Cancer Daily Horoscope


Saturday, December 5, 2015 - Sunday, December 6, 2015

Kick off your weekend with a world-class cuddle-fest! You're feeling warm and fuzzy on Saturday, thanks to a sweet sync-up of your ruler, the moon, and passionate Mars in your fourth house of home and family. Put on the game or cue up a movie, uncork a nice bottle, plan to eat in front of the TV or fireplace. It doesn't matter whether you cook up a storm, order in or skip dinner and go right for the dessert course in the boudoir. What matters most is that you love the one you're with. No partner? No worries! You'll enjoy the cozy vibes with your BFFs or close relatives. Or if you've been waiting to make a move on a desirable candidate, there's no better opportunity than this! Enjoy the sweetness while you can, Crab, because Sunday's stars serve up a totally different ambiance. The two feistiest planets, Mars and Pluto, go mano-a-mano and turn your relationships into a powder keg. Tension on the home front could cause you to lash out at your significant other or a close friend. You might take out your frustrations and insecurities on others today without even realizing it. Better to bow out of potentially volatile interactions by letting people know you need some personal space. And if they have a problem with that, they may not belong in your life.

Friday, December 4, 2015

Hey, hot stuff! Today sensual Venus slips into Scorpio, your fifth house of glamour and passion, for the next three weeks, promising to make your December merry and bright. Break out the head-turning party attire and paint the town a romantic red. Creatively, you could bust through a plateau or seize upon your next big idea. Since the fifth house rules children and fertility, if you've got babies on the brain, this is a great time to get busy! On the flip side, if this is NOT your goal, take extra precautions.

Thursday, December 3, 2015

You may want to do a hundred things today, Cancer, but since you're only one person, you need to prioritize! With the moon in systematic Virgo, your social third house, aligned with irresistible Pluto in your relationship corner, your inner circle will probably take precedence over everything else. You need deep connection! Today, polite small talk will feel like torture when you crave soulful, authentic chats with your tribe and S.O. If there's something on the calendar you're dreading, find a gracious way to bail—for your sanity's sake.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Last week's Gemini full moon rocked your twelfth house of endings, possibly closing a emotional chapter of your life. Some Cancers may have set exciting new intentions that revolved around releasing old behaviors. Today a waning quarter moon lands in your expressive third house, motivating you to take another step toward your goals and unveiling them to the world. If you'd like someone to hold you accountable, ask a trusted friend or relative. Involving others will make it more real.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

You may be a water sign, but today you are positively on fire, Cancer! With expressive Mercury in your sixth house of hard work and organization, you're on a tear to get things done. And because the messenger planet is making a helpful angle to transformative Uranus in your career zone, even small efforts will have a big effect. Don't worry that you're toiling in vain. The powers that be are aware of your special blend of traditionalism and innovation. Keep at it; advancement is around the corner!

Monday, November 30, 2015

Your sign is a pretty good money manager, but if you've been struggling to save a bit more, today's stars serve up some serious motivation. A supportive angle between the moon in your financial zone and Saturn, the planet of structure and long-range planning, helps you keep a closer eye on your budget. No more retail therapy! Share a bottle of wine at home with friends before dinner, and when you need something new, scour the sale racks. And be patient. Slow and steady WILL grow your bottom line!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

To speak, or not to speak… that is the question on Saturday, Cancer. Is it time to say "enough's enough" to that bully in your life? Before you decide to fire back with an equally aggressive approach, assess whether it will make a difference. This person could be too narrow-minded or insensitive to truly consider your perspective. If that's the case, double your armor, Crab, and don't waste your breath. Sunday's Sun-Saturn alignment in your sixth house of self-care turns your attention to those minor health hiccups. Prevention is the best medicine, Cancer. Instead of soldiering through that knot in your neck, occasional heartburn, or that low-grade headache you can't seem to shake, nip it in the bud now. Schedule a massage or doctor's appointment, if needed. Have you taken on too much responsibility at work? Sit down with your supervisor to streamline your tasks, or rally your colleagues together to divvy up the duties more fairly.

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