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The truth may throw you for a loop today, Leo, but it could also nip your fears in the bud. Today’s moon-Pluto square could raise a tough issue you've been sweeping under the rug. Just remember that dialogue is a two-way street, and curb the urge to cut people off mid-sentence. Absorb what the other person says before responding. Most importantly, take full responsibility for any poor choices or messes you made. When you own your mistakes 100 percent, you're bulletproof.


Professional prospects look bright today, as the moon in your tenth house of ambition forms an auspicious trine with go-getter Mars. Not only are you clear on your long-term plan for greatness (whether that’s a raise, a new job or a promotion), but you also can roll up your sleeves and get the job done today. You’re able to keep your eye on the big picture while also handling the minute details. Take one bold step toward realizing the career of your wildest dreams.


Lady luck smiles on you today, Leo. A harmonious angle between the moon and expansive Jupiter in your work and money spheres is like hitting the career lottery. Since advancement is usually about whom you know, use your gift of gab to impress the power brokers and get you past the velvet ropes. Don’t underestimate the sway of “outliers”—those behind-the-scenes people who can make or break a career. Acknowledging their influence can land you in their good graces; they can even help you more than the bigwig at the top. One of these people could open a door later today. You might also pay it forward: use your own connections to help a deserving person get ahead.


Today, the moon in your social eleventh house sparks a debate with explosive Mars. You could find yourself at the center of a “he said, she said” dispute that causes a stir in your inner circle But before you amass an army to back up your side of the argument, see if you can work out your differences in a more peaceful manner. It will be easy if you just try to see things from their point of view.


Prepare to play referee in your social circle, today, Leo, especially if an "energy vampire" type (or a self-destructive party animal) is sucking the life out of everyone. Someone’s got to deal with this, and you’ve been elected. Attempt to redirect the attention away from this person's drama in a kind but firm way. If that doesn't work, you'll need to be more blunt. Let him or her know this behavior is making everyone uncomfortable. Better yet, don't invite this person along—under today's stars, it could just spell disaster.


Eat, drink and make merry during the daytime on Saturday, because by the evening, your social butterfly wings will fold inward. Your weekend begins with the moon in your uber-social eleventh house. Indulge in some afternoon fun: Frisbee in the park, window shopping, a street fair. Head out to a lively brunch spot or catch a matinee of a movie that debuted last night. You won't even mind waiting in line if you're catching up with good friends. Around dinnertime on Saturday, the moon plunges into your twelfth house of sleep and solitude, so call it an early night. Cuddle on the couch with your bae and a good book, or just go to bed early. Sunday's quarter moon gives you time to rest and regroup, especially since your brain has been on overload for the past week. Resist the urge to "go go go" and take a mental break. By doing "nothing," you'll actually accomplish a lot more.

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