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Step by step, Virgo. With mental Mercury grooving through your visionary ninth house, you’re a veritable idea machine. But before you start spreading your truth to the masses, know that a hard angle from the moon in your sleepy twelfth house calls for some self-care. Take a breather to rest and recoup, both your body AND mind. Tune into your subconscious via journaling, meditating, or by keeping a dream diary bedside. You could be struck with a “Eureka!” moment when you least expect it.


Craving a “me, myself, and I” day? Today’s Virgo moon encourages you to follow your bliss, and put Numero Uno at the top of your priority list—for a change! The only problem is, responsible Saturn in your fourth house of home and family could throw a wrench into your plans. A domestic matter could demand some attention. But Virgo, who says YOU have to be the one to take care of it? Instead of jumping in, hang back and allow someone else to take the reins this time round. This planetary pairing also prods you to make a bold move. Push past any insecurities you may have, and say what’s in your heart.


Maintain a wide-angle view, Virgo. Today’s harmonious trine between the moon in your sign and go-getter Mars in your visionary ninth house puts your focus on the big picture. The planets prod you to stretch outside your comfort zone—even if that means discarding those meticulous plans that don’t excite you any longer. Honor your own evolution, and acknowledge how much you’ve grown. Top your tanks by getting a big trip in the works. Or, travel figuratively via an eye-opening workshop or lecture series.


Your cosmic guardian, mindful Mercury, decamps to your ambitious tenth house until July 8, drawing your attention to your long-term goals. Tap into your inherent practicality, and start mapping out a grand plan. With the quicksilver planet in your corner, you’re especially creative and quick on your feet. Figuring out how to make your dreams a reality will flow with ease. Ready to change jobs or even launch a brand-new career path? Hire a coach, get advice from a mentor, or simply let others know you’re looking. It won’t take long before the opportunities start rolling in!


As an earth sign, you crave stability, but could YOU be the one wreaking havoc in your world? Today’s moon-Pluto clash could shine a light on how your actions and choices keep the chaos alive. Perhaps deep down what you really crave is more excitement in your life. Instead of sabotaging the security you’ve worked so hard to achieve, seek out ways to get your adrenaline pumping in a healthy way.


While the weekend has arrived, Saturday’s stars motivate you to get cracking. Use this surge of inspiration to explore what truly feeds your soul AND helps build a secure future. Don’t put undue pressure on yourself with unrealistic timelines. With a sweet angle between the moon in your grounded second house and harmony-loving Venus in your career sector, start by aligning your daily habits and desires. If a certain couture accessory is calling your name, you’ve got cosmic clearance to splurge—especially if you’ll get great use from it. On Sunday, you’re still in a goal-oriented mood, but home or family obligations might require some attention. A difficult Mercury-Saturn opposition could demand that you follow through on certain personal commitments. Bowing out could do damage to an important bond, so honor your promises. Try to strike a balance: take a couple of hours for your passion project, and then devote the rest of the day to your loved ones. Tip: silence your smartphone and keep it tucked away. Be here now. While  you’re at it, how about some honest communication? Sunday’s full moon in your communication house emphasizes a need for honest dialogue. The moon will battle Jupiter in your twelfth house of martyrdom, ensuring that you could get a few guilt trips in exchange for your honesty. Don’t let that stop you from speaking your truth and setting clear boundaries.  

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