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Dreamer, nothing but a dreamer. Over the next five months however, Leo, discretion is a must when taking risks. Unpredictable Uranus backspins retrograde through your ninth house of expansion and travel until December 21. Tame any impulsive urges to say exactly what’s on your mind during a meeting, or to push your outré ideas onto a conservative crowd. This cycle makes you sponge for knowledge. Soak it up by furthering your education, or learning new software or social media strategies.


Break out the balloons, Leo—it’s your birthday month! The Sun leaves your sleepy twelfth house and blasts into your sign for the next four weeks, restoring your gumption and get-up-and-go. Whether you’ve been at the beach, poolside, or in your own backyard, it’s been sweet lazing about. Starting today though you’re raring (and roaring) to go! Throw yourself into a project that gets your mojo churning, and keep it to yourself for now. You’ve got what it takes to launch into success mode without opening the opinion polls. If you’ve gone over and above the call of duty for someone, it’s time to balance the scales of give-and-take. It’s your turn now, Lion.


It’s a #nofilter kind of day, Leo. You’ve got cosmic clearance to unleash that bold statement or brazen comment. No matter what circles you travel in today, you’ll be at the heart of many a lively discussion. With the moon in your tech sector, you’ll have the same effect on social media. Before you launch that controversial hashtag or add a shocking Facebook update to your friends’ feeds, ensure you’ve got your facts straight. If not, you could end up fueling the rumor mill with falsities. Take the time to verify information and protect your reputation.


Go on, Leo, strut your stuff! Today’s merger of the life-giving Sun and lucky Jupiter in your sign tops your confidence tanks. Be strategic in promoting your offerings so that they reach the widest audience possible. As Jupiter favors travel, it’s a stellar time to venture far away from home in the name of self-development. Immerse yourself in another culture to learn the language; get in touch with your spiritual side at a mediation center; let your inner bohemian roam free at Burning Man. Taking a such a risk may feel scary, but the growth you’re bound to gain will be worth it.


Fire on the home front! Starting today and lasting through September 13, passionate Mars blazes into Scorpio and your domestic fourth house. The heat that this white-hot planet brings could reignite the spark in the bedroom or fuel family feuds. Your stress levels could reach new heights, making you desperate for “a room of one’s own” a la Virgina Woolf. Get creative with the space at Chateau Leo, and carve out a corner just for you. Scope out quiet cafes to work at or even rent out a small studio. If playing hostess with the mostest brings you joy, Mars injects a vibrant and provocative vibe into any parties you put on.


Fresh day, fresh start! This Saturday, the new moon in Leo hits the reset button on your life. Clear away the clutter and tie up loose ends, so you have a clean slate to work with. Establish what you would like to accomplish by the corresponding full moon on February 4, and map out a doable plan of action. This lunar light is all about you, Lion, so concentrate on YOUR desires and goals instead of devising plans that will benefit your loved ones. You only get one new moon in your sign annually, giving you cosmic clearance to look after Numero Uno. Setting these six-month intentions are sure to get you excited, but Sunday’s stars urge you to keep that wish list to yourself for now. Your family and close friends could feel like their place in your life will shift when you start exploring new horizons. Of course, they want you to be happy, but they could worry that you’ll move on without them. Cultivate your plans in private for the time being, so they don’t burst your bubble. Only fill them in when you’ve got something concrete to share. Make a point of reassuring them you won’t leave them behind. That way, they’ll feel secure in sharing your enthusiasm.



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