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Not every sister is a sister today, Libra. A tense situation with a woman in your world could throw a wrench into your normally smooth dynamic. Just because you hold an opinion that seems to be the polar opposite of hers, doesn’t make her the enemy. Instead of going head to head on this issue while emotions are running high, table negotiations for when cooler heads prevail. With shadowy Pluto and the moon butting heads, the real issue may be hurt feelings or jealousy—and not even what you're supposedly fighting about.


Long-term stability is nothing to sneeze at, Libra. Today, the moon in your eighth house of shared wealth forms a supportive trine to energizer Mars, inspiring you to make smart financial decisions. You might explore an investment or a potentially lucrative real estate deal. Signs and synchronicities are pointing you in the right direction, so pay special attention to coincidences. Remember that prosperity has energetic origins. In other words, you have to "feel rich" to become rich. Money magnetism begins when you adopt an abundant mindset.


You don’t need a crystal ball to be elected office oracle today, Libra. A powerful trine between the moon and expansive Jupiter in your most intuitive zones thrusts you into that role. Stay open because you might be surprised who reaches out to you for advice. It’s hardly an imposition—your generous heart is happy to have so much to give. Just one word of caution: Wait until people ask before offering your help. Be discerning about where you cast your goodwill, too, especially with family. Give to the needy, not the greedy.


Feel like your wings are being clipped, Libra? The moon tours your travel sector, giving you the urge to escape your usual environment. Unfortunately, your plans get some cosmic interference, as stressful Mars challenges your desire to break free. Somebody in your camp may be less than pleased with your bid for freedom, and won't hesitate to brand you as a slacker. For now, it might be better to save the grand adventure for another day.


Strip off the power suit, pack a bag, and follow your bliss! Today’s intuitive moon-Neptune connection across your travel axis is urging you to do something out of the ordinary. Don’t be afraid to be a little impulsive today, Libra. Pay an unannounced visit to your best friend in another town, and check into a sweet little country B+B or a hip urban hotel. The only challenge today will be letting go of control—namely your fear of upsetting people with your spontaneous sweet escape. Remember, Libra, this much-deserved break will only improve your relationships and work performance. Step out of your highly structured life and discover what creative impulses are bubbling beneath.


Go explore, Libra! The moon is in your adventurous ninth house until Saturday evening, putting you in buoyant spirits. Don't pin yourself down to definite plans. You'll want to be free to accept a spontaneous invite or to wander around following your whims. With your travel sector lit up, a quick day trip outside of city limits could refresh your perspective. By Saturday night, your mind is back on your responsibilities, as the moon shifts into your dutiful and ambitious tenth house for the rest of the weekend. You may need to finish up work or fulfill an obligation. Sunday's quarter moon stokes these responsible fires, making you seriously consider where your life is headed. Is it time for a career change, or to start pursuing a big goal? Any changes WILL affect your closest relationships, so an open discussion is in order. Do you both want the same things for the long run? Where do you both see yourselves in five or ten years? Get aligned around your grand plans before you start implementing them.

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