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Is there something left unsaid, Cancer? Today’s action-inciting quarter moon in your third house of communication helps you bring it out into the open. If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to have THAT talk, today’s the day. Don’t censor yourself—this lunar light makes your thoughts that much clearer, making it easy to get your message across. Are you a writer? Express yourself! Be it your memoir or a blog post, keep your inner editor at bay and let the words flow.


Say what you mean, and mean what you say, Cancer. Today’s tense square between the emotional moon and agitator Mars in your foggy twelfth house could cause communication problems. While you assume you’re getting your message across, others might just sense the tension you express through your tone of voice and body language. Steer clear of guilt-tripping and ambiguous updates on social media, too. Your best bet? Seek out support. Talk to a trusted confidante, or book an appointment with a therapist or healer to help you work through the tough stuff.


Don’t wallow in your woes, Cancer—problem-solve your way through them. Today’s mashup of mental Mercury and courageous Mars in your therapeutic twelfth house prods you down a healing path. When the pressures pile on, it’s tempting to turn yourself into a victim. Don’t underestimate the power you possess. Instead of holding a grudge, take steps to let it go. Vent to someone you trust, or write a scathingly honest letter meant for your eyes only. When you’re ready to release that resentment, burn those words. Your creativity is also off the charts. Summon the muse with abandon and watch the stress melt away.


Unresolved family dynamics could play out in a present relationship. An incendiary square between the moon in your domestic sector and shadowy Pluto in your partnership house could cause you to project your parent issues (particularly with your mother) onto a colleague or the object of your affections. Pause before reacting, Cancer, and recognize that you're probably just having a bit of a flashback here.


Paranoia alert! Today, mental Mercury in your foggy twelfth house clashes with illusory Neptune in your zone of expansion. You're reading a little too much between the lines. While your intuitive hits might be on to something, be careful not to exaggerate or jump to conclusions. Get all the facts before you start make sweeping statements and assumptions. This cosmic clash could also make you susceptible to deceit. Beware the smooth-talking salesperson.


Romance, glamour, and passion, oh my! As the moon spends the weekend in Scorpio, your fifth house of amour, your love life takes center stage. Surprise your S.O. with a dress-up date, or if you’re single, slide into your sexiest outfit and let your inner coquette out to play. This lunar light also amplifies your creativity, so should the muse come knocking, heed her call. If you’ve been keeping your true feelings under wraps, Saturday’s stars help you speak from the heart. As much as you wish people could read your mind, Crab, they can’t. Summon the courage to say what you feel. Once you express your truth, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do so earlier! Come Sunday, a square between the Sun in your foggy twelfth house and limitless Neptune in your indulgent ninth house blurs boundaries. From going on a Bloody Mary binge at brunch to nearly maxing your credit cards with retail therapty, you’re at risk of going overboard. Be conscious of this fact and slow down before saying “yes” yet again. An unresolved issue from the past could rise to the surface today, too. Should you decide to go there, Cancer, don’t jump in for a round of the blame game. Advance this dialogue by owning your part of the conflict. Focus the conversation on creating closure, for once and for all.

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