2023 Leo Horoscope: It’s All A Journey

2023 Leo horoscope and astrology forecast for love, career & money, wellness and friends & family. Plus how the major planetary transits will affect you.

Plan your year by the planets with your AstroTwins 2023 Leo horoscope! The following is partially excerpted from The AstroTwins’ 2023 Horoscope; get your copy of the book today.

Give me shelter…or give me freedom? In 2023, you’ll yearn to spread your wings, so let your adventurous Leo spirit roam free.

You’ve been cultivating some big ideas, and in the second half of the year for your 2023 Leo horoscope: you might be ready to take one to prime time.

An exciting new career opportunity could be in the making, but you may need more support from loved ones to pull this off. Old issues around power, trust and control could arise. Sort through those before leaping into any financial entanglements or binding relationships. While you’re a mighty force of nature, you can’t do other people’s emotional work for them. Instead of micromanaging, focus on your own interests. Cultivate a new hobby, start a podcast, draft a few chapters of your memoir.

Worldly adventures are calling in this year, too. Pack your bags, whether you go solo or take your favorite plus-one along for your royal escapades.

Leo will be lucky with: Career, travel

Leo will be challenged with: Emotional growth, relationship dynamics

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Where will you be lucky in 2023?

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Key dates for your 2023 Leo horoscope

Sun in Leo 2023

Leo season begins June 22, 2023, at 9:50 PM ET and ends on August 23 when Virgo season begins.

New moon in Leo 2023

The Leo new moon is on August 16, 2023, at 5:38 AM ET.

New moons plant the seeds of intention and inspiration.

Full moon in Leo 2023

The full moon Leo is on February 5, 2023, at 1:28 PM ET.

Harvest time! During a full moon, you reap the seeds that were sown six months prior during the corresponding new moon.

2023 Leo horoscope highlights

Soulful sexiness is in store for Leos—and maybe a blast from your romantic past.

Passion without action? No, thank you! Serious Saturn plunges into Pisces on March 7, activating your eighth house of soulful sexuality and permanent bonding for three years. You want wholehearted commitment, but here’s a curveball: Your relationship needs could spin in a totally new direction, thanks to Pluto’s preview pass into Aquarius (March 23 to June 11), an evolution that will continue for
21 years. What’s a lion to do? Slow down, appreciate the moment and put one bejeweled paw in front of the other.

Love planet Venus will spend four rare months in Leo, from June 5 to October 8. During that time, you’ll have more fawning admirers than perhaps you know what to do with. Brace yourself: Venus spins retrograde from July 22 to September 3. Unresolved issues could rear up and you might get tangled up with an ex. Confusion may not dissipate until after October 8, so go easy on yourself—and everyone around you.

Be thoughtful with expenses in 2023, Leo.

You’re on a growth trajectory in your 2023 Leo horoscope! With expansive Jupiter in Aries parked in the ivory tower of your ninth house until May 16, you could train with a master or enroll in a degree program. On July 17, the fate- fueling North Node shifts into Aries for 18 months, further stoking your quest for knowledge. Think: Global expansion, from wooing remote clients to giving the digital nomad life a whirl. Make sure your passport is up to date!

On May 16, worldly Jupiter ascends into Taurus for a year, elevating you to a prestigious new role in your career. But be careful not to take on too much debt in the process. With conservative Saturn in your investment zone for three years, pay down what you owe and park your funds in safer bets.

Leo needs “good mood foods” keep humming along.

Are you eating enough “good mood” foods, Leo? You may want to load up your diet with fatty fish, fermented products, dark chocolate, berries and raw almonds—all proven to shore up happiness. The karmic South Node in Scorpio turns your focus to nutrition until July 17. And with prickly Pluto weaving in and out of Capricorn and your digestion-focused sixth house all year, you have even more incentive to get the flora and microbiomes balanced in your gut.

Focus further south, too. Structured Saturn moves into your eighth house, which rules reproductive organs. Depending on your age, you may need to change your birth control methods or get hormone levels tested. A healthy sex life does wonders for mood, too, and serious Saturn could bring someone who’s more than ready to be a regular, er, “buddy workout” partner.

Right-size your family obligations and ask for more support in 2023, Leo.

Oh, the weight of obligation! Leos adore their pride, but with the heavy, karmic South Node stirring the pot in your fourth house of kin until July 17 (and since January 2021), family can feel like your least favorite f-word at times.

With freebird Jupiter in your independent ninth house until May 16, you’ll go crazy if you don’t carve out space for yourself to travel and explore personal passions. That might mean kids, parents and relatives have to step up and support you for a change. Train them to fend for themselves (they can handle it) and stop saddling yourself with the role of entertainment director. When the South Node wings into Libra on July 17, you could connect to an incredible friend group—or one life-changing bestie!

Your 2023 Leo horoscope, by the planets

Jupiter in Aries and Taurus

Jupiter in Aries:

Leos are poised for major expansion as horizon-broadening Jupiter careens through Aries and your ninth house of travel, higher learning and entrepreneurship until May 16. Where will you cast a net?

Jupiter in Taurus:

Your most auspicious professional period in over a decade could arrive May 16, when Jupiter begins its tour of Taurus and rises into your goal-driven tenth house until May 25, 2024.

Mars in Gemini

As Mars shifts back into drive, team initiatives take off at a galloping pace. Better still? The red planet powers forward through Gemini until March 25, 2023, pumping you up with enthusiasm and esprit de corps. Typically, you like to keep an open door policy for your squad. But not in 2023. Crucial to your success this year is a new layer of discernment.

Saturn in Pisces

The ringed planet takes the helm on March 7 and lingers here until February 13, 2026, teaching a masterclass in the regenerative power of letting go and allowing things to be reborn. Where will your first deep dive take place?

Pluto in Aquarius

How satisfying are your closest bonds? Big-hearted Leos should schedule a “state of the union” conversation in all your important partnerships between March 23 and June 11, 2023.

Venus Retrograde in Leo

Beauty goddess Venus struts through your sign for four whole months in 2023—from June 5 to October 8. You’re already the charming and vibrant center of attention. But with your first house of identity lit, how can your powers of attraction be even more powerful during this magnetic cycle?

Aries North Node

From January 18, 2022 to July 17, 2023, the North Node is in Taurus and your career-driven tenth house while the South Node is activating your home and family zone. Work-life balance? That’s the equation you’ll be tooling with in the first half of the year.

Where will your sign be lucky in 2023?

Find out in The AstroTwins 2023 Horoscope — and plan it by the planets all year long!

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