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Up, up and away! Today’s meetup of the moon and expansive Jupiter in your ambitious tenth house propels you up the ladder of success. You ooze confidence and command respect, Scorpio. It’s no wonder others can’t help but turn to you as the one in charge (even if you’re not). Keep your radar honed for an opportunity to pitch that brainchild to the higher-ups, or a chance to connect with an influential player in your field. You could be called on to make a huge decision, too. No waffling allowed. Trust your instincts, and go for the gold! 


Stagnant experiences, begone! Today’s alignment of imaginative Uranus and daring Jupiter urges you to mix up the day in, day out with some innovative approaches. A little trial and error could lead you to a breakthrough solution, so persevere. Take full advantage of the technology at your fingertips, and download an app to help you stay organized. Rally the powerhouses in your orbit for an impromptu brainstorming session, or seek out advice from more experienced connections. Put self-care high on your priority list, too. A lunchtime yoga class or mini-meditation breaks can keep you running at full capacity.


Green is your color, Scorpio. Today’s Venus-Uranus mashup in your sixth house of healthy living urges you to explore fresh ways to maximize your vitality. Investigate the potent powers of homeopathy, or work with naturopath to identify the foods that work best with your constitution. Preventative medicine is the best kind, so pay attention to those minor aches and pains before they morph into a real problem. Sign up for regular acupuncture sessions, or sit down with an Ayurvedic practitioner. Add a few organic cosmetics and cleaning products to your shelves. Every little bit helps.


The cosmos crown you Ms./Mr. Popularity today, thanks to the full moon electrifying your social networking sector. Either today or over the next two weeks, you and your crew will have good reason to clink champagne flutes. If you’re still on the search for your tribe, this full moon’s beams may light the way to beautiful like minds. But it’s up to you to put yourself out there. This lunar light rules all things tech, a great time to upgrade your devices. Got an online venture in the works? If you can, get it up to speed and launch over the next two weeks. Online dating can reap rich rewards, as can honing in on killer sales. Click and ye shall find.


The more, the merrier? While you might be in an “all for one, one for all” kind of mood this morning, the moon shifts early evening, changing your tune in a big way. La luna settles into your twelfth house of R&R for the weekend, guiding you into the slow lane. A sweet escape is exactly what the doctor ordered. Think: luxuriating at a spa day, bonding at your bestie’s country house, cozying up on the couch with your Netflix queue. Music is healing under this lunar light, so you might want to take a disco nap before tearing up the dance floor later this evening.


Beauty can be healing this Saturday. If your patience starts running thin, or a wave of anxiety rolls in, redirect your attention: meander through an art exhibit, peruse the sale table at your favorite shops, buy yourself a bouquet of wildflowers. While your problems won’t disappear by looking at (or buying) pretty things, you’ll be in a much better headspace because of it. On Sunday, an opposition between the moon and romance planet Venus shines a light on your expectations in love. It’s great that you have crystal-clear boundaries, but have you established unrealistic standards? If you’ve set the bar too high, it’s no wonder you can’t seem to get past the ice-breaker stage. Whether you realize it or not, Scorpio, you have a tendency to intimidate others. Instead of writing off that bad first date, give ‘em the benefit of the doubt and try a “take two.” You never know: giving someone a second chance could uncover a keeper. Coupled? You could find yourself needing more support from your boo than usual this Sunday. Don’t be passive-aggressive about it—simply state what you need!

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