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You’re of two minds today, thanks to a testy Pluto-Uranus square. Part of you feels smothered by a close relationship, leaving you longing for more freedom. But at the same time, the thought of going it alone frightens you to death right now. If breaking out on your own will leave people high and dry, don’t do it, Libra. You’ll end up kicking yourself for it later. When it comes to a certain someone, expect your feelings to run hot and cold—not an ideal time to make any major decisions. Take some breathing room, and sit on it for now.


Move over, Martha. With expressive Mercury decamping to your domestic sector until January 6, you’re all about creating elegant tablescapes and extravagant cuisine. The quicksilver planet also hands you the social organizer’s clipboard. From board game tournaments to karaoke showdowns in your living room, use your creativity to whip up lively IRL activities for your nearest and dearest. But be forewarned: this Mercury cycle could bring out your moody side. Make sure you reserve ample solo time in your schedule so you don’t end up biting anyone’s head off.


Boredom, begone! If the “day in, day out” is dragging you down, Libra, today’s planets prod you to incorporate a bit of spice into your routines. Mix up your solo workouts with a fresh playlist, or give another activity a whirl, like kickboxing yoga or “piloxing,” a mix of boxing and Pilates. Hone your culinary finesse by signing up for a hands-on class or watching a few YouTube videos for inspiration. Whether you’re a novice in the kitchen or could give La Martha a run for her money, connect to the sensuality of preparing aesthetically-appealing and palate-pleasing meals.


While you’re a whiz at launching supersized projects, you sometimes lack the enthusiasm to finish them. You’ve usually got several irons in the fire, Libra, but ignoring pending details can drag you down psychically. Use today to reprioritize. If there are only a few loose ends to tie up, clear them away. Then, decide which gems deserve further development, and shelve the rest. Get a step-by-step action plan in place, and you could cross the finish line victorious—perhaps even before the New Year!


Overspending alert! Today’s mashup of the moon and responsible Saturn in your second house of finances warns against going over budget. Your generous nature is over the moon during the holiday season, giving you plenty of reason to spoil the many souls you adore. But you can still show how much you care (and with class), without breaking the bank. If you’ve got your eye on a pricey gift, pool your resources with a few friends or family members. Nothing says love more than a group effort.


Ready to dance till dawn? Saturday’s alignment of Pluto and your cosmic ruler Venus in your domestic sector urges you postpone plans to paint the town crimson. You’ll be much happier at home, perhaps in the company of a sexy companion. Uncork the Pinot, light a few candles, and impress your guest with your Top Chef-worthy finesse. If you’re one of those Libras whose culinary skills are limited, no worries. Ordering in high-end delivery just gives you more time for stimulating conversation and lingering stares. Meow! On Sunday, the warm-fuzzy vibes continues into Sunday when the Sun settles into Capricorn and your cozy fourth house until January 19. You’ll be inspired to break out the Bagua map in the name of making your home feel like the haven it needs to be. A Capricorn new moon also graces the skies on Sunday, making it easier to turn to a fresh page with a close relative. While the two of you will never be two peas in a pod, release that resentment and seek out similarities you can connect over. If you take the time to look, you will find common ground.

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