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Got brain fog? Today, the moon in Sagittarius, your third house of the mind, forms a tricky square to illusory Neptune in Pisces, leaving your rational faculties a little, uh, compromised. The chance of miscommunications is HIGH so speak with caution—and listen with discernment. Your perception could be based on someone else’s subconscious energy…so keep your response in check. While it’s not a day to force a conversation, the conditions are rife for dreaming. Find a hammock and let your imagination run wild.


Beam me up, Libra! You ideas—especially those developed with a partner-in-crime—could transport you to another galaxy, thanks to the supportive trine between the moon in Sagittarius, your stimulating third house, and original Uranus in Aries. The vibes will be oh-so high today; engage in a fiery, fun brainstorming session, or spend time spilling your true thoughts on the page. Nothing says “masterpiece” like a piece that reveal a wholly new and unique perspective. Go slay those intellectual dragons, Libra!


Calling all homebodies! Today, the full moon in Capricorn, your fourth house of home, family and roots, bringing you a sweet, sentimental moment—one that has even been brewing since December 2014. You could bond with your clan over a festive dinner, or complete a decorating project. You may even sign the dotted line on a new lease. With affectionate Venus meeting up with jovial Jupiter in Leo, your eleventh house of friendship, the conditions are perfect for an uplifting group hangout. Life is truly sweeter when you feel this strong sense of belonging.


Today, the moon meets up with mysterious Pluto in Capricorn, your fourth house of home and family. You'll be especially sensitive to the energy in your living space. This is a good day to move a few things around, taking down any art or objects that don't inspire you. Try a few feng shui tricks to improve the flow in any stagnant areas. It's a good day for bonding with a female relative or for processing any past pain related to your childhood.


When was the last time you cracked open a cold beverage and just kicked back on a hammock? You deserve some downtime, Libra, especially as the moon moves through Aquarius, your fifth house of celebration and play. This Friday, get off that crazy hamster wheel and just take sheer pleasure in the little things. You may even want to peruse a jewelry or perfume shop to soak up the decadence. A romantic evening could be in store under these stars, too.


Torn? On Saturday, you’re having a hard time choosing between your friends and your love interest, thanks to an opposition between the moon in your passionate fifth house, and free-flying Jupiter. Maybe your S.O. doesn't quite fit in with your crew, and it's hard to mix everyone together. Or you could actually be fielding two invites—one romantic and one platonic—and weighing whether or not you can make everyone happy. (Spoiler alert: you can’t.) Follow your heart and be as diplomatic as possible. On Sunday, the moon in Pisces, your sixth house of wellbeing, forms a supportive trine to energetic Mars, putting you in a capable, health-conscious frame of mind. Take action on your own behalf—self-care is paramount now. Get your sweat on first thing in the morning. Shop for organic groceries and plan some nutritious recipes for the week. Organizing your schedule for the week puts you on a solid foundation to achieve your long-term goals. Start on the right foot with some inspired preparation.

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