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The stars sanction a dress-up day for Lions. Who cares if everyone around you is keeping it casual? There’s no need to break out your designer dress, but you can be bolder with your personal style. Rock that chunky turquoise statement piece, or debut a brand-new pair of Choos. The Law of Attraction is in play here, drawing you to fresh faces and love interests who also like to live out loud. Strike up a conversation, and it could quickly transform into a coquette-fest. Take it one step further for cocktails at a nearby club.


Double up! With today’s moon illuminating your cooperative third house, joining forces with a fellow go-getter can make you both stronger and faster. Take your partnership for a trial run with a smaller venture. Should all go smoothly, sign up for more long-term commitments. If you don’t have a suitable candidate on your radar, this lunar light could shine its beams on a kindred spirit today. Wonder Twin powers, activate!


Err on the side of caution, Leo. With the emo moon and Mercury retrograde meeting up in your communication sector, keep those off-the-cuff quips to yourself. When it comes to written documents, triple-check for errors. If you have any doubt as to how an email will be interpreted, don’t hit “Send.” Today’s one of the days when it’s best to hash things out face to face—or at least in a phone conversation. Even better if you can hold off till Mercury goes direct on October 25.


Break out the Bagua map! Today, both the Sun and beautifying Venus nestle into your domestic fourth house. The Sun burns brightly in this position until November 22, and Venus remains until November 16. Zhushing your home could become your primary focus over the next few weeks. You might even feel inspired to relocate to a fresh space that really speaks to you. Today’s solar (new moon) eclipse in Scorpio also launches a six-month cycle with your nearest and dearest, especially if they’re women. Let the bonding begin. A lady from your past could re-emerge and prove to invaluably supportive. As eclipses tend to accelerate progress, if you’re in the market for a move, your dream listing could land in your lap. You shouldn’t sit on this one too long, but do your best to hold off signing till the weekend when Mercury turns direct.


You’re chomping at the bit to get started, but a controlling or anxious woman could distract you from your mission. While her resistance to your growth definitely gets under your skin, take a moment to recognize what lies at the heart of it all. She might need to get a few concerns out in the open. Perhaps she feels neglected or fears growing apart. If this relationship means something to you, take the time to talk it through. After you’ve hugged it out, she’ll prove to be one of your strongest allies.


Travel, technology, and talks have been troublesome this month, courtesy of messenger Mercury backstroking through your third house of communication. Since October 4, no matter how hard you’ve tried to get your point across, you’ve likely felt misunderstood. Frustrated much? (On a more positive note, you might have reunited with an old pal or smoothed over conflict with a sibling.) Wires uncross this Saturday as Mercury resumes direct (forward) motion. You now have cosmic clearance to express yourself, and get those holiday travel plans in motion. And while you’ve enjoyed catching up with long-lost pals, it’s now time to add a few fresh faces to your social circle. On Sunday, energizer Mars cruises into Capricorn and your sixth house of self-care until December 4, prodding you to establish healthier routines. Remember: it only takes 21 days to establish a new habit, Leo. Renew your yoga studio membership, and schedule those classes into your agenda as non-negotiables. And while the holiday season is filled with temptation, don’t feel like you need to completely deprive yourself. Allow for the occasional indulgence, but balance it out with plenty of nutrition-packed meals. Follow the 80/20 rule: eat sensibly 80 percent of the time and give yourself permission for treats during the rest. Work demands also increase during this five-week cycle. Put your nose to the grindstone now, and you could be rewarded with a healthy bonus at the end of the year.



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