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Subtle manipulation? Today, the moon is in Taurus, your social eleventh house, forming an auspicious trine to controlling Pluto in Capricorn. At a networking event or in a team meeting, a colleague or mate could exert a strong influence—possibly hoping that things will go their way or that they can maneuver a certain alliance. Whatever you pick up on, don’t react with equal force. Your best bet is to pay attention to the common vision. How can your shared goals be met, for the highest good of all involved?


Silence is heavenly. Today, the moon is in Gemini, your twelfth house of healing and the subconscious, helping you dig deep into your own psyche. Get real, Cancer; if you don’t release your pincer-like grip on old issues and relationships, you’re in danger of letting the resentment or bitterness eat away at your very soul. Take some solitude to find peace. Start by energetically tuning in to less-than-stellar emotions. Once you can articulate them, you’re more than happy to let ‘em go. Move blocks by dancing, journaling, listening to music or getting Reiki. Hello, fresh start!


Are you seeing this situation clearly? Today, the moon in Gemini, your twelfth house of healing, forms a tricky square to deceptive Neptune in Pisces, causing some mega-disillusionment. Maybe you’ve taken a leap of faith, or invested your precious energy into something that isn’t what it once seemed. Your epic disappointment COULD lead to one pity party you won’t soon forget. Instead of playing the victim, bolster your self-confidence (and self-esteem) by wresting appropriate control of this situation. Dry your weepy eyes and ask: “What is the gift I am being given in this situation?” Soon, you shall see.


Trust your gut. Today, the moon in Gemini, your subconscious twelfth house, forms a supportive angle to lucky Jupiter. In all practical matters, tap your intuition before making a decisive move. When it comes to spending, ask your gut: do I need this? Your gut may also direct you toward a serendipitous career opportunity. The Law of Attraction is in your favor, especially financially, so make the most of it!


Rebel, rebel! Your anti-authority instincts rear up, as the moon in Cancer, your first house of self, forms a challenging square to aggressive Mars in Aries. When it comes to professional matters, you could go against the grain just to assert your own individuality. But here’s a newsflash, Cancer: your rash moves or comments could come back to burn you. While your intense emotions can easily get the best of you—especially today—you’re better off taking a measured tone in your responses and communications. If you’re still angry with the boss tomorrow, address your gripes via HR. Take it to the proper channels.


Hello, fireworks! On Saturday, you feel especially combustible, as the moon in Cancer, your first house of self and identity, forms a tricky square to erratic Uranus. When your long-term plans go awry—or a treasured piece of your current foundation gets shaken up—you might take it hard, and even personally. Here’s what you have to remember, Crab: Life happens. And you know what? Change, no matter how it comes, is actually a good thing. Perhaps you were feeling a little TOO attached to a certain person or situation, and you needed a wakeup call. Well, the universe is delivering, so try to find some gratitude for that. By Sunday, the atmosphere is lighter, even expansive, thanks to an opposition between communicator Mercury in Aquarius, your intimate eighth house, forming an opposition with expansive Jupiter. Security, both emotional and physical, is at the forefront of your mind. Given the intense and metaphysical qualities of this aspect, you may want to tune into the energy around your current finances. Is something—an old family pattern, perhaps?—holding you back? Examine your legacy and, hey, maybe even asked an older, wiser relative what you can do to establish the stability you so desire. Once you have the practical answers, you can ground them in tangible routines, including budgeting, saving and spending.

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