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There’s strength in numbers today, thanks to a moon-Jupiter mashup in your collaboration sector. Your energy is contagious, so spread your can-do attitude at every meeting and get-together you find yourself at. Move outside your social comfort zone, too. Try a fresh scene on for size—perhaps even one you wanted nothing to do with in the past. With an open mind and a willingness to let a few of your own eccentricities come to the surface, you might learn something from this crew. Signing on as an official member is optional.


Today’s freedom-loving alignment between independent Jupiter and changemaker Uranus encourages you to widen your social circle. We’re not saying you should write off your closest amigos, but a little breathing room can work wonders for reviving bonds. You’ve got cosmic clearance to mix and mingle among fresh faces, sans guilt. Expansion on the romance front is also a possibility under today’s stars. Online dating can reap rich rewards, Libra, so get your right-swipe on. Coupled? A little independent play will make the time you spend together much more meaningful.


They love you, they love you not. Today’s meetup of erratic Uranus and romance planet Venus (your cosmic ruler) could prevent you from getting a clear read on people’s loyalties. You may be feeling especially fickle too, which only serves to muddy the waters. That cutie who made you go weak in the knees yesterday might barely register on your love meter today. Although you might be especially vulnerable to the rockstar type, Libra, steer clear of moving into fangirl/guy mode. Position yourself on the same level by recognizing your own star qualities. Everybody else does!


Close the door, Libra, and deadbolt it behind you. Today’s full moon in your twelfth house of completions could finally bring the end to a situation you’ve been clinging to. It’s been some time since you grew tired of this one, but nostalgia has prevented you from completely letting go. This lunar light helps you surrender, so you can welcome in fresh energy that’s more congruent with your core values. An earth angel of sorts could appear, sending you down an illuminating road of discovery. Lighten your psychic load, and everything else will fall into place.


If you’re feeling weighed down, it’s a direct consequence of an unresolved conflict. With the moon in your twelfth house of surrender, stop trying to convince others to assume your stance. Insisting won’t bring them over to your side, and only serves to amp up the stress levels. In some cases, you might need to accept that you’ve reached the end of the road with a certain collaborator. Take a break from each other, or simply move on. Early evening, la luna shifts into your sign, and hangs there for the entire weekend. It’s about time! Let your indie spirit soar, Libra!


Feeling off-balance, Libra? You’ve been evolving at a rapid rate lately, so it’s understandable that you need a moment to re-center yourself. This Saturday, get your feet planted on solid ground again by taking a timeout from all your varied obligations. Tweak your agenda, reschedule time-consuming tasks for Sunday, and squeeze in mini self-pampering sessions. It’s also a stellar day to get into an honest dialogue with a family member or employee you’ve had some recent bumps with. Let the healing commence! Sunday’s skies feature an opposition between the moon and your cosmic ruler Venus, giving you a clearer view on your relationships. Have you been giving someone else too much power over your own emotions? Stop looking to them for cues. The only person responsible for your happiness is you and you alone, Libra. The same can be said for everyone else, too. Sure, you can make an impact on other people’s lives, but you’re not responsible for saving them. Sit with this truth and pull back. Doing so, will lighten everyone’s psychic load while still preserving the love.

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