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Boredom alert! It’s a perfect day to shake up your daily routines in the name of keeping ennui at bay. You don’t need to turn your life upside down to make a difference. The little things really add up, Libra. If you’re tired of the treadmill, mix it up with Zumba class. Clear away the clutter on your desktop, and put fresh flowers in your line of sight. Give yourself permission to stroll sans smartphone over your break. What other little pleasures can you slide into your schedule?


Home makeover time, Libra. This past Sunday, motivator Mars moved into your domestic fourth house with plans to stay until December 4. Follow that urge to update Chez Libra. Move over Martha! Today, the moon also joins Mars in the same position, possibly churning up some emotional-driven conversations with relatives or roomies. In some cases, it might even mean inviting someone else to share your space. On the flipside, you could be antsy for more privacy. Get creative, and transform an unused corner into your very own sacred space.


If you want to strengthen your connection with someone, connect on their home turf. Seeing the way people operate in private can be quite revealing, Libra. Are they in desperate need of housekeeper, or could they give Martha Stewart a run for her money? Or somewhere in between? Taking a look behind closed doors can give you an idea of what’s in store for your bond. By the same token, how’s Chez Libra holding up? The cosmos call for a cleanup mission. Investing a few bucks in a professional service could be just the kickstart you need.


It’s an all-out love-fest with someone in your life, but you’re stumped about whether you’ll walk off into the sunset together. Instead of moving into analytical mode, today’s balancing quarter moon helps you raise the issue honestly. Devotion is something you deserve, Libra, but don’t ignore the part you play. Could you be infusing doubt into the equation? Perhaps both of you are playing a waiting game, biding time until the other person opens up. Stop spinning your wheels, and lay your cards—and heart—on the table.


Remove “too much” from your lexicon this Halloween, Libra. You can thank the moon shining its beams in your flamboyant fifth house for this over the top energy. Take a pass on being a witch (again), and slide into a sexy flapper’s outfit or 1950’s prom queen getup, equipped with a big bouffant wig. Just keep an eye on your budget, as expenses could pile up fast. Instead of hitting that high-end lounge before jumping into the real party, invite your pals over for candy apple martinis at yours to get the fiesta started.


Keep the drama to a minimum this Saturday, Libra. While you may wake up with passion coursing through your veins, the moon shifts into your pragmatic sixth house around mid-day for the rest of the weekend. When interacting with others, try taking a more measured approach. If people are responding less than enthusiastically, your high-octane energy might be putting them off, or you could have weighted them down with too many requests. Tone it down, and communicate with them on their level. But if engaging in their comfort zone drags YOU down, perhaps it’s time to consider why you’re maintaining bonds with these Negative Nancys anyway. Sunday’s stars call for self-care. Booking the occasional massage or swigging a glass of green juice here or there is well and good, but now focus on creating sustainable routines that support your wellbeing in the long run. Take ten minutes for a morning meditation, carry a BPA-free water bottle in your purse, engage in regular stretching breaks. If your schedule is stressing you out, slow down. Perhaps that means taking a raincheck on a planned visit that would eat up most of your day. Relax, rest, rejuvenate.



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