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Home is where the help is? Today, the Sagittarius moon aligns with forward-thinking Uranus to bring some fresh air into your domestic situation. If you’ve been in a financial rut, a family member could offer a loan, a gift or just some unexpected sage advice. Be open to an exciting curveball that restores your faith in people’s ultimate goodness.


Well helloooo there, Virgo. The moon in your passionate fifth house partners with alluring Venus today, giving you serious charisma and magnetism. This cosmic duo also puts you in the mood for some sizzling action. Maybe you’ll be the life of a fun rooftop soiree, or you’ll impress a date with your open-hearted, generous nature. Coupled Virgos could have an ultra-sexy night on the town. Coupled or single, be ready to indulge your whims today.


Speak from the heart, Virgo. As the moon and plumb-the-depths Pluto hook up in your passionate fifth house, you are touched on deep emotional levels, and you feel compelled to share about it. A secret attraction could come out into the open, or you may just sense a "vibe" between you and someone else. Even if it's not romantic, there's a palpable energy when you're both in the room—almost as if you've known each other for lifetimes. Who do you become more alive and charismatic around, Virgo? Maybe there should be a collaboration (creative or otherwise) in your future.


It's cleanup day, Virgo! You could be inspired to take care of the little things, thanks to today’s moon in your task-driven sixth house. If the mood strikes to declutter your desk or revamp your filing systems, run with it. You have the drive and energy to get your whole environment into tip-top shape, and even to help others do the same. You might also be motivated to improve your wellbeing today. Try a new workout or healthy recipe.


Stuck in the past, Virgo? Romantic Venus ha been retrograde (backward) in your sign for a week, and today, it slips back into Leo, your twelfth house of closure and healing. Venus will remain in this U-turn until September 6. You could find yourself pining over a lost love, brooding on an ancient betrayal or just feeling totally out of sync with your current partner. You may uncover hidden information, or reveal a troubling secret of your one. There IS a silver lining: once Venus turns direct (forward) on September 6, you’ll have one more month to sort out fact from fiction—and to let go, for once and for all, of the things that just don’t serve you.


Heavy thoughts, begone! On Saturday, somber Saturn turns direct (forward) in Scorpio, restoring the levity to your communications and thought process. Since mid-June, you may have been more pessimistic than usual, or maybe you needed to do a lot of hardcore strategizing, which hasn’t come as easily as usual. From now until September 17, you have a five-star chance to clearly express your ideas and needs. Writing, teaching and media projects also pick up momentum. Set deadlines, be disciplined—and stay practical. On Sunday, you could have a sweet moment with a partner, or indulge in some flirty seduction, as the moon and compassionate Neptune join forces in your interpersonal house. Steal away with someone special, or escape to the beach with your best friend to catch up while you unwind. Watch for codependent tendencies today, since Neptune can blur boundaries. Just because you have spot-on radar for someone else’s issues doesn’t mean that they are your responsibility. Don’t rob someone else of their own agency by trying to play the savior.

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