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Don't hide your light under a bushel, Leo. Today’s tough square between optimistic Jupiter and traditional Saturn might tempt you to tone things down, especially if you're not getting enough support from your tribe. Unhook yourself from family pressures and honor your own individuality. Ultimately, you weren’t born to live anyone else’s life but your own, regardless of shared DNA. Be sensitive to uptight relatives, and leave certain details out to calm the waters. More importantly, put your focus on your own desires, taking an action to strengthen your sense of self, like penning an inspiring blog post. This ship is yours to sail, Captain Leo.


Today, with mesmerizing Venus conjunct optimistic Jupiter in your sign, everyone wants to be on Team Leo. Don’t squander this five-star opportunity to impress, inspire and charm the pants off your audience. This is a great day to take a bold risk with your appearance, style or attitude. You may have a formal opportunity to step into the spotlight, perhaps with a speaking engagement or pitch meeting. Or, you may just find that wherever you go, people are extra keen to hear your unique, creative thoughts. Use this platform to forward a passion project. The world is your oyster.


Curb your candor, Leo. Today’s moon-Mars clash put you in the hot seat, especially when it comes to speaking your mind. On the one hand, you've gotta keep it real. On the other hand, your “real” might come off as a wee bit brash. Instead of shooting from the hip, listen carefully. If you get a hunch or feel like someone isn't being totally above-board, ask direct questions. Keep an open yet investigative mind.


Grab that brass ring, Leo! Today’s quarter moon in Taurus shines its light on your tenth house of ambition—and, in particular, how a certain one-on-one relationship inspires you to be your absolute best. Whether personal or professional, a partnership could be a source of both inspiration and courage. Feel free to tap a pal or mentor for advice on getting ahead. Together, you may find creative ways to achieve, while also carving out more time for a celebration with your closest comrade.


Cover your fiscal bases, Leo. Today, communicator Mercury decamps to your second house of money matters until August 27. Use this added dose of smarts to rev up your income and fine-tune your savings plan. Maybe you can cut out your morning latte, or come up with a plan to score lucrative side gigs. Keep it practical, avoiding all get-rich-quick schemes, no matter how fun it is to dream. The more realistic your approach to wealth generation and security is, the greater the boost to your self-esteem. You've got this, Leo.


Ready to roll? The electricity is oh-so high this weekend, as the moon roves through Gemini, your cerebral and party-centric eleventh house. Rally your pals for a meandering day, strolling through random flea markets and hanging out in the park. Or take a caravan to a nearby spa for a day of soaking. The less restriction, the better. As Hemingway famously wrote of his Parisian days, “When spring came, even the false spring, there were no problems except where to be happiest…People were always the limiters of happiness except for the very few that were as good as spring itself.” Those people—the good-as-spring-itself ones—they are your tribe. When it comes to finding great company, accept no less than this, Leo. Luckily, your energy surges, thanks to vitalizing Mars entering your sign from August 8 until September 24. You sing, you dance, you charm the masses…is there anything you can’t (or won't) do? Under these skies, the answer would be an emphatic “no.” Use this mojo reboot to get your plans back on track. Assertive urges help you promote yourself, and hey, if you don’t believe in yourself enough to sell your talents, well, why should anyone else? A word to the wise: Mars can be aggressive, so you may have to temper your impatience. It’s possible that you’re coming on really strong, but not totally aware of that. If you see someone backing away from you, it's a clue: tone it down.

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