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Do you feel like "enough" on your own? Today, the Virgo Sun faces off with foggy Neptune in your interpersonal house, revealing where you may be dependent on outside approval. It's normal to desire compliments or acknowledgment for your efforts. But if your mood sinks when you don't get that applause, consider that you've gotten hooked on praise. Strengthen your sense of self so you don't come across as needy or demanding. How about being your own biggest cheerleader, Virgo?


Invite a little magic into your life, Virgo. Magnetic Mars and irresistible Venus make their once-this-year alignment in your twelfth house of serendipity and the subconscious. Your powers of creative visualization are at an all-time high. If you can imagine it, you can attract it! Follow your hunches, because your intuition is giving some spot-on guidance today. Since Venus and Mars are the "love planets," you could conjure a soulmate—or dream up a fantasy scenario that drives your partner wild. A trenchcoat, some aviator glasses and a couple uninterrupted hours? Oh, the places you'll go…


Take a gamble on one of your dreams. With the moon and lucky Jupiter forming a heavenly connection in your sign, your risks will bring rewards. That doesn’t mean you should leap without looking though. Just aim farther than you think you can reach. You’re better off overshooting the mark than underestimating your own powers. This may involve traveling or connecting with someone from a different part of the world. Close to home, cross-cultural connections sizzle with promise. Make a point of talking to someone from a different background or lifestyle today.


Who's the devil's advocate today? You can be dogmatic about your views, Virgo, especially when you're convinced you're right. You may confuse everyone by flip-flopping on an issue, as the moon in your preachy ninth house forms a tense angle with belligerent Mars. Before you begin yet another sentence with "but" or "no," really ask yourself if you're trying to make things easier for everybody—or if you just like hearing yourself speak. Blow off steam later at a yoga class or with a much-needed massage.


Beware your bossy streak today, Virgo! While you may be leading your coworkers across the finish line, drawing on your inner dictator won’t get you there any faster. In fact, barking out orders could even slow down progress. Take a different approach and summon your compassionate side. Compliment your colleagues on what they do well instead of pointing out every little thing that needs improvement. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to bring in a box of muffins and coffee for your morning meeting. Hello, motivation!


Set your sights on your loftiest goals! On Saturday, the quarter moon in your tenth house of professional achievement fires up your desire for success and prestige. Craft a plan of attack for next week: strategizing, making key contacts with authority figures and plotting the next phase of your ascent. A clear trajectory will help make your exciting visions come true. Consider people who might be worthwhile partners or collaborators, too. Then roll up those sleeves and get going! Sunday brings a huge wave of relief to your personal life. You're not really the melodramatic type, but what you've gone through astrologically in the past six weeks could make a soap opera star out of anyone. Harmonizer Venus was retrograde (backward) in your house of hidden agendas and rest, which could have revealed an untrustworthy person or given you a serious case of burnout. Shake off those blues and blahs today because Venus powers into direct (forward) motion. While you still need to take things slow and steady for another month, at least your efforts to heal or confront a difficult situation will no longer be in vain.

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