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How strong is your dream team, Leo? Today’s quarter moon in your eleventh house of groups helps you assess the effectiveness of each member. Is everyone doing his/her fair share? Carrying other people’s loads is not sustainable in the long run, but don’t rush to overhaul your crew. First, reflect on whether you’ve provided clear direction. You might need to be more explicit, and emphasize they are accountable for what they’ve committed to. That said, if you’ve been cracking the whip for a while with little to show for it, you might choose to cut a few folks from the roster, and get more enthusiastic prospects to fill their shoes.


Skip the sugar-coating and reach out to straight-talking pals today. Sure, everyone loves to be flattered, Leo, but what you need are amigos who aren’t afraid to call it like it is. Request feedback from your most frank friends, and their input can take your work from meh to magnifique! Also, apply this cosmic advice when others ask for your opinion. By all means, point out the positives, but be truthful when delivering critiques. For best results, throw in a dash of compassion with that candid commentary.


Today’s stars remind you that you can satisfy your love of luxury without breaking the bank. You could uncover a killer deal online with a little research. When the retail therapy urge strikes, scour designer discount sites and eBay. You’ve got strong shopping instincts today—that objet of desire could be only a few clicks away. Set yourself a limit before you start surfing and stick to it. When out and about today, bring a limited amount of cash to treat yourself, and leave the plastic at home.


Today’s cosmos call for conscious consumerism. Do your favorite products employ practices you can stand behind? Do some research and align yourself with brands that adhere to your values. This could mean bypassing those big-box stores, and spending your dollars at local businesses. Or, you could switch service providers so that you’re supporting a company with ethical practices. The little things can add up to a big difference, Leo. And as a bonus, you’ll also feel great doing it.


Time to tackle that divisive energy that’s infiltrated a friendship or a larger group, Leo. One person or party (yourself included) feels like they’ve got the short end of the stick. It seems the other half has no trouble in drumming up plenty of attention, while the rest of you stand in the shadows unnoticed. Today’s stars prod you to rebalance those scales by sticking up for yourself and the sidelined. If you sense that brewing tensions are about to reach a breaking point, draw on your sense of humor. People can’t be mad while they’re busting a gut laughing.


Take a page from the book of fellow Leo Madonna, and express yourself! This Saturday, the emo moon and straight-shooting Jupiter align in your sign, giving you full cosmic clearance to unapologetically speak your truth. Your words will likely ignite an animated discussion that could gift you with fresh insights about Numero Uno. Do a bit of soul-searching, and don’t be afraid to try fresh ideas on for size. Don’t limit yourself by saying, “I am who I am—period.” Doing so will deprive you of illuminating experiences. Look to others as your mirrors, and allow them to reflect qualities in yourself that are just outside your peripheral vision. Brace yourself on Sunday: A tricky T-square (three-way struggle) between the moon, Mars, and Neptune could stir up drama fast. You’ve got la luna grounding one paw on solid ground, Lion, but with agitator Mars and foggy Neptune in the mix, beware the manipulators and drama queens. When a diva throws a fit, or someone prods your soft spot to advance personal aims, don’t cave! Instead of battling it out, step away from the situation. This isn’t about admitting defeat, but rather, a matter of self-preservation. Stop engaging with them or they’ll drain you dry.



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