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If that “seal the deal” moment is imminent, don’t sell yourself short, Libra. Before putting pen to paper, negotiate terms you truly deserve. Also, be aware that there is probably more going on behind the scenes than you realize. Your challenge is to compromise without feeling taken advantage of, Libra. As the zodiac’s diplomat, your charm and disarming presence may be the sharpest tool in your arsenal. Put your sweet-talking ways into action, and they’ll have a hard time turning you down.


Today, la luna lingers in Libra, giving you a cosmic pass to put Number One at the top of the priority list. Finally finish reading that novel you started three months ago; infuse fresh life into a stalled passion project; or simply meander without a destination and see what you uncover. It could be a fab fall lecture series, or the inspiration to get a bold new cut and color. However you spend your day, just make sure the only care you’re providing is for the person you see in the mirror. It’s the only way you’ll keep your tanks topped.


Express those stifled thoughts, Libra. Today’s meetup of the moon and Mercury retrograde in your sign helps you articulate those feelings you stuffed down. Considering that today’s the last day the confident Sun hovers in Libra, carpe diem! Remember though: there is a time and a place for everything. Don’t send long, drawn-out texts while people are busy working, and resist the urge to get things off your chest during an office-wide luncheon. Be classy, and address those conflicts behind closed doors.


Everything you touch turns to gold, Libra! Today, the Sun decamps to Scorpio and your second house of work and money until November 22. You’re inspired to create a plan of action for a few of those brilliant ideas you dreamed up around your birthday. Blessing you with even more magic is your cosmic ruler Venus, gliding alongside the Sun until November 16. Charming Venus supports you in solidifying connections with the VIPs. A romantic partner might even financially back your supersized goals. Hold up, there’s more. Today’s solar (new moon) eclipse in Scorpio paves the way for exciting career opportunities. Hollywood client or job of a lifetime, anyone?


Getting cold feet? Under today’s stars you could suddenly feel cautious about a situation that you were recently excited to explore. Pay attention to your instincts, and do your homework before jumping in with both feet. That said, Libras love to see the glass as half full, and give people the benefit of the doubt. So, should you feel the urge to swandive in, stop yourself. Tell them you’ll get back to them soon, and then, sleep on it.


Misunderstood, much? Since October 4, communicative Mercury has been backspinning retrograde through your sign, making it a challenge to clearly get your point across. You can breathe a sigh of relief this Saturday, as the messenger planet resumes direct (forward) motion, uncrossing wires and restoring your gift of gab. No need to censor yourself or justify every statement that comes out of your mouth. Whew! Get back into gear, and promote your offerings. Your public also awaits, so don’t be shy. On Sunday, get-'er-done Mars cruises through Capricorn and your domestic fourth house until December 4, motivating you to make some changes to Chateau Libra. In the market for a move? Start poring over real-estate listings, and the perfect place could present itself over the next five weeks. If you’ve been pondering upgrading the look of home sweet home, get those renovation or redecorating plans in motion. Some Libras might even get word of a pregnancy during this Mars cycle. You may also have reason to roll out the welcome mat, but think twice before you open up your haven to every out-of-towner passing through. While you may adore that dear old friend or cousin, sharing your space could stir up tensions. Protect your bonds, and help them find an affordable airbnb apartment near by.



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