Year of the Metal Rat: 2020 Chinese Lunar Year Horoscope

An exclusive excerpt from The AstroTwins’ 2020 Horoscope | by The AstroTwins

Welcome to the rat race! 2020 is the Year of the Metal Rat, a fast-paced cycle meant for living large and doing everything with the flair of an Instagram superstar.

Excerpted from The AstroTwins' 2020 Horoscope

The resourceful rodent is the first sign in the Chinese zodiac, setting a fresh 12-year cycle in motion with the Year of the Metal Rat. Expect to feel a renewed sense of excitement and possibility as soon as the Chinese New Year begins on January 25! A Year of the Metal Rat is meant for dreaming and doing. Since metal is a conductor of electricity, you’ll have lots of energy at your behest to get creative plans in motion. Starting is the hardest part. Once you initiate action, you’ll be a #CantStopWontStop force of nature, much like a high-voltage current pulsing through a wire.

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Achievement is a huge focus during the Year of the Metal Rat, and you may find yourself juggling more activities than you realized you were humanly capable of handling. In parts of India, the rat is associated with Ganesh, the “remover of obstacles.” Rats are industrious creatures who can find their way through any maze and they never forget a navigation route once they’ve learned it. If you need to bone up your skill set, you’ll be a sharp and fast learner in 2020.

The stabilizing metal influence brings some rigidity to a Rat year, keeping you focused on your goals without wavering. Just be careful not to slip into workaholic patterns as you tirelessly obsess over whatever you’re building. Watch for inflexibility, too. Sometimes, it’s actually smart to take a few steps back on the game board to assess your progress before engaging in further production.The Year of the Metal Rat can certainly attract financial abundance; just try not to burn as fast as you earn! Curatorial Rat years give us a passion for objects of “practical luxury.” In 2020, we’ll want everything fluffed and styled, and our tastes will run towards the haute end of the spectrum. If something is both useful and beautiful, it will be hard to resist! 

The plot twist?

Rat years can make us prone to worrying. In 2020, you may struggle to feel financially secure…even if your bank balance tells a different story. If you’re going to splurge, shop around and find the best possible price. Getting a “steal” will help curb some of that unfounded buyer’s remorse. Or lean in to the Rat’s resourcefulness, turning trash (salvaged, vintage or gently-used pieces) into treasure with creative upcycling.

Communal rats are excellent at sharing. When it makes sense, you could pool funds for a joint purchase and co-own a decadent object with a few friends. A service like Rent the Runway, which offers subscription-based rental of designer clothing (like a high-fashion library!) was made for stylish-but-sensible Rat years.

Rats are associated with the Western sign of Sagittarius, which is known for its honesty and wisdom. In 2020, everyone will have advice to share, like a self-appointed Oprah on demand. The metal element blesses us with superpowers that can expedite transformation. Organize your personal “rat pack” of gurus and advisors—and find the people who need your precious pro tips. There’s strength (and magic!) in numbers this year.

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But…do we smell a rat?

There’s a tendency to present a “false positive” during this Chinese zodiac cycle instead of sharing your legit sensitivities. We all wear a social mask, but Rat years can make folks especially explosive if they hold too much in. Assemble your support squad and sounding boards so you can vent before your emotions torch the village. Damage control helps, but there are likely to be a few blowups nonetheless. Surround yourself with people who won’t ditch you for having a meltdown…even if you have some embarrassing clean-up work to do. Reading Brené Brown’s work on “shame and vulnerability” can help you cope.

What goes around comes around during the Year of the Metal Rat. In the animal kingdom, rats take care of the sick and injured in their posse. Without companionship, they become lonely and depressed, another good reason to avoid isolation in 2020. Be careful not to fall prey to peer pressure though. Rats are major conformists, copying the behaviors of the rest of their “mischief” (the legit name for a rat pack…it’s true!). Studies have shown that certain breeds will even eat unpalatable food if the rest of the mischief is indulging. (So, uh, maybe you should take a break from that friend who washes down her fast food dinners with a fifth of vodka every night?)

In love, the Year of the Metal Rat can be sensual and romantic

Although the metal element may cool off some of this creature’s spontaneity. Be proactive about igniting that first spark, knowing that once you’re in the mood, things could go from lukewarm to exothermic pretty quickly. Sharing decadent meals, enjoying high-end vacations, and stepping out in style as a couple will be pure bliss.

Jealousy may become an issue however, as Rat years make us prone to possessiveness. Don’t go chewing holes in relationships because you’re feeling insecure or threatened. Love is blind, but anger can be even more obfuscating. If you start to lose perspective, reach out to people who can talk you out of that sticky trap. By the same token, you will need greater amounts of reassurance in order to feel secure about love this year. Any partner who’s unwilling to provide that should earn a red flag. Fortunately, the metal influence will stabilize many of our connections in 2020.

A Rat Year wellness routine

In wellness, metal is associated with the lungs and large intestines, along with the skin and nose. Those may be focus areas in 2020 when it comes to preventative medicine. Are you breathing clean air and drinking enough water? The large intestine and the skin are both elimination organs. This is a year for flushing toxins by staying hydrated, supplementing with electrolytes and breaking a sweat whenever possible. You could be sensitive to skincare and cleaning products, as the skin’s pores are “conductors” themselves. Switch to chemical-free versions or wear non-porous gloves when scrubbing down.

The emotions associated with metal are grief and courage. In the Year of the Metal Rat, find the strength to let your feelings flow. It’s a noble challenge! It will take bravery to harness the creative energy of 2020. But it’s also a year for enjoying the best. As Remy, the epicurean rodent star of Pixar’s Ratatouille put it, “If you are what you eat, then I only want to eat the good stuff!”

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