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Creative juices are coursing through your veins today, Leo, but don’t ignore the practical part of things. Before you swandive into a project that gets your imagination reeling, take a timeout to tackle the details. If you barrel ahead without developing a doable timeline or crunching the numbers, you could end up wasting valuable hours—or worse yet, a wad of cash you had earmarked for another expense. Roll up your sleeves before jumping into the fun stuff. You might discover you can do even more than you originally planned. Score!


Instant gratification has its consequences, Leo. Foggy Neptune faces off against the sensitive moon, whittling away your impulse control—especially when it comes to the finer things in life. Think twice before pulling out your plastic for a purchase propelled by your emotions. If not, you could end up draining those savings earmarked for something much more practical. Keep that retail therapy urge at bay by sketching out a budget for items you can truly afford. It IS possible to indulge without breaking the bank.


Take a breath already, would ya?! So much of life passes you by while you’re zipping here, there, and everywhere. The stars prod you to pause in the name of self-care. Reschedule non-urgent appointments and eliminate unnecessary obligations. Your prime concern today? Pampering Numero Uno. If you can’t cash in on a vacation day to spend at the spa, you could squeeze in a pedicure over your lunch break and book a massage after work. Tonight, spending time with your inner circle is soul-soothing. Tip: let them take care of you…for a change.


Let ‘em hear you roar, Lion! Garrulous Mercury zips into your sign until August 15, opening up the floodgates of self-expression. What’s more, the quicksilver planet joins the life-giving Sun and limitless Jupiter in Leo, giving you cosmic clearance to put yourself out in the world in a big way. Upgrade your look with more glam and glitz. (Gold metallic leather skirt, anyone?) Also refresh your “brand,” perhaps with the help of a business coach or stylist. Go full force on self-promotion. Be strategic about it, and you can set yourself up to make great strides in the months ahead. Swan-dive into that passion project and make it sing!


Who says you always need to lead the pack, Leo? Today’s harmonious angle between flowy Venus and Saturn in your feminine fourth house encourages you to get out of the driver’s seat, and let one of your fun-loving female friends take the wheel. Jump on board with her juicy adventure and it might even lead you well beyond city limits. Just one caveat: unpredictable Uranus is in the mix, potentially churning up conflict in close quarters. Insist on separate rooms in the name of keeping the peace. Also, when you’re ready to head home, do so. Hanging around out of obligation will only get your nose out of joint in a bad way.


On Saturday, the Leo Show is in full swing. Expressive Mercury and “look at me” Jupiter align in your sign, bringing out your showboating swagger. But feisty Mars in your family-centered fourth house sends a stern reminder to gauge your audience before unleashing full-frontal Leo. You may want to simply be transparent and be yourself with your nearest and dearest, but some of your antics may be simply too much for you kin to take. Don’t get bummed out because they’re not comfortable with you letting it all hang out. Just because they love you doesn’t mean they have to be aligned with everything you do. Keep things PG with your clan, and show off all your neon colors to your tribe. Domestic matters take center stage on Sunday, when the quarter moon shines its beams in your “home sweet home” sector. Could your nest use a little feathering? Your space should be conducive to decompressing and developing your creative endeavors. Get the chi flowing by decluttering and reconfiguring the furniture. Bagua map, anyone? If you’re looking for love, make some room in your physical surroundings for The One to step in. Think: a few empty hangers in your wardrobe, a lightly-filled lingerie drawer, a semi-bare wall. The universe can’t help but try and fill that request.



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