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The cutting edge is where you want to be today, Libra. Seek out communities—both online and IRL—that provide intellectual stimulation and inspirational fodder. Cue up TED talks on Netflix, attend a college lecture, jump in on forum whose members color way outside the lines. With the moon hovering in your third house of hometown happenings, you might even be motivated to volunteer with an organization dedicated to bettering your community. Cooperative greenhouse, anyone? 


Pull up your budgetary bootstraps, Libra. Today’s mashup of fickle Mercury and conservative Saturn in your finance sector insists on planning for the future. Instant gratification is all well and good, but impulsive spending won’t make your wish list a reality. Set up a special savings account for an objet of desire that will never go out of fashion. On the workfront, your professional image might need a bit of polishing. Keep office gossip to a minimum, and proofread all emails before hitting “Send.” Sloppy is so not your style. 


Today’s meetup of the moon and authoritative Mars activates your intense protective instinct when it comes to your loved ones. Exert the same energy defending your own work, Libra! You can’t please everyone all of the time, so let the critics critique. It’s up to you how you respond to them. Resist reacting, and pause to consider where this feedback is coming from. If a long-time friend or loving family member is the source, recognize that this isn’t about cutting you down, Libra. She really wants to see you do well. Be kind with your response. 


Your social butterfly wings are at full-flutter over the next three weeks, Libra. Today, expressive Mercury meets up with the Sun in your gregarious third house, putting you at the center of the action until December 16. It will be easy to get swept up in fledgling friendships and the local scene, but make a point of not putting your family (especially siblings) on the backburner. Any writing, teaching, or recording ventures get an extra boost by the quicksilver planet. The time is also prime for investing in an upgraded gadget or a brand new set of wheels.


Giving gifts is one your sign’s favorite activities, and you take it seriously. Any old cookie-cutter item, no matter how expensive, just won’t do. Your skills of observation come in handy allowing you to pick just the right thing. Bypass the malls and head to the vintage district or an artisan’s market, so you can guarantee your presents will be one-of-a-kind. Mid-afternoon, your wellness goals pop back on your radar when la luna shifts into your sixth house of self-care. Bundle up and go for a jog, or try an online cardio class—it’ll keep your tanks topped with high-octane energy. 


Your star is on the rise, Libra, but are you blasting off into the stratosphere a bit too fast? This Saturday, a balancing quarter moon in your work and efficiency sector helps you put your idealistic visions in sync with some pragmatic systems. You don’t need to slam on the brakes, but tapping them a tad allows one of your ideas to gain momentum. Start from square one, and draft out a doable plan. Keep putting one foot in front of the other, and you’ll get there. Sunday’s stars shine its beams on the wisdom of your body. Frequent bouts indigestion or that recurrent headache is its way of telling you to get back into balance. Don’t waste time with Dr. Google, and set up an appointment with your MD or naturopath. It’s true what they say about an apple a day, Libra. Think preventively: drink the daily minimum of H2O, schedule regular massages, create a daily meditation ritual. Calm mind, happy body.  

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