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A disruptive Pluto-Uranus square could try to knock over your half-full glass today. Don’t abandon your optimistic attitude, Leo, but take off the rose-colored lunettes. Make sure you examine both the pros and cons before making important choices, or you could end up paying a hefty price. Being a little less Pollyanna just means that you’ll be all the more prepared for the adventures that lay ahead.


The devil’s in the details, Leo. Meticulous Mercury moves into Capricorn and your orderly sixth house, demanding you tie up those loose ends. This cycle lasts until January 6, so streamline those unruly files, wrap up pending projects, and clear the air with THOSE people in the name of a peaceful holiday season. As the sixth house also rules your well-being, schedule in those cardio workouts as non-negotiables in your agenda. Break a sweat in Zumba class, or hit the dancefloor hard.


Can’t stop thinking about a woman in your world—someone you care for deeply? It’s likely she’s experiencing the same thing. Today’s psychic moon-Neptune trine may help you connect to each other’s emotions. If you get struck with an intuitive hit, listen to it, and reach out to her. She could be struggling with a tough situation, and you’re the just the one to support her through it. Alternatively, she could end up sharing some much-needed words of wisdom for you.


Warm-and-fuzzy is where it’s at today, Leo. A Scorpio moon illuminates your family-friendly fourth house, perfect for hosting an intimate pre-holiday cocktail party. Keep the guest list limited to only your closest peeps. As you work through your list of tasks today, stay in tune with your emotions. While you want to be efficient, ignoring your feelings now will ultimately slow you down when they demand attention later. Be proactive and reach out to a close friend. A few texts with a confidante might be all you need.


Caution: guilt trips ahead! All the festive cheer that the season brings often comes with a heaping serving of stress—especially when it comes to family. When making plans don’t let yourself be emotionally manipulated. Just be straight up about your limitations. If your sanity depends on staying at a hotel over the holidays instead of under your parent’s roof, then do it. Honesty (with a dose of compassion) is the best policy today.


Time to treat your temple with the respect it deserves, Leo. On Saturday, a mashup of love planet Venus and transformational Pluto in your sixth house of healthy living inspires you to slot in self-care as a top priority. Swap those Jimmy Choos for your crosstrainer,s and head to your favorite cardio class… or find an activity that raises your heart rate AND your spirit. If you don’t have plans for the evening, hook up with your amies for vegetarian fare. But if your bod is screaming for some downtime, there’s no shame in heading home early for a bubble bath and extra beauty rest. This cosmic combo also amps up your efficiency on the work front. Take the time to add a few bells and whistles to that presentation, and unleash your creativity to conjure up out-of-the-box solutions. On Sunday, the Sun shifts into your sixth house of service until January 19, proving it’s much better to give than receive. Volunteers are needed all year long, but especially so this month. Donate your time at a food bank, help organize a toy drive, lend a hand at a local homeless shelter. Sunday also features a Capricorn new moon, paving the way for positive changes on the work and well-being fronts. Submit your resume for a new job, or let the boss know you’re interested in snagging that promotion. Over the next month, stay alert for healers who can guide you down a healthier path.

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