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Unknot those apron strings, Libra, and STAT. Today, intense Pluto turns retrograde in your fourth house of home and family until September 22, demanding you take a huge step back when it comes to your nearest and dearest. There’s nothing wrong with reaching out to your loved ones for support, but watch those boundaries. This five-month cycle leaves you susceptible to unhealthy dependencies. Find your own path independent of your inner circle—or encourage the same for those in your clan who are clinging just a tad too tightly.


Drum roll, please. Today’s luminous lunar eclipse in Libra summons the full potential of your star power. It’s been over nine years since the last one, so don’t let this day go by without maximizing its cosmic magic to the fullest. Save the humble pie for another day, and self-promote like there’s no tomorrow. If you’ve been spinning your wheels lately, this eclipse gives you the traction you need to forge ahead. You might even be inspired to launch a completely fresh journey over the next two weeks. Follow the path that resonates with your soul, and you can’t go wrong.


No excuses allowed! Today’s cosmos call for some serious talk in your business and romantic relationships. Justifying someone else’s questionable conduct (or your own) won’t do either one of you any good. While it’s important to be optimistic, you also have to be realistic. We’re not saying this is the beginning of the end, but some adjustments may be in order. Take an honest look at where you’re willing to bend and where you will not budge.


Feeling like a hamster on a wheel? Today’s lunar light in your nose-to-the-grindstone second house could obscure the light at the end of the tunnel. While you may not feel like you’re making progress, trust us, Libra, you are making baby steps forward. Slow and steady wins the race, so don’t throw in the towel. When the moon moves into your communicative third house late afternoon, people will sit up and take notice of all your hard work. Be prepared to dazzle them with your latest progress report. Besides the accolades, you could also end up with a few people wanting to join Team Libra.


Hey there, smooth talker. Today, the Sagittarius moon and seductive Mars in Libra amp up your persuasive powers. Don’t abuse this gift, especially to feed your ego. You might think there’s no harm in stringing along that poor soul, but the last thing you need is someone glued to your side all night long. Direct your energy toward people you really feel a spark with. This evening, you won’t want to be tied down to any one person. The ideal scenario? Hobnobbing at an event with like-minded friends who don’t require any hand-holding.


No one needs to tell you to start your engines, Libra. This Saturday, the Sun blasts into your seductive eighth house until May 20, turning you into one hot tamale. While you may have a queue of admirers clamoring for your attention, save your "final rose" for someone with the body-mind-soul connection you crave. We’re not talking about holding out for the perfect person, but rather someone who can light your fire on many levels. Already attached? Draw the blinds and hang the Do Not Disturb sign. You and your boo are ready to break new ground in the bedroom. On Sunday, the stars call on you to be your own savior. You may have played the victim in the past, teaching your loved ones to swoop in for the save. Rewrite the script, Libra. Take the reins and show others that you’re in control of the situation. Even though you may want to call up a confidante to unload, stay focused and reach out to a mentor for advice instead. It will be so much more satisfying to emerge victorious instead of victimized.



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