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Family or frolicking? Today’s Scorpio moon hovers in your warm-and-fuzzy second house. Hanging with the clan or watching old home movies sounds awfully appealing. At the same time though, garrulous Venus activates your group activity sector, giving you a craving for a fresh scene. If a crew you’ve been getting to know invites you into their plans, don’t be quick to say you’re busy with la familia. It’s a stellar opportunity to uncover the synergy, and set the scene for a social fall schedule.


Live loud and proud, Libra! Today, communicator Mercury occupies your sign until September 27, giving you the green light to express yourself unapologetically. Stop hiding your light under a bushel, and show the world what you’ve got. If you’re too shy to toot your own horn, hire a PR person to do it for you. Self-love also figures front and center over the next three weeks. Take your attention off of other people, and focus on Numero Uno. You’re a masterpiece, inside and out, worthy of celebration. Start today with positive affirmations, like “I embrace my beauty” or “I am beautiful in all senses of the word.” Even if you don’t believe it at first, fake it till you make it. Trust us, it works.


Flutter, flutter. Your social butterfly is out in full force today, thanks to a harmonious moon-Venus angle in the garrulous sectors of your chart. Being stuck behind a desk all day will feel like pure torture, so find ways to stay in motion. Hold that meeting over lunch outside the office, have a brainstorming session in the park, take your laptop to a cafe to return emails. And never mind what your mother said about talking to strangers, Libra. That hottie working at the next table over could become a client, or even your next paramour.


Home is where the heart is? Today’s stars could make you feel out of your element—even in the most familiar locales. Instead of trying to shake it off, pay attention to what doesn’t feel right anymore. A merger of the moon and transformational Pluto in your domestic zone highlights the areas of your personal life that need to shift. Have you bent over backwards for someone you live with, or gone way beyond the call of duty for a colleague? Reflect on what needs rebalancing, and take action to correct it. Considering your sensitivity to aesthetics, your home’s color scheme may need to change. Think: calming greens and blues for your bedroom.


Ah, sweet romance. There’s nothing a Libra loves more than fairy-tale happy endings. And with amorous Venus occupying your twelfth house of fantasy, you’ve got cosmic clearance to be the hardcore romantic you are. While you adore the view those rose-colored glasses give you, just make sure they don’t come with a set of blinders. Recognize that no matter how smitten you may be with one special soul, no one is perfect, Libra… present company included. Take the time to find out the good, bad, AND the ugly. Then, you can decide if you’re willing to accept it all.


Hello, showstopper! Saturday’s moon hovers in your flamboyant fifth house, putting you in a live-out-loud mood. Before you unleash your razzle-dazzle, remember that not everyone can handle full-frontal Libra. Your best bet? Seek out a stage or platform to get your message out to the world. While it’s all well and good to turn to your social network, aim to reach a wider audience. Put yourself out there at an audition, or submit that short story you’ve been too afraid to share. Or, carve out quiet time to work on that rom-com screenplay, or that ballad you’ve been developing. Speaking of music, make a date with the dancefloor or your favorite karaoke club Saturday evening, and dazzle the crowd. On Sunday, the cosmos caution you to keep your mind on money matters. Overspending is a distinct possibility, particularly when you’re having such a blast. If the boutique district is calling your name, first review your current wardrobe so you don’t come home with something already hanging in your closet. When it comes to love, you could be unnecessarily demanding. Stop putting your sweetie through the ringer, Libra. You’ve got more than enough evidence that your boo loves through and through. Loyalty tests, begone!



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