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Hello, charm personified! Love planet Venus (your cosmic ruler) sashays into Libra until October 23, making you simply irresistible. This Venusian spell could help you attract a wide audience. Primp and preen so you look your best when in the public eye. Single? Don’t be surprised if you end up with a queue of suitors, but don’t be quick to give them official relationship status. You’ll be happiest over the next few weeks flying solo, perfect for channeling the muse and flirting to your heart’s content. Already spoken for? Take a more active role in your bond. When it comes to date planning, don’t go along with everything your sweetie suggests. Get your mate to try your ideas on for size for a change.


Logic trumps emotions today, Libra. An illuminating Sagittarius moon helps you put your high-octane feelings to the side. Taking a big step back, and viewing the situation from a less-emotionally charged place can present alternatives you hadn’t considered. Is it possible that your upset has blinded you to the other person’s perspective? We’re not saying you need to agree with them, but validating their experience can help dissolve the tension—and pave the way for more cooperation.


Is your home your haven? Today’s quarter moon encourages you to feather your nest in the name of making it the sanctuary it should be. Perhaps you need a quiet corner to unleash your creativity. Or, how about transforming that spare room into a home office? You might need to set some ground rules with messy roomies or noisy neighbors. As quarter moons portend balance, you don’t need to call in the reno crew. Small changes, like clearing away the clutter or implementing some Feng Shui 101, can add up to a big difference. Bagua map, anyone?


Steer clear of making assumptions today, particularly with your nearest and dearest. Instead of reacting to them as you typically do, take an alternative approach. Resist the urge to share your thoughts, and instead, ask what others are thinking. Simple, open-ended questions work best. (Try “What do you think should be done about X?”) When you release your expectations and truly listen, you could be surprised at the responses. Switch things up with a relative or close friend. Always in the role of advice-giver? Today’s your turn to ask for it. Flipping the script will reveal a strength in your loved one that you didn’t even know existed.


Love and money don’t mix today, Libra. That previously scheduled romantic dinner, behind-closed-doors fun and games, or even those warm-and-fuzzy feelings with a close friend could be derailed by a discussion about the Almighty Dollar. Don’t bury your head in the sand, and face this issue head on. Chances are, the other person is unaware you’re uncomfortable with the current financial set-up. The only way to balance the scales again is with open and honest dialogue. If not, bitterness could set in and threaten your bond. 


Pay close attention to your cash flow, Libra. This Saturday, minutiae-loving Mercury turns retrograde until October 25, possibly throwing a few financial curveballs your way. Rein in the urge to splurge, or you could quickly end up in the red. Press pause on any plans for a substantial purchase until November. In the meantime, use the next three weeks to do some comparative shopping to sniff out the best deal possible. On Sunday, a merger of the moon and watery Neptune in your sixth house of healthy living sounds the call for hydration. Considering that our bodies are at least 70 percent water, replenishing yours with fresh H2O keeps you functioning in fine form—both physically and emotionally. Tip: if you wait until you’re thirsty, your body is already dehydrated. Be proactive and keep your BPA-free water bottle topped at all times. The spa is also calling your name, luxury-loving Libra. Hydrotherapy, anyone?



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