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Get to the heart of the matter? Today, you and a close partner (business or professional) could make incredible headway, thanks to a supportive trine between the moon in Taurus, your seventh house of one-on-one relationships, and plumb-the-depths Pluto. You always have a keen instinct for truth telling, and you may sense that people aren't being totally upfront. Since you could intimidate a colleague or loved one with your penetrating gaze, ask questions and try to smile a little. Even if your intuition is right, avoid the whole "I told you so" routine. It’s better for the relationship to give the other person a chance to be vulnerable with you first. Your aim is balance.


Splash of cold water? An intimate union could be put to the test, as the moon in Gemini, your eighth house of soul-merging, forms an opposition to restrictive Saturn. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself mulling over all the reasons it WON’T work or brooding over a perceived slight. Know that this is likely your head talking, not your heart. Single Scorpios could feel unnecessarily morose about love prospects today. Inoculate yourself against a pessimistic mood listening to positive affirmations. Start with, “Everything is working out in my favor.”


Healing habits? Today, the energizing Sun in Aries, your sixth house of wellness, forms an auspicious trine to accountable Saturn, putting you in a great position to revamp your fitness and eating regimens. Changes you make today can have a lasting impact on your overall vitality. Think carefully about how small tweaks to your daily routine can create bigger results down the line. For example, joining a gym that's more conveniently located or spending a little extra for organic produce could actually inspire you to work out and eat clean for the long haul. Decisions like this add up, so choose wisely.


Destination: exploration! Today, the moon is in Cancer, your ninth house of freedom and expansion, helping you see the glory, beauty and, expansive possibility in a grand plan. Whether you’re feeling the tick-tock of the existential clock or just tired of playing small, now you’re primed for a proverbial jailbreak. Start the mystery novel (or series of novels) you’ve been dreaming about writing. Make a move to enroll in that degree program. The move itself doesn’t matter as much as the sweet relief you’ll get from spreading those gossamer wings. Go for it.


Nobody said enlightenment would be easy, Scorpio. Today, the moon in Cancer, your expansive, philosophical ninth house, arm-wrestles with compulsive Pluto, making it hard to rise above pettiness. When you find yourself obsessing, gossiping or bickering, take your cue and break out of this low-vibration energy, even if you have to just walk away. You could feel inspired to tune into your higher self, or to expand your existential understanding in some way, possibly via travel. The urge to break loose from limitations may require some fundamental inner shift. With transformational Pluto in the mix, you could be facing down your fears and confronting a deep-rooted pattern.


The devil is in the details? On Saturday, you could be cursing the mundane, as the moon in Cancer, your freewheeling ninth house, forms a challenging square to fiery Mars. On the one hand, you’re eager to spread your wings: take a life-changing trip, immerse yourself in an inspiring course of study, and roll the dice on a risky start-up. Yet as adventuresome as you’re feeling, little details and tasks keep harshing your wanderlust buzz. Maybe you have to think of your budget, or who will take care of your dog while you’re away/spending late nights at the lab or office. There’s a solution, Scorpio, but you won’t find it by obsessing. Let go of the need to analyze and control. The universe will, one way or another, fill in the blanks—especially if you put out a call for support. Seek win-win solutions, and watch the serendipities roll in (e.g., a friend visiting from out-of-town can stay at your place while you travel, and take care of your dog, too). On Sunday, you feel a lot calmer, as the moon in Leo, your tenth house of long-term plans, forms an auspicious trine to disciplined Saturn. Under this practical influence, you'll solve life’s greatest uncertainty by balancing your budget, mapping out a step-by-step plan, and meeting your basic obligations. Take concrete actions to feel more grounded. You’re not one to fly without a net, Scorpio, but now you have added motivation to really get all your ducks in a row.

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