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It takes two to make a thing go right. Today’s quarter moon in your seventh house of partnerships prods you to sniff out potential powerhouse collaborators. While you prefer to be in control, there could be someone low maintenance and highly productive in your midst who makes it worth loosening your grip. Aim to merge with a person who possesses strengths in areas that you lack and vice versa. Wonder Twin powers, activate!


With prettifying Venus grooving through your fifth house of glam and amour, the next three weeks are all about dressing to the nines and drawing loads of attention. Strap yourself in for an exhilarating romantic ride. As the fifth house also tends to draw out the dramatic side of life, the last thing you’ll be is bored. While your sign typically prefers a body-mind-soul connection, you’re open to the occasional no-strings dalliance. Ooh la la.


Humdrum routines, begone. Today’s planets encourage you to break that "lather, rinse, repeat" refrain in the name of injecting more pleasure into your life. Get off of autopilot, and start your day with a one-minute meditation. Have your first latte while looking out the window (or even bundled up on the balcony) before you even open your inbox. Take a different route to work, or leave the car at home and take transit. Keep your eyes and ears open, and you could uncover a fascinating lecture series, yoga studio, or organic bistro just around the corner from your office. Tip: if you need help, all you have to do is ask. 


Today’s Saturn-Venus square encourages you to maintain creative control, even if you’re facing pushback. Perhaps your colleagues aren’t able to fully understand your vision yet. Be patient and re-explain until it sinks in. From flow charts to stats, be creative in how you present the facts. The most common learning style is visual, so paint ‘em a picture, Scorpio.


Sister or snake in the grass? With the Sun syncing up with Mercury retrograde in your feminine fourth house, a woman in your world brings her bullying bluster today. React to her differently, Scorpio. El sol bolsters your confidence, giving you the gumption to stand up to her. Even if this lady is your boss or even your mother, it’s still within your right to respectfully express a contrary opinion. Negotiate a new agreement that doesn’t give you the short end of the stick.


Is your mojo running low, Scorpio? Saturday’s stars suggest a little pampering. Head to the spa for a seaweed wrap or the salon for a blowout and a professionally-applied smoky eye. While you’re feeling fabulous, meet you-know-who for a late-afternoon latte or wander through an up-and-coming barrio with pals. Your inner coquette will be out in full force, but careful where you bat those long lashes. With sultry Mars and “wounded healer” Chiron merging, you could find that bad boy/girl especially appealing. You’ve always adored the wild child type, but at what cost? Instead of venturing into dangerous territory, seek out someone stable who also knows how to have a great time. On Sunday, romance planet Venus syncs with boundless Neptune in your passionate fifth house, attracting suitors far and wide. You’ll be anything but shy, but be careful you don’t come on too strong and scare ‘em away. A little mystery can go a long way—not that we need to tell YOU that, o’enigmatic one.

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