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How many rungs of the ladder have you scaled lately, Leo? Today’s quarter moon illuminates your tenth house of ambition, making you eager and enthusiastic about realizing your professional goals. If you haven’t established any 2015 milestones yet, take time today to identify something satisfying you can accomplish by the full moon on February 3. Build up your get-er-done muscles by realizing a smaller aim this week.


Start your engines, Leo. Today, amorous Venus slides into your eighth house of seduction until February 20, awakening your sexier side. If your erotic nature feels like a distant memory, begin by reconnecting with your body. Jump in on a S-Factor class, warm up those hips with some salsa steps, or take a dance break in the privacy of your own home. Some extra TLC, like a hot-stone massage or sensual seaweed wrap can also do the trick. The time has come to say buh-bye to those granny panties or worn boxers—and maybe even hello to leather and lace. P.S. Don’t forget to hang the Do Not Disturb sign!


Unapologetic honesty: incoming! Today’s planets give you the green light to have a transparent conversation with the object of your affections—with zero fear of judgment. A merger of Mercury retrograde and changemaker Uranus could also pave the way for a more positive future with regard to a troublesome ex. This doesn’t mean you’ll get back together, or even become buddies. What’s more likely is having a compassionate conversation that will allow the both of you to finally move on. Or, it could simply be a ritual you create for yourself. Purge all your feelings about this old beau on paper, and then burn it, releasing them to the universe, once and for all.


A collision between loving Venus and strict Saturn could find you locking horns with someone dear to you. If your audience is resistant to discussing those sensitive issues, don’t push it. One of you could feel embarrassed for a “wrongdoing,” making it easy to go on the defensive. Your best bet? Compassion with a capital C. For that to happen though, you both need to cool your jets, which will probably take at least 24 hours.


The fiery Sun merges with Mercury retrograde in your relationship house, tempting you to stir the pot in your most important interactions. If you’re looking for some excitement—or simply some solo space—you don’t need to start a fight to get it. With the quicksilver planet crossing wires, explicitly express your needs instead of assuming others know what you want. Single? Tonight, a sweet reunion with an old lover is in the stars. While the first round didn’t work out, the second time could be a charm.


Next stop: transformation station! Saturday’s mashup of go-getter Mars and healing asteroid Chiron in your intense eighth house gives you the mojo to revolutionize an area of your world. Change can be a great thing, Leo, but get clear on your goal first. Such self-improvement undertakings bring the best results when they’re grounded in self-acceptance. Never mind trying to keep up with the Joneses. Turn your attention to what you’ve already got, and work out a plan to improve on it. Instead of turning your world upside down, make tweaks that will pave the way for natural, long-lasting growth. Sunday’s stars are sultry and seductive, thanks to a merger of romance planet Venus and enchanted Neptune in your erotic eighth house. You could find yourself knee-deep in an encounter with an intriguing and irresistible character. Heads up, Lion: crossing paths with this certain someone may be more about learning an important lesson than finding your other half. While you may have fantasized long and hard about you-know-who, don’t let this player’s slick game blind you from the truth. If taking a walk on the wild side with this sexy soul means putting you (or one of your relationships) in the danger zone, is it really worth it?

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