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Get thee off WebMD! Hypochondria could rule the roost, as the moon in Sagittarius, your sixth house of wellness, forms a harsh square to illusory Neptune in Pisces. On some other day, a fleeting pain would be just that—fleeting. But today, you run the risk of a singular (and possibly psychosomatic) ache getting blown out of proportion. Your best course of action is to breathe, deeply. Getting yourself in a calm state can ward off unnecessary panic…and maybe even a trip to the E.R.


Straight to the top! Today, a supportive trine between the moon in Sagittarius, your detail-minded sixth house, and innovator Uranus in Aries, can help you transform the mundane into sheer magic, especially when it comes to climbing the career ladder. If you pay uber-close attention to things like, say, your filing system, you may get a flash of insight that holds the key to your corner office dreams. A chance meeting with a VIP could also catapult you to the next realm. Brass ring, please!


Today, the full moon in Capricorn shines its light on your seventh house of one-on-one relationships. A key union, business or personal, moves to the next level. Or, you may decide to part ways, if you’ve gone as far as you can go as a duo. If the news is bittersweet, your comfort-loving sign finds peace in simple pleasures, as magnetic Venus meets up with optimistic Jupiter in Leo, your second house of priorities and self-worth. Couples may want to celebrate their love with a luxurious gift or a five-star night on the town.


Today the moon meets up with magnetic Pluto in Capricorn, your seventh house of one-on-one relationships. Your one-on-one encounters will be anything but light and breezy under this influence. Dive into a topic you've been avoiding, or talk nitty-gritty details. Just be careful you don't come across as TOO intense! Single? Tap into the Law of Attraction and do some creative visualizing about what you desire in a mate. Under this magnetic alignment, the universe is ready to act on your behalf.


Today, the moon is in Aquarius, your eighth house of intimacy, putting you in the mood for soulful bonding. Whether in romance, business or friendship, all of your connections have an air of intensity. You want to get right to the heart of the matter, and you won't just gloss over any important details. It's also a good day to pool resources for mutual gain. You could organize a carpool to save on fuel and mileage, or you might have a high-powered discussion about a joint business venture.


Shaky ground? On Saturday, your security could feel wobbly, thanks to the moon in Aquarius, your resourceful eighth house, forming a tricky opposition to overconfident Jupiter. You could feel like your well-oiled world domination plan is suddenly off the rails. Instead of scrambling for pennies or reaching for false comforts, take this high-octane energy and ask yourself: What do I really need to feel stable, in my emotional, financial and spiritual lives? Chances are, this crisis of faith is just what you need, allowing you to see what really matters. On Sunday, things are considerably more upbeat, as the moon in Pisces, your ninth house of travel and growth, forms a supportive trine to energetic Mars in Cancer. You're revved up to take a leap of faith around a grand vision or a personal project. Maybe it's a fresh start you're craving. Which area of your life is the most ready for a makeover? Push past limits, Cancer. You’ve got this.

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