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It may be a Monday, Leo, but Cupid’s got plans for you that don’t involve work. Take a couple of lieu hours this morning so you can have a little more playtime with your paramour. Or ring up that intriguing prospect you recently right-swiped for a lunch date. While you’re at your job, do your duties but don’t slap those blinders on. Tune into what’s going on around you—someone could be dropping subtle hints that would be worth your time following up on. 


Brace yourself, Leo, the emotion ocean comes rolling in today, thanks to an alignment of expressive Mercury and serious Saturn. You can recite positive affirmations until you’re blue in the face, but these feelings won’t retreat. Face them head-on: bawl your eyes out, beat up a pillow, vent to a patient but solution-oriented friend. You’re not betraying your optimistic nature by honoring your shadow side. We all have those dark emotions from time to time, and they deserve to be voiced. 


Beware the perfectionist within, Leo. Today’s moon-Mars mashup in your orderly sixth house could make you the sweat the small stuff. Having things exactly the way you want them is all well and good, but not if it means staying up all night or spending too much quid. Stop worrying about what others will think, and focus on satisfying your own standards. Besides, if you overdo it, you could put people off. Know when to say, “It’s good enough.”


Expressive Mercury decamps to Sagittarius and your flamboyant fifth house until December 16, appointing you the official life of the party. You’re in your element now, Leo, entertaining the crowds with your comedic ways, and inspiring even the party-poopers to join in on the fun. Don’t let people sneak away for a siesta after today’s feast. Make an impromptu dance floor in the living room, or rally everyone together for a late-night round of karaoke. This three-week Mercury cycle also turns up the heat in romance and fame. Just keep an eye on your budget, or you could break the bank feeding the hedonist within.


Work the power of two for the first part of the day. The moon hovers in your partnership sector, setting the scene to develop a connection a deux. Keep things light and casual, allowing your synergy to evolve organically. When la luna shifts into your intense eighth house of bonding, you and that special someone may want to take things behind closed doors. Go forth and explore! If you’ve got a massive mission on your hands this long weekend, call on your inner circle for support. Instead of framing it as a favor, make an arrangement where you “pay them back.” Offer a couple of bottles of fine wine and a home-cooked meal, or promise to return the kindness at a later date. 


Pace yourself, Leo. While it’s admirable that you’re dedicated to transforming a part of your life, take care that your zeal doesn’t put you in the “too much” zone. Fortunately, Saturday’s balancing quarter moon helps you pull back a bit in the name of achieving this supersized goal. Slow and steady is the way to go. Anything built to lasts needs to sit on a strong foundation. Revisit your plan and revise accordingly, ensuring you’ve put reasonable timelines and resources in place so you don’t exhaust yourself. Realizing your aim will take longer, but at least this way, you know you won’t burn out before you do. Unlock the vault on Sunday, Lion. An alignment between the moon and do-the-right-thing Saturn helps you muster the mojo to admit something you’ve been hiding. Honesty is the best policy, even if it involves a good cry. If you intuit that someone’s leaving YOU in the dark, call a spade a spade. Just throw in a dash of tenderness so true communication can happen. Make space for the other person’s perspective. Things may not be nearly as shady as you initially thought.

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