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Changing your mind again, Libra? Today, the Sagittarius moon aligns with revolutionary Uranus, pushing you to new intellectual heights. A conversation could stoke your enthusiasm or lead to a groundbreaking idea. Thoughts and projects develop at warp speed when you have a sounding board, someone to chime in and ask thoughtful questions. Grab a coworker take a stroll for maximum cerebral flow.


Having an extreme home makeover moment? Today, the moon in your domestic fourth house meets up with beautifying Venus, putting you in the mood to feather your nest. Is it time to be playful with vibrant colors, or to bring in more sentimental touches, like a revamped wall of sepia-toned family pics? Today's pleasurable energy in your self-care sector could lead you straight to a spa, too. Slip out of work early if you can and go get that hot stone massage or much-needed blowout.


Skeletons in the family closet? Something that was hidden may come to light on the home front, as the moon and intriguing Pluto meet up in your domestic fourth house today. Maybe you get an inkling about a relative or close friend, and you feel driven to make sure they're okay. Or perhaps a family member or close female friend confides something intense. You may also decide to shift the energy in your home, perhaps with some feng shui or a space clearing ritual.


Quit being so modest, Libra. Today’s moon in your showy fifth house inspires you to believe in yourself…and to show it. Forget about being polite or waiting for the "right" time to say something. Express yourself without all that self-censorship. No matter what you’re doing—making art, expressing your desires to a partner, speaking up at work—commit to doing it with passion and purpose. You are a force to be reckoned with, and if you don't start acting like it, how will the world ever know?


Frenemy alert! Your inner circle could be a source of friction for the next five weeks, as harmonious Venus turns retrograde (backward) into Leo, making waves in your social life and other group-centric activities. You and a close person could argue incessantly, or you might feel a gap widening between you and your community. If your ideals are out of alignment, it might be time to seek a new tribe…but don't rush. Once Venus turns direct (forward) on September 6, you’ll have a whole month to mine these experiences for the valuable lessons they are—and weed out difficult people where necessary.


Revenue relief? This Saturday, restrictive Saturn turns direct (forward) in Scorpio, your second house of work and money. Since mid-June, Saturn's backspin made you tighten your wallet and be extra mindful about how you use your time, energy and budget. Maybe you experienced cutbacks at your job, or a tried-and-true income stream dried up. The odds are good that whatever wasn’t working was not truly stable—and therefore, not good for you in the long run. With serious Saturn in full-power motion here until September 17, you’re in a prime position to get ahead. Boost your self-sufficiency quotient by tapping the experts for financial or career advice. Trim the non-essentials that gobble up your nest egg and stick to a plan. You'll get ahead of the curve soon enough! On Sunday, you could feel super sensitive to your environment, as the moon and mystical Neptune meet up in your sixth house of wellness. Download some guided meditation audio tracks, page through a book of affirmations, organize your space to get the energy flowing again.

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