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Hello, happy place! With intrepid Jupiter and your planetary ruler Venus merging at the exact same angle in your outre eleventh house, “edgy” is your middle name. Ideas way off the beaten path will hold much appeal, so nurture them. As the eleventh house also rules all things tech, your Klout score is bound to shoot through the roof. It’s a stellar time to advance your education, so commit to learning a new piece of future-forward software, or sign up for an advanced social media training class. Metaphysical topics may also beckon. Hands-on healing course, anyone? 


With today’s moon hovering in your truth-telling ninth house, honesty is your only policy. But it wouldn’t hurt to soften out the rough edges in your delivery. Draw on your trademark tact to get your message across without turning people off. That said, don’t turn a blind eye to an issue that’s screaming for some attention. You want people to get onboard, and the fastest way to do it is by outlining the benefits that come with changing the situation. Keep discussions productive by focusing on solutions, not whining about the problem.


Roll up your sleeves, Libra. The stars activate the career sectors of your chart, giving you a major boost to an ongoing project. Deal with the nitty-gritty details in the morning, ensuring that each errand and to-do fits into your grander vision. The stars later in the afternoon lend to increasing your cash flow. If money talks are on the table, you’re bound to come out ahead. Also, take time to advance a creative venture, especially if inspiration comes a-knocking.


Forging stronger bonds in your professional life is half of doing business—something we don’t need to tell your affable sign. With today’s moon illuminating your ambitious tenth house, nurturing your alliances with colleagues and clients will be especially fruitful. What’s more, la luna forms high-octane angles to motivator Mars and magnetic Neptune, giving you a leg up the ladder. Schmooze like there’s no tomorrow, Libra: bring a tray of lattes to your morning meeting, linger over a power lunch, take time to ask your coworkers how they’re really doing. You could end up clicking over an interest outside the office. 


Put your pride to the side today, Libra. With hotheaded Mars in your steadfast second house, you could stubbornly stick to your perspective when faced with dissent. At the same time though, changemaker Uranus encourages you to open your mind… especially if people dear to you offer up contrary opinions. This unsolicited advice comes from a sincere place, so don’t get all bent out of shape. At the very least, let them air their concerns and really listen. You might wisely think twice before taking that job offer, signing that contract, or giving that player yet another chance. 


Shift into the slow lane, Libra. This Saturday, the Sun moves into Virgo and your twelfth house of respite and completions. The next 30 days are about tying up loose ends and putting pending issues to rest. Your mojo levels could be lagging, so listen to your body and squeeze in siestas when you can. Also, conserve your energy by enforcing limits with those “me, me, me” people in your life. Taking care of Numero Uno is more important right now. Scale back your social schedule, too. You hate to miss a party, but if you try to do it all you’re only asking for exhaustion. On Sunday, seek online and you shall find, thanks to the moon lighting up your technological sector. Whether you’re looking for like-minded collaborators, The One, or a reliable recommendation, head online. From your social media networks to dating sites, you could be just a few clicks away to realizing your aim. You could also be inspired to give back to others. Follow that urge, and donate a few hours of your time to advance a cause you care about. What goes around comes around. 



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