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Analyze this, Scorpio! A budget matter could benefit from a fresh perspective, as today’s moon-Uranus trine makes you crave new approaches to old problems. If you’ve been worried about security, crunch some numbers and see where you can simplify more and spend less. Cutting out that afternoon iced mocha, for example, could add up to a huge payoff. Your motivation could come from a random encounter with someone in your office who shares an invaluable piece of financial advice. Whatever the case, be ready to harness this excitement and make concrete changes in your day-to-day life.


This Scorp is on fire! Today’s alignment between the moon in your innovative third house and imaginative Neptune makes you unstoppable, especially when it comes to generating ideas and articulating them with extra sizzle. In pitch meetings and brainstorming sessions, trust your gut. Your knack for taking the emotional temperature of a room really serves you well—you can zero in on concepts that resonate. Speak up today. When you talk, everyone listens, so use this power to your advantage.


Another round for Team Scorpio! You’re pumped about a group project and your #squadgoals today, thanks to a conjunction of the Sun and horizon-broadening Jupiter in Virgo, your eleventh house of collaborations. There’s no problem that can't be solved if you pool your collective talents. Take the helm and insist that you all get on the same page—you may even want to do so creatively, by suggesting that everyone first tells a personal story about why this issue really matters to them. After work, you are your crew’s social director. Scout out a lively rooftop cocktail bar or another off-the-beaten-path activity. Let the good times roll!


Time to set sail on the emotion ocean, Scorpio. Today, communicator Mercury enters Libra, your sensitive and soulful twelfth house. Until November 1, you may need more downtime and solitude. It’s not that you don’t want to be social; your psyche needs some space. Carve out time to journal or meditate. Listening to dreamy music can put you in a compassionate space, too. If an old hurt is eating you up inside, it’s seriously time to let it go. Have patience with the process; you don’t always get to dictate the timeline for your healing. Set your internal compass toward forgiveness…and watch as your deepest pain is transformed.


Today's tense moon-Venus opposition makes you extra emotional, especially at work. With all the pressure you’re under, you could take things way too personally. Your tolerance is paper-thin when it comes to insensitive comments, but retaliating could burn a bridge. Let others know how you feel by drawing clear boundaries, not by hurling insults. Channel your feelings into something constructive, like a vision board or another future-focused plan.


Passion play? This weekend, the moon in Pisces, your expressive and imaginative fifth house, puts you in a bold and bawdy mood. Sprinkle your courage around a budding love relationship, and watch the mutual adoration bloom. If coupled, make sure your honey knows just how much you care. On Saturday, a moon-Jupiter opposition puts you in a tricky spot, as you try to please too many people. Don’t complicate plans by saying “yes” to everyone. Better to disappoint someone than to spend your time doing things that don't light you up. It's YOUR weekend, Scorpio! Sunday’s moon-Chiron union gets you in touch with tender emotions. Speaking up on your own behalf could feel stressful today, but do it anyway. You may also feel doubtful about your powers of attraction, insisting that others have it easier. The woe-is-me game is SO unappealing. Stretch yourself by getting introspective and asking: Why do I feel like I’m not enough? The odds are good that you’ve been ignoring one of your most unique qualities, like your wicked sense of humor. Surround yourself with Scorpio fans only. Let them reflect back to you just how awesome you are.

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