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Truly letting go means closing the door fully behind you, Libra. If you’ve had trouble releasing a situation that no longer serves you, today’s quarter moon in your twelfth house of transitions lends a hand. Focus on creating a space for fresh possibilities. There’s no shame in reaching out for professional help either, so book a session with a therapist or healer if you need extra support. This lunar light also encourages healing, helping you release any lingering resentment. Remember, holding onto a grudge is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. Forgive and set yourself free.  


Opportunities abound, but alas, Libra, there are only 24 hours in a day. Today’s skies feature a stressful moon-Mars square, insisting that you take a breather. If you don’t treat your body with care, you’re only begging for burnout. Fuel up with nutrient-rich meals, get enough shuteye, and incorporate regular exercise into your schedule. If you want to keep things in motion, delegate or outsource key tasks while you take a much-needed break. Today, deep breaths and mini-meditation sessions can do wonders for your mental health!


The bigger the risk, the greater the gain. Today’s alignment of mental Mercury and make-it-happen Mars in your limitless ninth house pushes you way outside your comfort zone. Let yourself go, Libra—the farther, the better. Allow the universe to burst your comfortable little bubble, and seek out fresh experiences. From learning new philosophies, to booking your dream trip, to embracing an rare opportunity, the world is your oyster. Even if it doesn’t produce a flawless pearl, you’ll grow in wonderful ways. Roll the dice!


Time to cut the cord? Today, a tricky square between the Libra moon and potent Pluto in your family house uncovers ties that bind a little TOO tightly. If you tend toward excessive pleasing with your loved ones, now’s the time to evolve. Dare to speak up or to take a different path than the one your clan would approve of (or so you think). You are the guardian of your own happiness, Libra. Adopt a policy of "live and let live" from today forward.


You’re eager to make your grand goal a reality, but the stars could throw a wrench into your plans. While mental Mercury in your expansive ninth house gets you excited about manifesting your vision, it forms a square to foggy Neptune in your sixth house of minutiae. You could overlook key details, get scattered or just have trouble concentrating. Your best bet today? Put any research and development work on a shelf, and focus on free-flowing activities like brainstorming and journaling. Naturally, numbers need to be crunched and facts have to be verified, but you can tackle those tasks another day.


Libras love to indulge, and this weekend’s stars set the pleasure-seeking scene. On both Saturday and Sunday, the moon hovers in your sensual second house, amping up your high-end desires. From perusing upscale boutiques to finagling backstage passes, this lunar light sets your sights on the VIP list. Since the second house is also about practical matters, block off a chunk of time to deal with your to-do list. That way, when you’re mixing and mingling at that exclusive wine-tasting soiree, you’ll have absolutely nothing hanging over your head (except perhaps a Swarovski crystal chandelier). On Sunday, your taste for excess could catch up with you, as the Sun in your adventurous ninth house collides with Neptune in your health zone. Those bottomless glasses of Pinot—and the aftermath—could eat up your morning, making you miss your workout or errands. If you’ve promised to lend a loved one a hand, chances are you won’t be anywhere near interested in following through when you wake up on Sunday. Think twice before bailing though, Libra. The repercussions could be heavy.

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