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Today’s merger of motivator Mars and soulful Neptune calls for self-love, from the inside out. By all means, stay on track with your health and fitness goals, but don’t expect rock-hard abs to impact the other areas of your life that need attention. Your body is one element of who you are, so take care not to neglect your inner world. Balance out strength training by building up your self-esteem. An exploratory workshop, a few sessions with a therapist, or a couple weeks with a life coach can help you feel as great as you look.


Today, the Sun shifts into Aquarius and your fifth house of fame, love, and creativity for thirty days, positioning you center stage. How can you best showcase your talents? Be it public speaking, revamping your look, or officially announcing your grand plans, you have more than a captive audience, Libra. On the romance front, you’ll be busy between now and February 18. Today’s skies also feature a new moon in Aquarius, launching a six-month cycle of amor. By the time the weekend rolls around, you could be knee-deep in conversations about babymaking, putting a ring on it, or other co-created adventures.


Passionate swoon or primal scream? Today, messenger Mercury turns retrograde in Aquarius and your fifth house of amour until February 11, stirring up trouble on the romance front. When interacting with your amour du jour, steer clear of making any assumptions. Clear communication is an absolute must if you hope to minimize the drama. That includes broaching the more serious stuff, too. As retrogrades rules the past, an ex could re-emerge, but don’t rush into anything. It will be a few weeks before you can reach clarity about this one, Libra. Be cautious about the image you project into the world. Now’s NOT the time for risque selfies. Make sure all of your uploads over the next three weeks are PG-rated.


Work the pleasure principle! Today the moon syncs up with your cosmic ruler, Venus—in your fifth house of romance, indulgence and glamour. Create time in your day to pamper yourself like only a Libra can. Slip away for a mani-pedi over lunch, get a seated mini-massage on break, hit the boutique district after work. You’ll be in just the right mood for a sexy evening with your amour du jour…or painting the town crimson with your free-spiried friends. Flirt like there’s no tomorrow!


Your body is wise, so heed its message. That recurrent headache, stomach upset, or kink in your back is its way of telling you that something’s out of sorts. Regaining equilibrium is possible, but some professional help may be required. Schedule an appointment with your GP or naturopath today, even if you have to pay out of pocket. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you’ve been putting off signing up for a health plan, stop procrastinating. Have you been dragging your feet lately, Libra? Never mind giving it one last push. Clock out on time, and head home for some body-loving care. A few restorative yoga poses, and a long, hot Epsom-salt soak sounds just about right.


Love yourself through thick and thin, Libra. Saturday’s Pisces moon illuminates your sixth house of self-care, reminding you that you’re at your happiest when you make healthy choices. Take the time to prepare balanced meals, or get someone else to do it for you, like BlueApron.com. Skip the party scene, and opt for a candlelit yoga class (with your BPA-free water bottle in tow). Alternatively, it’s a great night to fulfill your designated driver (or Uber-summoning) duties, and work up a sweat on the dance floor. Just squeeze in a disco nap before you hit the club circuit. Saturday afternoon is a good time to check some to-do’s off your list. As the sixth house also rules service, you might go out of your way to help a friend in need. Said amigo may even be your sweetie, so roll up your sleeves and lighten your boo’s load. You may be the zodiac’s peacemaker, Libra, but your inner rabble-rouser could demand some airtime on Sunday. A merger of the moon and unpredictable Uranus in your seventh house of partnerships incites this feisty change of pace. Playing devil’s advocate may even be appealing—just steer clear of hitting below the belt to prove your point. Coupled? If you’re feeling bored with your bond, don’t drum up conflict. Instead, try something adventurous and new to the both of you. Single Libras could get struck by Cupid’s arrow—you won’t even see it coming!

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