly IS golden, so try listening to people today without chiming in. Even if you're trying to be helpful, sometimes people just want to be heard.


Hello, money magnet! Today's rare alignment of go-getter Mars and seductive Venus in your financial zone could make you the belle of the boardroom or the king of the cocktail hour. Feel free to combine business with pleasure, charming your way to "yes" over passed hors d'oeuvres or asking a carefully cultivated contact to make an introduction. A simmering connection with a coworker could turn into a full-blown attraction. While it could make for a superhot scene in a movie, getting caught on the office security camera after hours is more likely to earn you a pink slip than a Best Performance nomination. Use discretion—and a different location than company HQ.


Go Team Cancer! Today’s fortuitous connection between the moon and Jupiter brings success to collaborative efforts. One caveat: you must join forces with the winning team. No nepotism allowed here. Pick people solely based on merit now, not for their coolness factor. You might need to break free from your clique in the name of making the progress you personally need. Still haven’t found your tribe? An evening of social exploration could turn up a promising activity that could become your summer obsession.


You're not one to make a scene, Cancer, but you could have a little showdown with a friend today. The moon in your eleventh house of group dynamics forms a tangled angle with belligerent Mars. If someone in your posse has been getting under your skin lately, you may need to set them straight. Speak your piece if this has been brewing for a while, but remain grounded and diplomatic. Lashing out will only leave you with a messy cleanup later on.


Patience is a virtue, Crab. You’re keyed up to get others onboard with your plan—so much so that you could resort to pressure tactics or overpromising. Take a deep breath and wait. While you expect others to jump at your offer, you need to give them time to process the information. You really have nothing to worry about. Your offer is outstanding, so if the people you’ve approached aren’t interested, it just means there’s someone else out there who’s better suited for it.


Wanted: serenity! Silence is heavenly this Saturday, as the quarter moon in your twelfth house of healing and the subconscious helps you dig deep into your own psyche. Get real, Cancer: if you don’t release your pincer-like grip on old issues and relationships, you’re in danger of letting the resentment or bitterness eat away at your soul. Take some solitude to find peace. Start by energetically tuning in to less-than-stellar emotions. Once you can articulate them, you’re more than happy to let ‘em go. Move blocks by dancing, journaling, listening to music or getting Reiki. Hello, fresh start! Sunday's cosmic orders: frumpy days, begone! Today, beautifying Venus ends a six-week slowdown in your luxe second house, which may have caused a confidence crisis, money mayhem or a style slump. With Venus retrograde (backward) in this money and work-driven zone of your chart, you may have been out of sync with your colleagues. Perhaps a financial crunch or a demanding project cut into your time for self-care. With Venus resuming forward motion today, you can revive your glow and start attracting money, opportunity and admirers once again. Now that’s welcome news, eh, Crab?

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