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Feeling restless? The urge to start a new project, revamp your business or otherwise transform yourself is strong today as the moon in your visionary eleventh house forms a tricky angle to impulsive Uranus. But since other people’s rules and regulations will only make you feel restricted, you may be better off working solo if you can. If there’s truly no escaping the need for consensus, see this as an opportunity to grow through compromise—or to stand up for your ideas. We learn our best lessons when we’re outside our comfort zones.


Your regimented sign functions best when you stick to a plan, a routine and a budget. But with the Sun in your practical second house forming a tricky square to compulsive Pluto, you might rebel against your own overly managed life. A friend could ask for a last-minute favor that eats up your time, or you may be tempted to shop away a stressful day of work. No instant gratification is worth derailing your progress, Virgo, but this mini-crisis could be a call for balance. Make room for moderation so you can enjoy working and playing hard.


Ready to clear out the clutter? As the moon treks through your twelfth house of closure and healing, you’ll get the urge to simplify. From your organized desk to your color-coded closet, you want everything in your life to feel serene—so if something is a little too chaotic for your liking, it’s time to streamline. At home, implement some feng shui principles to get everything flowing energetically. Then take it to the next level and delete a few outdated contacts or do a Facebook purge. No one really has 2,500 friends!


Great news, Virgo! Today harmonious Venus moves into your sign after spending an extra-long time (over two months) in dramatic Leo, your twelfth house of closure and sacrifice. If you recently ended a relationship or cut ties with someone close to you, it’s time to focus on your own needs and desires for a while. Invest in a few outfits that make you look and feel amazing, rock a new hairstyle or indulge in some pampering. Even if you’re happily coupled, you might need to work on expressing your needs and desires to your partner. Right now, it’s all about you. 


Harmony returns! For the last three weeks, chatty Mercury was retrograde (backward) in Libra, your hardworking second house. Tension may have risen on the job or perhaps there was some confusion around money and budgeting. A coworker or client may have been particularly contentious. While constructive criticism is always helpful, this may have felt like more of an unfair attack. As Mercury turns direct (forward), these problems should dissipate, making it easier to do your job, stick to a routine and manage your finances.


On Saturday, beautifying Venus in your sign squares off with mature Saturn in your family sector. It’s no secret that you like to be in control, and while your intentions are good, your nearest and dearest might not appreciate being ordered around. Your desire to take the reins on a family gathering or a friend’s party may be met with some hesitation. Can you really blame them? Share the power, Virgo—your taste might be amazing, but it’s not all about you. On Sunday, open-hearted Jupiter in your self-focused first house forms a golden trine to deep-digging Pluto. You could have a major revelation involving a recent conflict with a friend, realizing you were to blame for more of the situation than you initially thought. An opportunity could also arise for you to step outside your comfort zone and try something new, especially related to public speaking or performing. It sure to be a weekend of life lessons, so don’t forget to schedule some time for fun. 

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