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Planning and setting goals is well and good, Libra, but you could be getting well ahead of yourself today. While it’s important to keep the final outcome in mind, what you need to focus on are the steps required to get there. Identify tasks you can complete this week that bring you closer to realizing your aim. With the quarter moon in your international ninth house, someone from afar could offer support. Connect to friends and family living beyond city borders. Mixing wisdom from Eastern and Western modalities can be of great benefit to you now.


Assume the helm, Libra. The cosmos appoint you captain today, so step out of the shadows and show others what you’re capable of now. Just remember: leadership is not the same as dictatorship. Treat your crew with respect, and ask them for their input and feedback. Ruling with an iron fist is only bound to strain your alliances, potentially causing the ship to veer off course. You may be leading the charge, but you’re all in this together.


Stifle your rebel yell today, Libra—especially on the work front. Although you’re more than ready to flip the proverbial finger at management (whilst also cc’ing the rest of the office), don’t go there. Know that this surge of mutinous energy will be short-lived. Don’t burn any bridges by bucking the system or losing patience with a client. Reschedule those presentations and planning sessions to another day this week, and focus on more free-flowing tasks like brainstorming or researching. Even better, clock out early and beeline it to the spa. Some “me, myself, and I” time is what you need to find your center again.


Today’s cosmic call requires you to challenge those ingrained (and unquestioned) beliefs, Libra. This is especially true when it comes the dynamics you have with men, or how you tackle your aspirations. Breaking bad habits or patterns is no easy task, but it’s the resistance to surrendering that makes it so hard. Trust in the universe and let go. If an authority figure wants to give you some guidance, don’t act like you’ve got it all together. A wise mentor figure can be a godsend for you now. Graciously accept.


Put pen to paper, Libra. All the incredible ideas bouncing around in your brain have got you worked up, so write them down. Once you see them in black-and-white, some of them may not sparkle like you thought… but others will. Once you’re clear as to which nuggets hold potential, there’s no need to jump head-first into action. Tuck away your list for the moment, and let those seeds germinate for a while. When you need a shot of inspiration, pull out your idea sheet and you’ll get those creative juices flowing again.


Get your geek on, Libra! This Saturday, a moon-Jupiter mashup electrifies your eleventh house of all things tech. Investigate options like a new piece of innovative software or a gadget that can amp up your efficiency. Do some comparison-shopping, and seriously consider investing in it. Remember: you’ve got to spend money to make money sometimes, too. Does your online presence need some polishing or updating? Perhaps, you’ve got some great ideas for blog posts. Make a date with your laptop this Saturday, and get ‘er done. Sunday comes with a guilt-trip warning. A tough T-square between the moon, agitator Mars, and foggy Neptune could find you backed up against a wall with a dominating person in your midst. No matter how much you try to appease those demanding divas, your efforts will never be sufficient. It’s time to say, “enough is enough.” Establish crystal-clear boundaries that feel fair to you. In other words, only give what you can without compromising yourself or your other obligations. If they don’t like it, that’s their problem, not yours.



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