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Limit-setting time, Leo! If you’re buckling under the burden of too many obligations, reflect on what you truly want to invest in. Also, take time today to figure out what you require from your relationships to truly be satisfied. When you’re clear, express your feelings without pointing fingers. Tell your nearest and dearest what you can help with, and what you cannot. Put a positive spin on it by pointing out people’s strengths, and how they can be put to use. Sounds like a win-win, right?


Slide out of that body-con dress and into your yoga pants, Leo. Today, the moon syncs with motivator Mars in your sixth house of healthy habits, seriously boosting your energy levels. As Mars remains in your self-care sector until December 4, use this time to establish sustainable routines for the holiday season. Instead of meeting your pals for cocktails, hook up in Zumba class followed by a catchup at the juice bar. Tip: don’t show up to any soirees on an empty stomach, so you don’t overindulge.


Pace yourself, Leo. Today’s moon-Pluto meetup in your self-care sector requires you top your tanks in the name of being uber-productive tomorrow. If a project or relationship has grown to be taxing, slow things down. Take a look at those monster missions, and see where you can delegate duties or even scale back. Revision is part of the creation process—especially if it improves your ideas or accelerates the timeline.


Today’s quarter moon in your partnership sector brings an important relationship to a turning point. You can no longer linger in limbo-land, Leo; it’s time to choose where you’re headed. If clarity is elusive, write down the pluses and minuses. You might be lending too much weight to the negatives, which obscures the good that can come from this bond. Seeing things in black and white can help put things in perspective.


Hello, couple’s costume theme! Today’s Aquarius moon hovers in your seventh house of relationships, inspiring you to dress up a deux. From Jay Z and Queen Bee to Callie and Arizona, use your combined creativity. Single? You’ll be turning heads left, right, and center—which could put your friends in a funk. You can never make everyone happy all of the time, Leo, so just enjoy yourself. Just don’t go MIA—at least give ‘em the heads up that you’re heading out (or disappearing to the broom closet). 


Wear your heart on your sleeve this Saturday morning, Leo. Strike up conversations with those other early risers at your local coffee shop, or the folks you did sun salutations with at your yoga studio. Your amiable mood could dissipate around brunch time, when the moon shifts into your intense eighth house. This lunar light could bring some deep emotions to the surface. Don’t try and distract yourself—embrace them and explore your shadow side. Honor your experiences by releasing your feelings: vent in your journal, scream into a pillow, have a good, long cry. Stuffing the pain down or pretending it doesn’t exist will only make those storm clouds stronger. Face your truth, and let the sun shine in again. On Sunday, the green-eyed monster could make an appearance, and uncover a truth you have yet to admit. If jealousy rears its ugly head, look beyond it, and you could realize that you care about someone or a situation more deeply than you thought. You’ve got two choices here, Leo. One, you could allow yourself to be consumed with possessiveness. Or two, you could get real. Don’t be afraid to own your vulnerability. This could be an opportunity to say how you really feel. If the other parties aren’t on the same page, see that as your cue to find people who are.



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