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Communicator Mercury decamps to your career house until April 14, helping you connect with the influencers in your sphere. Hone in on the VIP events in your field, and find your way onto the guest roster. You’ll feel completely at home on the A-list now, making it safe (and recommended) to self-promote and network with future collaborators. Over the coming two weeks, men will carry extra weight in your world. Stick to co-ed events and find a way to connect with a prominent male you may meet.


There’s strength in numbers, Cancer. Feisty Mars zooms into Taurus and your eleventh house of teamwork until May 11, bringing fresh energy to your crew. It isn’t every day you’re keen to collaborate with others, so enjoy it. Just make sure they know that you’re not going to slow down your pace for others. As the eleventh house rules all things tech, you could be inspired to go into virtual business for yourself, or turn to Kickstarter to fund your latest innovation.


Keep the vault open, Cancer. Over the past couple days, the cosmos have been making it easier for you to share more personal aspects about yourself. Revealing more can nurture deeper bonds. While you can exude a hard exterior, heart-to-heart connections are what you really crave. Pay attention to people’s reactions to your disclosures. If they’re not reciprocating in kind, only share your secrets with those willing to pull back the curtain as well.


Game on! While you’re usually not the competitive type, today’s Sun-Jupiter trine in your career houses causes your ambitious nature to expand exponentially. You’ve got your eye on the prize and it’s full steam ahead, but don’t barrel over others in the process. You could care less about office politics, Cancer, but if you neglect an influential contact, your VIP privileges could be revoked. By all means, go for the gold, but just be smart about it.


While you may be up to your ears in work today, Cancer, be sure to carve out quality time with a good friend. Putting your to-dos on hold for this person sends a strong message as to how important he or she is to you. Doing so isn’t completely selfless either. Bonding will reduce your own stress levels, and remind you where your priorities lay. Make a point before the day is through to pick up the phone to let another loved one know you care.


Time to uproot? Saturday’s Libra lunar eclipse could shake things up on the homefront. If you’re ready to set up camp somewhere else, the next two weeks are prime for uncovering the place of your dreams. If the current incarnation of Chez Cancer leaves you purring, you may find good reason to welcome a pet, a new roommate, or a lover to “home, sweet home.” The urge to feather your nest may also be strong under this lunar light. Before slapping on a bright coat of paint or breaking out the sledgehammer, do your homework and price things out. There’s no sense breaking the bank when you don’t need to. Sunday’s stars come with a control freak alert. You’re crystal clear on what you’d like your day to look like or where you’d like a relationship to go next. But getting others to jump on your bandwagon won’t be an easy feat. If you have to put THAT much effort into it, your respective expectations are probably not aligned. Have an honest heart-to heart to find out for sure. If you’re not on the same page, don’t give up your desires. Spend Sunday on your own and reconvene at dinner, where you can swap stories from the day.

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