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Jump in with both feet or ease your way in? The latter is more in line with your M.O., but a quarter moon in your collaboration house might make an exclusive posse seem unusually attractive. If you’ve been hanging on the sidelines, today’s a great day become an active player in the game. Join a networking group, socialize strategically, attend an industry event. Keep your radar honed for suitable collaborators, ones that will bring out the best in everyone.


Today’s intense angle between the sensitive moon and agitator Mars could summon the green-eyed monster. Despite your best attempts to keep your game face on, feelings of jealousy or possessiveness could overtake you. Laughter is the best medicine, Scorpio, so seek out witty memes online or binge-watch your favorite comedy series on Netflix. Talking it out with a grounded confidante can also put things back into perspective.


Today, lusty Mars and curious Mercury merge in your intimate eighth house, calling for clear communication behind closed doors. Perhaps you and your love interest need to have a frank talk about desires. You might want to curl up under the covers for a little dirty talk and then some. Single Scorpios could enjoy a steamy sexting session or reading some erotic fiction. Meow! Whatever your pleasure, Today’s steamy cosmic confab reminds you that when it comes to white-hot chemistry, it’s brains, not brawn, that really counts.


Being cryptic again, Scorpio? Today’s tense square between a foggy twelfth house moon and intense Pluto in your communication sector could muddy your message. People might see you as passive-aggressive, flighty or even evasive. Whether you’re keeping a few key details to yourself or not, it’s a good idea to get clear on exactly what you want to express BEFORE you open your mouth. Reach out to a confidante, turn to your trusty journal or give meditation a whirl.


They love you; they love you not. Today, a tricky square between expressive Mercury and illusory Neptune could make you totally confused about where you stand. Just when you think a relationship is humming along, you-know-who sends a contradictory message. Is this person flirting with you, or just being friendly? Your normally reliable senses can't get a clear read. Don’t get blinded by those smooth-talking, sexy charmers, Scorpio. By the same token, take a second look at the quieter types. Still waters DO run deep.


Power surge! The moon settles into Scorpio for the whole weekend, making you energetic and enthusiastic about the good times that lay ahead. Scrap any plans to putter about the house and catch up on your Netflix queue. With la luna activating your first house of self, you’re in the moon to hit the town with your whims leading the way. If you want to fly solo, do it! Don’t even think of agreeing to be designated driver or volunteering your services as wing-person—not this weekend. Public recognition could come your way too. Own it, Scorpio! People can’t help but be drawn to your presence, whether you’re captivating the crowd with your storytelling or killer karaoke skills. On Sunday, a tough angle between the Sun and foggy Neptune could summon the emerald-eyed monster. Has all this attention in the spotlight triggered doubts or suspicion from the object of your affections? Perhaps you’re the one being a bit paranoid. Overblown egos could throw everything out of whack, Scorpio. Take pride out of the equation, and let the love flow back in.

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