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Show ‘em who’s boss, Leo! Today, the moon in Taurus, your high-achieving tenth house, forms a supportive trine to powerful Pluto, giving you an edge on the job. Yes, you should be your usual assertive Leo self and be open about what you deserve professionally. But also pay close attention to the subtle, below-the-surface energy that’s unfolding in a critical career situation, whether it’s a client's hidden motivations or a coworker’s secretiveness. Draw out these deeper influences by asking astute questions. Your ace in the hole is an uncanny ability to create win-win situations for all.


Taking one for the team? You could feel like an alliance is restricting your beloved freedom today, as the moon in Gemini, your eleventh house of group activity, forms an opposition to self-sanctioning Saturn. Perhaps you feel like you have to choose between a deeply personal passion project and your obligation to a team effort. If you have to sacrifice your own self-expression for the greater good, you can do that for today. Just make sure it's only a temporary measure. You can get back to your Leo passion plans tomorrow.


Today, the moon in Gemini, your socially gifted eleventh house, forms a supportive sextile to people-loving Uranus in Aries, making this a rollicking day. Hit an industry event or networking lunch. You never know whom you might meet and impress with your authentic style. Be yourself and the rest will fall into place. Is your team in need of a little more spirit? Rally the troops and hit up that new tapas bar or bring in a tray of cappuccinos for the mid-morning meeting.


Steal away, Leo. If you could have a quiet day in, that would be ideal, as the moon moves through Cancer, your sensitive twelfth house. But chances are, you have to interact with the wider world, so shield your field. At work, keep to yourself as much as you can, and be careful not to get guilt-tripped into taking care of others’ responsibilities. Tonight, your dreams could be vivid, and possibly prophetic. Keep a journal by your nightstand, because you could have an epiphany while you sleep.


Healthy or hedonistic? Today, the moon in Cancer, your twelfth house of the subconscious, forms a dicey opposition to dominating Pluto, pulling you in two directions. For example, you could wake up feeling totally committed to a fitness regimen, only to end follow your express yoga class with a lunch of sliders and fries. Or, you could tell that tortured-soul lover to lose your number, only to find yourself in a steamy tete-a-tete later on. Perhaps you're only making surface changes, rather than dealing with the root of the issue. Summon the courage to confront your core wounds, and true healing will occur.


Shaken and stirred? On Saturday, you could feel a bit off center, as the moon in Cancer, your twelfth house of compassion and healing, forms a tricky square to assertive Mars. Perhaps you want nothing more than to relax in your bed all day, but you’re called to support a friend or you have tickets to a can't-miss event. Your desire for downtime could go unrequited, alas. If you're asked for advice, you could be brutally honest, having zero tolerance for that person who always steps in the same (obvious) potholes. Tell it like it is, Leo but only if you’re asked—and if you’re ready to deal with any backlash from the other party. If you can't find any compassion, it's better to honestly tell this person that you're not up for playing life coach today. On Sunday, you’re feeling oh-so steady again, thanks to the moon in Leo, your first house of self and identity, forming a supportive trine to serious Saturn. If you’ve been working on a creative project, devote time to its development today. Having a regular discipline is key, and you might also want to map out a plan for its execution, e.g. how many days in the studio/at the laptop it will take to complete, how you’re going to share it with a wider audience when it’s done. The same goes for if you need to express yourself to someone important. Map out a game plan! The weekend wraps on a mature and capable note. Ahhh, that's more like it, Leo.

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