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Beware the lure of a sparkly objet, Cancer. Today’s opposition of the moon and expansive Jupiter in your money houses leaves you vulnerable to overspending. A high-end item could catch your eye, but before you pull out the plastic, think about it. Will this purchase increase in value as it ages? Of course, some things can’t be monetized. If you’re inspired to pick up the dinner tab while out with friends, or to surprise a pal with a thoughtful gift, you’ve got cosmic clearance to go there.


Look out social media! Starting today until April 30, communicator Mercury decamps to your eleventh house of technology, giving you the gift of gab (and geekery) in spades. Your wit and ideas can reach viral proportions during this cycle. If you’ve got a project that requires backing, crowdfunding could meet your needs—and then some! When operating IRL, chatty Mercury brings out your gregarious side. Mix and mingle professionally and personally, and watch your contact list grow.


Hit the snooze button again or dive into productivity mode? Today’s clash between demanding Saturn in your efficiency sector and permissive Venus in your twelfth house of rest calls for a balanced approach. Piling too much on your plate is only asking for burnout, so prioritize with one or two key projects. Steer clear of those guilt-trippers in your midst, and focus on YOUR important to-dos. Schedule a 90-minute deep-tissue massage after work, and follow it up with a healthy dinner and a long hot soak in the tub.


Are you in or out? Starting today through September 22, your love life demands more substance—and no waffling. With intense Pluto turning retrograde (backward) in your seventh house of commitment for the next five months, steer clear of spring flings and focus on finding the real deal. In other partnerships, you may be tempted to turn a blind eye to unsavory behavior, or to be tight-lipped about your needs. Open up, and embrace the art of compromise. It might actually be an enlightening experience.


Is your social life draining your bank account, Cancer? With stressful Mars in your group sector squaring off against indulgent Jupiter in your money house, a good time could quickly turn into a costly one today. Your challenge is to be selective. Say “yes” to that soiree that also doubles as a high-end networking event. Or, buy that “just because” present to thank someone who's really had your back. If spending your hard-earned cash today will bring you dividends, you’ve got cosmic clearance to do so.


Shoot for the stars! On Saturday, an Aries new moon illuminates your ambitious tenth house, launching potent six-month cycle for your career and long-term goals. What do you envision for yourself, Cancer? Be it establishing yourself in an executive suite, garnering public accolades for your skills, or even embarking on a brand-new professional path, dream BIG. Plant those seeds on Saturday in the name of reaping the rewards in October. This lunar light also puts your father or another important man center stage. If it’s time to turn to a fresh page with him, this new moon helps you set off on the right foot. On Sunday, the moon, garrulous Mercury, AND energizer Mars all convene in your eleventh house of group activity. Get together with your crew or seek out a fresh tribe, and let the inspiration flow. Lively debates could set the scene for exciting team endeavors. Even if there is some disagreement among your peeps, it could spark some serious “Eureka!” moments. Heads up: Jupiter in your money house forms a tense angle to this planetary trio, insisting that you watch your spending. Having a good time with your posse doesn’t need to involve you picking up the bill.

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