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Leos love living the high life, but can your financial foundation support it? Today’s new moon in your second house of money and work shines its beams on your budget. Get a clear picture of your income and expenses. If you don’t want to trim the fat, it’s a stellar time to sniff out well-paying gigs. Spread the word through your network, send key contacts your resume, sit down with your supervisor to discuss a raise. Should you lack the experience to justify a boost up the ladder, sign up for training today. Give it your all, and expect to have a much fatter wallet by the corresponding full moon next March 5.


When it comes to matters of home and family, something could get under your skin—but you’re not quite sure why. You can thank an awkward alignment of fiery Mars and slow-moving Saturn in your domestic zone for this tension. Something needs to change, Leo, but don’t be rash. Pause before you start ripping out kitchen cabinets or firing off angry text messages. Think things through, and figure out a plan. Also, reach out to the experts for guidance. Whether it’s an interior designer or a family therapist, their support gives you the highest possible chance of success.


You’re in an industrious mood for most of the day, thanks to the hard-working Virgo moon. This lunar light sets you up for high-octane efficiency. What’s more, your strong work ethic could attract the attention of people willing to give you a boost or two up the ladder. Late afternoon, the moon shifts into Libra and your social third house, perfect timing for a yoga class followed by a light-hearted evening with friends. Catch a show, have dinner on a rooftop patio, stroll through an open-air art exhibit.


Lights! Camera! Action! A starpowered angle between the moon and auspicious Jupiter (in your sign) could draw you into the spotlight. A presentation, performance, and a public statement on a current issue are all possible. Don’t wait for an invitation though, Leo. If you’ve got an idea or message, be your own videographer. You could end up viral on YouTube. And instead of filling your Facebook feed with selfies, invest in a few professional pictures. Or, get a photographer friend to snap a few shots. The right angles, lighting and filters only enhance your already gorgeous glow.


With the confident Sun opposing hazy Neptune today, remaining objective could be a challenge. You like to project a “got it all together” front, but your emotions could get the best of you. Your simmering desire for you-know-who could reaching a rolling boil, and be impossible to keep under wraps. Or, the green-eyed monster could rise up from within when you learn about a collaborator’s recent success. With illusory Neptune in the mix, things may not be what they seem. What is presented as fact could actually be fiction, or you could be missing key info. Try to put your feelings on ice until you know that you’ve definitely got the whole story.


This weekend’s stars prod you to get into a practical groove. Even if chaos has overtaken Chateau Leo, dive in anyway. Your stress levels will exponentially increase the longer you leave it untended. If you’re a Lion with things in order on the homefront, Saturday is a stellar day to be the hostess with the mostest. Or, you could zhush your nest for a sexy night in with you-know-who. Regardless of whom you invite over, keep things intimate. That way, no one will be left out of discussions. Tip: if you have to pull out the leaf for the dining room table, you’ve got too many people on the guest list. Sunday’s skies feature a cosmic trio of the moon, motivated Mars, and stern Saturn in your domestic fourth house. Translation? It’s time to get clear about your limits with your family, and enforce them. For peace to thrive, consistency is key, Leo, so don’t bend those boundaries. Is it time to extend the olive branch to a female relative? Own your part of the conflict, but it’s up to her to take responsibility for hers. If reaching resolution is possible, concentrate on what you both want from your future together. Some Leos could be unhappy with home sweet home. Are renovations in order, or is it time to move to new locale?



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