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Let. It. Go. This morning’s moon in your twelfth house of release brings a reality check when it comes to clinging to something that used to bring you good results—“used to” be the operative phrase here. Trust in the universe, Libra. Abandoning this approach may frighten you, but fresh opportunities will open up when you do. Come mid-afternoon, the moon moves into your sign until Thursday, renewing your self-confidence. A new path beckons—follow its call.


With serious Saturn and the Sun syncing up in your second house of finances today, it’s time to pull up your budgetary bootstraps. Instead of breaking out your wallet on a whim, make sure you’ve got enough play money in the bank—after you’ve covered this month’s expenses. If you haven’t paid back that person yet, put it at the top of your to-do list. Then, establish a separate special saving accounts for those luxe items your sign loves so much. 


The only person you can really count on today is yourself, Libra, courtesy of the moon transiting your sign. A collaborator could fail to deliver on a promise, requiring you to pick up the slack. While it may be irritating to add even more to your plate, it also gives you a chance to nurture some blossoming skills. Do your research, and you could be pleasantly surprised with what you uncover. But don’t stress about shouldering it alone. With Jupiter in your teamwork sector, your social butterfly wings are bound to lead you to some fascinating characters. 


While your charming ways enchant others, Libra, you can’t get by on charisma alone. Today’s stars remind you that if you want to stay in other people’s good books, you’ll need to deliver your promises. If you know that you won’t be able to meet a deadline, be honest and try to renegotiate. The last thing you want to do is wait till the eleventh hour to inform them, leaving them high and dry. If you’re in that predicament now, take it upon yourself to find someone suitable to fill your shoes. Protect your good name. 


Clarity is the cosmic order of the day. Today’s planets urge you to clarify any doubts you may have. So what if you have to ask them to spell things out—more than once? The temporary awkwardness far outweighs wasting your time trying to figure out unclear directions or murky messages. And no one is going to think you’re not up to snuff either, Libra. There is the possibility that you’ll hear something unsavory. Better to know people’s real motives now, so you don’t whittle away your precious energy on a dead-end situation. 


Your own backyard is where it’s at, Libra! This Saturday, the Sun grooves into Sagittarius and your third house of hometown happenings for the next month. Amping up the local scene is Saturday’s new moon, also hovering in Sagittarius. Don’t walk around with earbuds in, oblivious to the world around you. Whether you’re standing in line for a latte or getting changed for Pilates class, keep your radar up for kindred spirits. A potential creative collaborator or a new BFF could enter your sphere. Expect your social calendar to fill up fast this holiday season. Don’t run yourself into the ground with one-on-one get-togethers. Celebrate the season with your peeps in group settings, and let the good times roll. Sunday’s stars appoint you Superconnector. No need to keep your friends from different factions of your life separate. Rally everyone together for some lighthearted fun and games, and perhaps even a little matchmaking. If you could use some help in the love department, a friend of a friend could be a good fit. Throw away that guest list, Libra, and make sure you social outings are all-inclusive affairs.  

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