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It takes two to make a thing go right? Not so much over the next five months. Erratic Uranus reverses into retrograde motion in your seventh house of partnerships. Conflict could rear its ugly head in a business or romantic relationship. Or, despite the desire to be together, circumstances could prevent you from seeing each other regularly. What’s more, an old beau could reappear and stir the pot. Your odds of predicting people’s behavior during this cycle are next to none, so don’t even bother trying. Fortunately, Libras know how to be self-reliant—it’s what will keep your sanity intact.


Flutter, flutter, social butterfly. Your amigos form the center of your universe for the next four weeks, thanks to the Sun shifting into your eleventh house of group activity. Cozy up to your tribe, and seek out other kindred spirits. Don’t limit yourself to the types of people you currently socialize with. Hanging with a mixed bag of characters helps reveal potential collaborators. As the eleventh house rules all things tech, get your geek on. Take full advantage of social media, and perhaps even expand your reach with a blog or vlog. Do you need some greenbacks to put behind your dreams? Hello, Kickstarter!


People pleasing, begone! Going along to get along is not the way to go today, harmony-loving Libra. Assert yourself instead of laying down to others in the name of keeping the peace. Sure, it might be uncomfortable, but it’s better than being a doormat. Draw on your trademark diplomacy instead of getting hot under the collar. The offending party might not even be aware that he’s infringing on your territory. Graciously ask this person to stop stepping on your Pradas, and request a bit more breathing room. Please and thank you.


Open up the invite list, Libra. Today’s skies feature a rare meetup of the Sun and all-inclusive Jupiter in your eleventh house of community. If you can’t draw everyone into your fun and games, make sure those outre and offbeat peeps are the first you call. It will be the eclectic types that get you excited and inspired. As the eleventh house also rules all things tech, you could make a kismet connection online. Someone based far outside your ZIP code could morph into a key player in your world. Power up Skype for some killer brainstorming or a seductive one-on-one sesh. (Don’t forget the earbuds!)


The path to prosperity awaits, Libra. Motivator Mars grooves through your second house of work and finances for the next seven weeks, filling you with moneymaking mojo. Clock in extra OT, assume the lead on projects, take more risks on the job. Just make sure that all those dollar signs don’t blind you to what really counts. While you adore your objets and designer labels, relationships are what feed the Libran soul. Why not whip up a plan that can also be lucrative for your friends?


Next stop: Cooperation Station! Saturday’s Leo new moon electrifies your eleventh house of teamwork, igniting your community spirit. You’re a natural social butterfly, Libra, and this lunar light brings out your gregarious best. Seek out like minds who aren’t afraid to think outside the box, and join forces. Get out and about on Saturday, and you could forge new friendships with people who become key players in your world over the next six months. As the eleventh house rules technology, use this lunar light to advance any online ventures. Get the wheels of progress in motion now, and you could hit a high point by the corresponding full moon on February 4. On Sunday, money could get funny with your crew—but it doesn’t have to. Be proactive when it comes to shared expenses and clearly express expectations. Before you make reservations at that haute bistro for brunch, check in and make sure it’s affordable for everyone on the invite list. It might be easier splitting things evenly, but taking the time to calculate what everyone actually owes can save you headaches and possible resentment down the road. As the zodiac’s Material Girl, it’s tempting to try and keep up with the Joneses. Resist that urge, Libra, or you could end up putting yourself in the red.



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