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Today, you know how to get ‘er done with creative flourish, courtesy of artistic Venus in your career sector. But with shadowy Pluto facing off with Venus, you’ll have to navigate interruptions from your inner circle. Unless it’s a REAL emergency, don’t feel guilty sending them to voicemail. Even if there’s a bit of drama involved, you’re not hurting anyone by making them wait a bit. Slap on those blinders and set out what you planned to accomplish today. When you come up for air on break or at quitting time, call them back. Other people’s problems don’t have to trump your priorities, Libra.


Music soothes the Libran soul. Today’s dual between the emo moon and foggy Neptune could churn up stress and angst that doesn’t have a clear source. Instead of driving yourself mad trying to get to the bottom of these wacky emotions, tune into Pandora to calm your frazzled nerves. You might want to also stretch it out in yoga class or do some downward-dogging in your living room. While you ride this wave out, heed the muse’s call. Break out the oil paints, your guitar, or that half-finished poem. Your next masterpiece awaits.


Should you stay or should you go? Are you in or out? Wish you knew! Your trademark indecisive side is out in full force today, Libra. That means you’ll need to exert extra effort at making a firm decision, no matter how counterintuitive it might feel. It’s not fair to make others put their plans on hold because you can’t get off the fence. If you can’t commit to “Yes!”, then take a pass for the time being. That way you don’t waste their time, which could cause resentment to grow. Should you change your mind down the road, you’ve got nothing to lose by asking if the offer is still on the table.


Go Team Libra! Gregarious Mercury grooves through your eleventh house of amies until August 15, a perfect time for cultivating collaborative ventures. Also, seek out opportunities to join forces with those forward-thinkers in your field. This two-week cycle is prime for setting yourself apart from the pack, so don’t be afraid to color outside the lines. Any community-based or online endeavors can soar during this time. As the eleventh house rules all things tech, use social media and the Internet to make your projects shine.


Are you taking full advantage of those Libran charms? Today’s harmonious angle between disarming Venus and goal-oriented Saturn helps you forge a key connection. Whether you know it or not, you’ve probably already got this one in the bag. Stop dropping hints and spell out your proposal. Unpredictable Uranus plays a role today too, meaning that some negotiation will be in order. While you may not get everything you request, discussions might actually lead to an even better arrangement.


Your social butterfly wings are fluttering at warp speed this Saturday. You can thank an alignment of gregarious Mercury and all-inclusive Jupiter in your community sector for this  “more the merrier” vibe. Try your hand at a new group activity, organize an “all access” soiree, mix and mingle in an “out there” scene. A serendipitous connection could swing open the door to fresh opportunities. But there’s one caveat: feisty Mars squares this harmonious cosmic combo, churning up tension in your inner circle. As your social network expands and your calendar fills up, don’t neglect your true-blue crew. You don’t want to burn important bridges for a bit of fun, do you? Money matters take center stage on Sunday, courtesy of a balancing quarter moon in your finance sector. Don’t give your okay for a group expense until you know exactly how much you need to shell out. If not, you could end up stretching your budget far too thin, or leaving your pals high and dry when you cancel at the eleventh hour. Everyone needs to be on the same page here, so talking openly about dollars and cents in a must. Besides, a tempting luxe purchase could beckon next week, and you’ll want to ensure you have the funds to cover this indulgence.



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