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The nitty-gritty of daily life demands your attention, Leo, and fortunately, today’s action-driven quarter moon gives you the traction you need. La luna hovers in your second house of work and money, motivating you to tackle that budget. If it turns out to be a daunting task, break it down into manageable bite-sized pieces. There’s no need to cross the finish line today, but you do need to get started. Action invites productivity.


There’s strength in numbers, but under today’s tense moon-Mars square, a few Team Leo members could amp up the stress levels. Consensus will be elusive and drama will run high, courtesy of agitator Mars in your group activity sector. But the good news is, the moon hovers in your productive second house, insisting you make some sort of progress. You’ve got cosmic clearance to draw out your iron fist, and make an executive decision. Also, maintain your sanity by taking regular fresh-air breaks (without your phone). Some fresh air and little sunshine can help keep your patience reserves topped.


Ready, set, collaborate! Today’s meetup of mental Mercury and motivator Mars in your eleventh house of group activity sets the stage for incredible collective action. Hold a brainstorming session with people who aren’t afraid to color outside the lines, and see what magic you can dream up. With agitator Mars in the mix, however, consensus might be elusive. Even if people don’t see eye to eye, build an atmosphere of mutual respect for all. Remind your posse that everyone’s passion plays a role in the creative process.


Your mind and body are not separate entities, a reminder that comes courtesy of today’s square between the moon in your mental third house and probing Pluto in your health zone. Pay attention to the link between your vitality (or lack thereof) and your thoughts. Being in a continually stressed-out state could lead to physical ailments. If you’ve been run down or have a persistent ache, the cause may be emotional. Are you concerned about a loved one but keeping it to yourself? Approach this person and speak from the heart, instead of delivering a lecture.


Is there a shady person on Team Leo? Today, the skies feature a tense angle between Mercury in your collaboration sector and deceptive Neptune in your secretive eighth house. Don't take people at face value. Under this cosmic clash it’s wise to not be an open book—even if it does come naturally. Let people earn the right to join your inner circle. Your intuition is especially sharp today, so heed its signals—even if you can’t put your finger on the problem. A gut feeling that something is "off" should be more than enough.


Your home couldn’t get any sweeter, thanks to a Scorpio moon illuminating your domestic fourth house all weekend long. Bonding with your nearest and dearest takes top priority, and you’re more than happy to host your clan for some home-cooking or a movie night. If your family lives out of town, catch up with a group video chat. Some Leos will need to carve out some solo time, too. Dive into that raved-about novel, soak in a lavender-infused tub, do the weekend crossword puzzle. On Sunday, beware becoming involved in your pals’ latest dramas. With the Sun in your group sector squaring foggy Neptune in your eighth house of secrets, some confidential intel could be revealed with disastrous results. As accusations fling back and forth, do NOT take sides. Do your best to redirect conversations away from the inflammatory topic. Should friends be intent on duking it out, make a swift but gracious exit. If you’ve been contemplating sharing more intimate details about yourself with someone, check in with your intuition. If you’re not getting a clear read, keep the vault locked for the moment.

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