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Hello, domestic diva! Today’s Scorpio moon hovers in your fourth house of “home sweet home”, but flamboyant Venus in Leo could bring out your perfectionistic tendencies. Why whittle away the day perfecting a raw veggie Pad Thai, or trying to recreate one of Martha’s seasonal spreads? Cut yourself some slack and focus your energy on your most important bonds. Instead of slaving away in the kitchen, make it a potluck. Or, pack a picnic and meet up with your peeps at the park.


You could give Chatty Cathy a run for her money today. With garrulous Mercury camped out in your communication house until September 27, your social butterfly wings are flapping at full capacity. The local scene heats up for Leos, so get out and see what’s happening in and around town. Tke time to reconnect to your siblings and good friends you haven’t seen in a while, too. It’s also a prime cycle for deepening bonds with like-minded neighbors and expanding your network of amigos. Connect your tried-and-true pals with your new posse of peeps. You might even meet a kindred spirit in the process.


Today’s indulgent Sagittarius moon gives you cosmic clearance for more luxe in your life. You don’t need to move into destructive terrain to enjoy indulgence either. Treat yourself to a locally-grown berry smoothie or a designer faux fur. With amorous Venus hovering in your sign today, you’ll be anything but shy. Just make sure you know where to draw that line, Leo. When that PDA sesh starts to get hot and heavy, see that as your cue to get a room. Save the best for behind closed doors, and make your sweetie feel special—not like a showpiece.


Roll up your sleeves, Leo. Today’s intense meetup of the moon and Pluto in your hardworking sixth house puts you in “get ‘er done” mode. Besides breaking a sweat, you also won’t be in one place for very long. Slide into your comfiest walking shoes, and save the form-fitting outfits for another day. Don’t worry, your efforts won’t be for naught. Stay focused, and you’ll celebrate a mini-milestone (or more) come this evening. Tip: send your calls to voicemail, especially when it comes to your friends. They may have the best of intentions, but they’ll only end up derailing your momentum. Call people back when you’re done. It won’t kill them to wait.


When it comes to caring for your loved ones, Leo, only the best will do. Now it’s time to apply the same logic to Numero Uno. Indulgent Venus cruises through Virgo and your sensual second house until September 29, turning your attention to self-care. Besides booking a facial followed by a Shiatsu treatment, don’t put up with people’s dramatic or attention-seeking behavior. When it comes to love, slow and steady is the way to go. Take a page from the "olden" days: log out of Tinder and foster some real-life relationships. Already attached? Revel in shared pleasures. Create comfort food together, give each other foot massages, kick back with a glass of vino listening to jazz.


Love hurts? On Saturday, a moon-Jupiter opposition could cause you to be overly generous with that special someone, setting up an imbalanced dynamic in your relationship. The last thing you want to do is assume a tit-for-tat attitude, but it’s important you don’t ignore necessary boundaries. Are you giving with the expectation of receiving in return? See that as a sign you’ve already provided more than enough. Tune into your intentions, and take a step back. Pausing gives the other person a chance to reciprocate. On Sunday, close the opinion polls—especially when it comes to your love life. Deep down, you know what your heart craves, so don’t let your well-meaning friends and family derail you from the path you want to pursue. By the same token, be careful you don’t become a busybody in a loved one’s romantic issues. Sure, they may have initially asked for your opinion, but steer clear of stepping up on that soapbox. There’s a chance you could end up being viewed as the enemy when they kiss and make up. The safest route forward is remaining neutral. If you’re intent on helping, don’t share your take on things. Instead, ask questions that point them in the right direction.



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