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Hunker down, Libra. Today, the Sun slips into Taurus, your eighth house of intimacy and shared wealth, turning your attention to life’s essentials. For the next four weeks, the overall atmosphere could feel a bit intense, as you’re concerned with things like soul-bonding, lasting financial security and the depths of your psyche. Sure, you may hit a spring sale in between those weighty thoughts, but deep down, you’re more concerned with your closest bonds and the emotional richness of truly surrendering yourself to another. Whether you set up a joint bank account, ponder a share business venture or make a romance official, you’ve the urge to merge.


Hot and heavy? Today, you could be feeling extra sensual, thanks to sultry Mars in Taurus, your eighth house of soul-stirring sex, forming a supportive trine to transformational Pluto. If you and your honey have been on the outs, perhaps you’ll call in sick and spend some important boudoir time at home. Or maybe you'll finally make time to connect through a heart-to-heart. You have a strong emotional need to cement your bond today, however that manifests. Single Libras may get connected to an intriguing new prospect, perhaps via a family member or close friend. Don’t dismiss your mother’s suggestions so easily—she could be a skillful matchmaker today!


Time to have a talk? Today, you may need to touch base with a partner (personal or professional) as go-getter Mars is conjunct intellectual Mercury in Taurus, your eighth house of pooled resources. Whether you’ve merged your hearts, your finances or your assets, this is a great day to iron out any differences, as Mars’ forward-moving energy gives you the courage you need. Are you part of a joint venture? Sharing power can be a tricky matter, one that requires regular communication. You don’t need to have things as an exact 50-50 split, but you should be aiming for an overall balance—a feeling of fairness works wonders.


Pay attention to your fantasies, Libra. Today, a supportive trine between the moon in Cancer, your ambitious tenth house, and mystical Neptune, could have you drifting off in reveries about a promotion, getting a huge award or trying a whole new career path. While you may not get a lot of actual work done, your unfettered imagination could reveal something important about your next moves. If you can, take a long lunch or a noontime stroll. You could be setting the energetic stage for the next best thing.


Let’s not be rash, Libra. Today, the moon in Cancer, your tenth house of ambition, forms a tricky square to disruptive Uranus, causing some potential restlessness. You may get into a row with a boss or a coworker, and decide to give your notice. (Helpful hint: don’t do that just yet.) Or maybe your S.O. gets offered a job thousands of miles away, putting you in a tough spot with regard to your own career. Tempers could get volcanic, but the storm will pass.


Lay down the law, Libra. On Saturday, the moon in Leo, your eleventh house of group activity, forms a supportive trine to structured Saturn, giving you some fortitude around a friendship or alliance. You may open your eyes to some bad boundaries, or just a less-than-honest dynamic within your crew. Whatever the case, you feel called to operate completely on the level, setting things straight, even if it means risking discord. The good news is that you’re feeling self-assured—and not likely to lose your temper—so you will be well received. The high road looks good on you, Libra. On Sunday, you’re ready for a party, thanks to the moon and gregarious Jupiter meeting up in Leo, your social eleventh house. "The more the merrier" is your credo; and you’re also eager to learn from anyone who has something to teach. This inclusive vibe makes you a sought-after party guest and companion. If a brunch conversation turns to the subject of altruism, you may be inspired to take this humanitarian message to the masses. A blog post heard ‘round the world, perhaps?

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