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Easy street? You could feel as if you’re flying in a realm of endless possibilities today, as the moon in Taurus, your expansive ninth house, forms a supportive trine to heavy-hitting Pluto. Chances are, the optimism you’re feeling is based on your own self-confidence. When you believe in yourself, it’s not too hard to grasp that the universe has your back (which it definitely does). Start plotting a ‘round-the-world trip or another daring adventure—maybe going back to school or penning a novel. Risk-taking is likely to payoff, so dream big.


Head versus heart? Today, a professional situation could stir up an epic battle between your intellect and your emotions, thanks to the moon in Gemini, your ambitious tenth house, forming an opposition with serious Saturn. At your root, you really want to do the “right” thing—which unfortunately, might not sound like a lot of fun. Maybe you’re unsure of the correct path, feeling torn between your personal life and your career. Take time to really think the situation through. With some contemplation, and perhaps a mentor's wise advice, you'll arrive at a smart balance.


Watch out, world, Virgo's on the rise! Today, you can clearly see how to wield more power in your professional sphere, as the moon in Gemini, your ambitious tenth house, forms a supportive sextile to innovator Uranus. The road to hell might be paved with good intentions, but good news! The path to the corner office (and beyond) is lined with smart strategy—just the kind you specialize in. Open your mind to new, out-of-the-blue solutions. If you trust that you’re worthy of abundance, you’re bound to reap the rewards of faith.


Moving and shaking? The networking bug could bite today, thanks to the moon roving through Cancer, your eleventh house of group activity and connections. You feel motivated to meet new people, swap stories and keep conversation lively. Bring a stack of business cards, even if you’re going to a strictly personal outing. You never know who might be thoroughly charmed by your authenticity and fun-loving wit. In all your conversations, your number-one rule is to keep it real, Virgo. That’s how you’ll make an unforgettable mark.


Is your inner circle more dramatic than the cast of a reality TV franchise? Today, the moon in your eleventh house of platonic connections butts heads with power monger Pluto, stirring up the histrionics and intrigue. You may sense that a colleague or close friend has a hidden agenda, or that a pal is being purposely self-destructive. If only you could complain about it to a hidden camera, Virgo! Instead of jumping in for a rescue mission, force yourself to detach. Otherwise, you'll just get worked up about other people's problems—a deeply unsatisfying waste of your sacred time.


Friendship friction? On Saturday, the moon in Cancer, your eleventh house of platonic connections, forms a challenging square to assertive Mars, making you feel especially tense. Perhaps a pal offers unsolicited advice about your love life or something else important to you, creating an awkward tension. It might be that your "amour du jour" doesn't gel with your regular circle of peeps. Be patient, Virgo, and give this situation time. When your friends see that you're doing fine, they'll calm down, and will probably come around. Don't force an introduction, either—your intimate relationship is YOUR business. On Sunday, things settle down, as the moon in Leo, your twelfth house of the rest and healing, forms a supportive trine to disciplinarian Saturn. You’re in sentimental spirits, and this could be a great day to connect with family. Perhaps you’re looking back, marveling at the passage of time, or you’re reflecting on your ancestral legacy and what it means for you in your life. If the emotions get too high, do some restorative yoga or get a massage that’s so relaxing you forget your name. Give yourself some much-needed TLC.

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