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Is your self-image in line with how others see you, Leo? Today’s moon-Jupiter mashup in your sign gives you the guts to ask your closest confidantes for their take on you. Make it easy for them, and ask what your greatest strength is AND the area that could use the biggest overhaul. Chances are, their answers will leave you feeling awesome about yourself, motivating you to make a positive change. Public prestige could come knocking today, too. Don’t doubt yourself now. The world is your stage—own it!


Hello, white light moment! The universe reveals an important truth today, thanks to a rare alliance of candid Jupiter and innovative Uranus. That said, recognize that this is YOUR perspective, and not a fact that everyone must get onboard with. Steer clear of the soapbox, and focus on applying this insight to your own world. It could inspire you to undergo a supersized change, throwing those around you for a loop. Tip: do what resonates with you, but don’t ignore the impact your actions will have on others. Before forging down a new path, first take care of any unfinished business.


Mix up the same old, same old, Leo. Today, creative Venus merges with rebellious Uranus, inspiring you to think outside the box—especially when it comes to expressing yourself. Deliver your message with music or evocative works of art. Philosophical discussions stimulate you in more ways than one. Ooh la la! What starts off as intellectual synergy could turn into some steamy PDA. Just don’t analyze things ad nauseam. With unpredictable Uranus in the frame, this connection probably falls under the fling category. Buckle up and enjoy the ride!


Today’s full moon in your finance sector helps boost your earning power. If you’ve been living hand to mouth, or don’t feel like you’re putting your talents to good use, get an economic stimulus plan in motion. Invest in a couple crisp new pieces for your work wardrobe, request introductions on LinkedIn, sign up for sessions with a career coach. Carve out time to rework your budget, too. Keep your ear to the ground over the next two weeks—this lunar light could manifest a promotion or an exciting job opening.


Mission: Efficiency! With the moon lingering your nose-to-the-grindstone second house until early evening, focus your energy on tying up loose ends and streamlining systems. Make organizing your top priority, so you can enjoy the weekend without pending work details hanging over your head. Tonight, steer clear of troublemaking divas and drama queens. A friend who fits this bill could churn up conflict among your inner circle. Also, keep your own rabble-rousing ways in check. A non-PC joke or off-the-cuff quip could hit an amigo where it hurts. Show a little tenderness, okay?


Has it been the same old, same old behind closed doors? This Saturday, get off autopilot, and do a little digging to find out what really lights your lover’s fire. A little pillow talk goes a long way in revealing new ways to connect on a physical level. Exploring and experimenting can open up an exciting world of possibilities. Uncovering your paramour’s sweet spot will turn the heat up to sizzling temps! Alternatively, a little cat-and-mouse game can also spice things up, so don’t be afraid to be a wee bit mysterious. On Sunday, you can’t help but be frank—even if that means moving into over-sharing territory. The people you click with best are those who love your larger-than-life (and yes, sometimes loudmouthed) Leo ways. Your adventurous spirit also takes the helm on Sunday. Get the gang together, and hit the open road for an impromptu day trip. It will be just what the doctor ordered.

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