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Think things through, Libra! Today’s moon-Uranus trine in your cerebral zones could inspire stimulating conversations and wild new ideas. Don’t hole up alone with your musings—hold an impromptu brainstorming session, schedule a pitch meeting or ask a partner to talk through an issue with you. Keep your smartphone or a notebook handy to record your million-dollar ideas. You never know when a passing curiosity can turn into your next big venture.


Hunker down, Libra. You’re in a cozy, sentimental mood, as the moon in Capricorn, your tender fourth house, aligns with dreamy Neptune. Don’t push yourself too hard today at the office. If possible, work remotely and take little breaks throughout the day. Tasks that require an emotional or creative touch are favored, too. Pick up flowers for your house, or buy a new wall hanging. If a family member needs your soothing presence, show up with takeout and a listening ear, ready to comfort.


Slip on down that rabbit hole, Libra. Today’s grandest adventures could happen in your very own psyche, thanks to a mystical union of the Sun and expansive Jupiter in Virgo, your twelfth house of the subconscious. The persistent tug to go inward could lead to a healing revelation or an intuitive flash. To get yourself in an optimum (and relaxed) place, pick up a paintbrush or journal, play music or meditate—and let the spirit move you. Channel your emotions and turn off your brain. Not only will it be cathartic, you could have an a-ha moment or a creative breakthrough.


Grab the talking stick, Libra, and don’t let go. With clever Mercury entering your sign today, you have plenty of reason to share. Until November 1, think carefully about your personal agenda and how you can move it forward. It’s okay to be a little competitive. Usually, you put others first, but now the cosmos give you the green light to be "selfish." After all, if you don’t express your most cherished goals and passions, how will they ever manifest? Make yourself top priority at least once a day, even if that means declining a coffee date with the coworker who just wants to gossip. You have bigger fish to fry.


Watch those knee-jerk reactions, Libra. Today’s moon-Venus opposition in the most passionate zones of your chart can make you a bit of a wild card, especially in love. If you’ve been holding back your frustration, a small transgression could cause you to snap. Don’t hit below the belt. You could air your frustrations, but it might be better just to take a time-out. Put your high emotions into something constructive, like a new art project, a passionate journal entry or an energetic night on the dance floor.


Kick off the weekend with a workout, Libra. With the moon in Pisces, your healthy sixth house, wellness is in the spotlight. Hit the farmer’s market and stock up on leafy greens and late-summer produce. On Saturday, the moon forms an opposition with abundant Jupiter in Virgo, which could lead you to bite off a lot more than you can chew (e.g. don’t try the twelve-mile run if you’ve only been doing sprints). You can go the distance eventually—in fitness and other matters—but it all requires planning, practice and forethought. Sunday’s moon-Chiron union brings out your self-critical side. Don’t ruminate over what you could have done. If it helps, take out a piece of paper to get these “what ifs” out of your head once and for all—and then burn it. Self-recrimination does you no favors.

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