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Let your creativity flow. You could have a smart, out-of-the-blue idea about how to earn more, thanks to today’s happy alignment between the Sagittarius moon and unpredictable Uranus. Maybe you get a job offer, or score a prestigious client. Or perhaps you come up with a genius way to spend less, save more…and barely feel the difference. Whatever the case, this zing of fresh energy really puts you on a more solid track.


Team up, Scorpio! You could make great progress on a group project or artistic collaboration, thanks to the moon in your communication house linking up with harmonizer Venus. The overall tenor is one of happiness, inclusion and goodwill. Instead of getting down to brass tacks from the get-go, spend a little time telling stories and connecting on a more personal level. The upbeat vibes will help you reach your deadline faster.


"Deep Thoughts" by Scorpio? Your mind could be full of complex musings today, as the moon meets up with psyche-plumbing Pluto in your cerebral third house. Perhaps it's time to do away with stale or outmoded ways of thinking, or to hash out a creative idea in full detail. Keep a journal handy and request some privacy, because this introspective wave could lead to some real "a-ha" epiphanies. Don't rush to share your discoveries until they're fully processed, though.


Homeward bound? The moon in your domestic fourth house could turn you into a bit of a hermit today, or put you in the mood to nest. This is a great night to invite close friends over for dinner and a movie. Make time to connect with family, either in-person or by phone/video chat—you’ll probably find fondness for even the ones who drive you nuts. Just don't overdo it. You might feel a bit emotionally run-down, and in need of a night in to refuel your tank. Nothing says “TLC” like a luxurious rose-scented bath, flickering candles and soul-soothing music. Ah, sweet relief.


Where ARE you on your professional path, Scorpio? You could do some major soul-searching over the next five weeks, as harmonious Venus will be retrograde (backward) in your career zone until September 6. Watch for trouble in professional paradise now. You could have discord with a supervisor, unexpected misfires on the job, deadline dilemmas, design/branding issues. All of this could prompt you to ask: Is this what I really want to be doing with my life? You will have a month to make tweaks and even larger course corrections after the retrograde ends. Until then, do your best to take the speed bumps in stride.


Practice the steps to your victory dance. This Saturday, serious Saturn turns direct (forward) in Scorpio, bringing some personal trials to an end. Saturn was in your sign from October 2012 until late December 2014, forcing many Scorpios to reinvent or rebuild part of your life from the ground up. Saturn has returned for one last visit from June 14-September 17, making sure all your progress is solidly in place. However, Saturn was retrograde (backward) since mid-June, throwing a few extra obstacles in your path. After a string of misunderstandings and mishaps, you have hopefully learned how to take yourself and your ideas seriously. No one else is going to further your cause, and now you can be disciplined about getting passion projects off the ground. Your leadership skills soar and you could be offered a post of high responsibility in the coming months. Strides made between now and September 17, when taskmaster Saturn leaves Scorpio until 2014 (amen!), will pave the way for lasting success. On Sunday, the moon-Neptune conjunction in your passionate fifth house puts you in an especially romantic mood. Just watch for a tendency to idealize a love interest. Putting anyone up on a pedestal can be a recipe for disappointment and unmet expectations. Enjoy the dreamy vibes, but remember that you're dealing with another human being here.

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