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Status and material things are lovely, Leo, and it's important to take pride in your possessions. However, today's Sun-Neptune opposition beckons you to look beyond the surface. Remember, money is just energy, and abundance comes in many forms. Examine the ways you feel "rich" in your life that aren't measured by your bank account. Perhaps you have a wonderful partner of family, a cozy home you love or a career that feeds your soul even if it doesn't make millions. If you want to feel truly secure, tune into the gratitude you feel for these things.


Lust be a Leo tonight! You hit the jackpot today as sultry Mars and romantic Venus align in Leo—a rare opportunity to exude "It girl/guy" charm with every well-shod step. If you're not turning heads or making jaws drop, then you must be hiding your light. Play up your most dramatic features, or experiment with a head-turning hair color (cue rainbow-locked Leos Demi Lovato and Kylie Jenner for inspiration). Regale your crew with a colorful story or move the morning meeting with a heartfelt, stirring speech. The floor is yours, Leo, so take the mic and rock it.


You silver tongued devil, you! A harmonious angle between the moon and inspiring Jupiter makes you one smooth operator today. Shake hands, kiss babies, network like your life depended on it. You could sail right into the VIP section, charming some impressive people in your midst. Since it really is all about who you know, aim high. You’re positioned to make some amazing career connections today. Just don’t underestimate the influence of the people Malcolm Gladwell dubbed “outliers,” a modern-day equivalent of advisers to the king. One degree of separation can be just as powerful as going straight to the source.


Don't push your agenda too hard today, Leo. The moon in your ambitious tenth house clashes with aggressive Mars in Leo, which could make you come across as a bulldozer instead of a go-getter. You may walk into a minefield at work, dodging diva antics from a higher-up or a key client. This moon-Mars square has everyone on edge today, so do your best not to take anything personally. Think twice before you fire off a snarky email or an indignant retort yourself.


A group expense is starting to take on a life of its own, sounding the call for a reality check. While the peeps in your posse may have deep pockets, Leo, it doesn’t mean you need to match them dollar for dollar. If you’re feeling the pinch, suggest something more affordable. Apply the same logic if you’re the one in charge of today’s social outing. Someone in your crew might not have free-flowing funds and could be embarrassed to speak up. Privately touch base with all parties involved, and then plan your outing accordingly.


Let the sun shine in, Leo! Saturday's quarter moon in Gemini, your social eleventh house, puts you in an upbeat, forward-looking mood. Enough griping and obsessing—your eyes are focused on the future, and all the wonderful things the world can be. Put yourself in a group atmosphere, perhaps a party with an invite list that's heavy on the influencers, a team project meeting or a late-summer picnic. By connecting with like-minded souls, your most idealistic visions will take shape at record speed. Let the words flow and don't self-censor. Even if they sound a bit quirky, it’s important to be totally and authentically YOU. On Sunday, you get your groove back in a MAJOR way. Venus, planet of harmony, beauty and love, has been retrograde (backward) in Leo since December 21. This may have caused setbacks in your love life or perhaps the return of an ex. Some Leos just didn't feel like your personal best while radiant Venus was retrograde, and you may have become excessively self-critical. Good news: Venus turns direct (forward) today, giving you extra dazzle and allure. Venus remains in your sign until October 8, a perfect time for a style revamp or a fresh start in romance.

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