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Freedom, baby! Today, the moon in Taurus, your expansive ninth house, forms a supportive trine to transformative Pluto in Capricorn. You may feel like taking a grand leap of faith—maybe you’ll embark on the trip of a lifetime, head back to school for another degree or roll the dice on a new entrepreneurial venture. While your steady-eddy sign really likes to have a solid plan, you can benefit now from acting on optimistic hunches. Whatever your gut says, listen! Liberation awaits.


Going up: your status. Today, the moon is in Gemini, your tenth house of professional achievement, firing up your desire for achievement and prestige. At the office, you are angling to get ahead: strategizing, making key contacts with authority figures and plotting the next phase of your ascent. Your emotional life is sated by hard work and a clear trajectory. No cutting corners for you, Virgo! The more blood, sweat and tears you expend, the worthier you’ll feel of the corner office, raise or promotion. Time to roll up those sleeves, and get going!


Shady partner? Today, the moon in Gemini, your tenth house of professional recognition, forms a tricky square to illusory Neptune in Pisces. A business or romantic partner may be less than honest about his/her intentions, or withhold key information…and this could have repercussions on your own career plans. Don't wait for a wishy-washy person to make a decision and risk losing an opportunity. Alternatively, it might just be YOUR own sense of distrust that causes the friction. Whatever the case, don’t act impulsively.


Movin’ on up? Today, the moon in Gemini, your ambitious tenth house, forms an auspicious sextile to high-minded Jupiter in Leo, giving you the mystical edge in your ascent up the career ladder. If you’re gunning for the corner office or a leadership position, you may find that, well, a little faith is all you need. On this divinely inspired day, it might even feel like your best career strategy comes from a spiritual source. Ask the universe to light the way, and watch it happen.


Who’s in charge? A battle of the wills could play out, perhaps at a social event or team meeting, as the moon in Cancer, your eleventh house of groups, forms a challenging square to go-getter Mars. Deep, psychological complexes—possibly from a business or romantic partner—seep into interactions that would otherwise seem “normal” on the surface. (For example, “Pass the salt” becomes code for “Do you love me?”) Before you get too caught up in the energetic undercurrent, take notice, but don’t react. Staying focused on a shared goal or vision can corral everyone back to a balanced perspective.


Fitting in is SO overrated. On Saturday, the moon in Cancer, your eleventh house of teamwork, forms a tricky square to disruptive Uranus in Aries, creating an intense mood around a group project or endeavor. The sense of being beholden to the collective could feel like it’s just too much to bear, especially since the energetic atmosphere is heating up. Let yourself break free, especially if you get a weird vibe. Today, you have a keen sense for perceiving energetic cues, such as mood shifts and hidden psychological motivations. Sure, a friend might be smiling and insisting everything is "fine," but you can't shake the sense that something is bugging her. Trust your intuition, Virgo. Ask thoughtful questions to hone in on the real issues. By gently giving a name to what you’re picking up on—without invading privacy or putting the other person on the spot—the vibe becomes more positive, and less errant. By Sunday, you’re in a more upbeat, can-do mood, as communicator Mercury in Aquarius, your sixth house of wellness, forms an opposition with expansive Jupiter. Efforts to get fit could get thwarted by overindulgence. You’d rather “go with the flow” than follow a trainer's orders, so don't try to fence yourself in. At the same time, don't veer TOO far into decadence that you can't function tomorrow. Remember, Virgo, your body is your temple!

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