All the 2024 Eclipses: Turning Points In Your Life (Ready or Not!)

Eclipses are “moon moments” that open our eyes to new possibilities in our relationships, with our money and more. Brace for swift changes! We have four 2024 eclipses to handle: two solar and two lunar.

This article is partially excerpted from The AstroTwins’ 2024 Horoscope. The annual book provides a thorough astrological forecast for all of the 2024 eclipses.

The 2024 Eclipses are turning points in your life

Eclipses arrive four to six times each year, evoking unexpected changes and turning points in our lives. If you’ve been mired in indecision, an eclipse may force you to act—ready or not. Unanticipated events arise and demand a radical change of direction.

Since eclipses reveal shadows, get ready for buried truths and secrets to explode into the open. Situations that are no longer “meant to be” are swept away without notice. Shocking though their delivery may be, eclipses help open up space for progress.

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Calendar of 2024 Eclipses

Below are dates for the 2024 eclipses, what zodiac signs they’re in, and what they mean for you. Plus: an eclipse dates table follows at the end of this article for the rest of the decade!

2024 Eclipses: Dates and times

*All times are Eastern, New York, NY

March 25 (3:00 AM) penumbral lunar eclipse in LIBRA

April 8 (2:21 PM) total solar eclipse in ARIES

September 17 (10:34 PM) partial lunar eclipse in PISCES

October 2 (2:49 PM) annual solar eclipse in LIBRA

What the 2024 Eclipses mean

March 25, 2024 lunar eclipse in LIBRA meaning

Brace for partnership power outages! The first lunar eclipse of 2024 dovetails with the full moon in Libra, the sign of harmonious duos. Give your closest connections a tune-up by balancing the load of duties and making sure that no one is feeling “put upon” or resentful. Fortunately, this lunation is a less-dramatic penumbral eclipse, which means only part of the full moon will be shadowed.

April 8, 2024 solar eclipse in ARIES meaning

Who’s in charge around here? The new moon in groundbreaking, fearless Aries is also a total solar eclipse—a stunning spectacle that will darken the daytime sky in some parts of the world. We’ll all feel the “lights out” effects of this lunation, which can reveal any vacuums in leadership—and summon us to take charge and blaze trails where our talents are in demand.

September 17, 2024 lunar eclipse in PISCES

Trippy! The full moon in numinous Pisces is mind-bending enough on its own, but when it does double duty as a lunar eclipse, life can feel as surreal as a Frida Kahlo painting. On a day filled with spiritual epiphanies and divine creative inspiration, stay connected to your own center.

This is the start of a two-and-a-half-year eclipse series across the Pisces-Virgo axis that highlights healing, charitable service and the balance between dreams and reality.

October 2, 2024 solar eclipse in LIBRA

Drop every assumption you have about the people in your life. The final eclipse of 2024 dovetails with the new moon in partnership-powered Libra. This one’s an annular eclipse. Since the moon doesn’t totally block out the Sun, a glowing “ring of fire” appears around its edges. Under this lunation, you may glimpse a shocking dimension of someone who you thought you knew inside and out.

More about eclipses in astrology

What’s the difference between a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse?

An eclipse occurs when one a moon or planet moves into the shadow of another.

A solar eclipse takes place when the new moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, temporarily blocking out the light of the Sun. The effect is like a spiritual power outage—you either feel wildly off center or your mind becomes crystal clear in the darkness.

Lunar eclipses arrive at full moons. The Earth passes directly between the Sun and the moon, cutting off their “communication” and casting a blood red shadow on the full moon. Situations could pivot abruptly or come to a sudden, unceremonious halt. There’s no way around it. During a lunar eclipse, you have to deal with the stormy feelings that arise.

Learn more about solar and lunar eclipse astrology in our article here.

How can eclipses affect your life?

Eclipses tend to:
• reveal hidden information that’s “hiding” in the shadows
• mark a turning point
• speed along developments
• bring swift and sudden opportunities
• herald unexpected results

Table of eclipses and eclipse dates table through the rest of the 2020s:

The following are eclipses for the rest of the decade:

2025 Eclipse Dates

2025 Solar Eclipses:
March 29 (Aries)
September 21 (Virgo)

2025 Lunar Eclipses:
March 14 (Virgo)
September 7 (Pisces)

2026 Eclipse Dates

2026 Solar Eclipses:
February 17 (Aquarius)
August 12 (Leo)

2026 Lunar Eclipses:
March 3 (Virgo)
August 28 (Pisces)

2027 Eclipse Dates

2027 Solar Eclipses:
February 6 (Aquarius)
August 2 (Leo)

2027 Lunar Eclipses:
February 20 (Virgo)
July 18 (Capricorn)
August 17 (Aquarius)

2028 Eclipse Dates

2028 Solar Eclipses:
January 26 (Aquarius)
July 21 (Cancer)

2028 Lunar Eclipses:
January 11 (Cancer)
July 6 (Capricorn)
December 31 (Cancer)

2029 Eclipse Dates

2029 Solar Eclipses:
January 14 (Capricorn)
June 12 (Gemini)
July 11 (Cancer)
December 5 (Sagittarius)

2029 Lunar Eclipses:
June 25 (Capricorn)
December 20 (Gemini)

2030 Eclipse Dates

2030 Solar Eclipses:
June 1 (Gemini)
November 25 (Sagittarius)

2030 Lunar Eclipses:
June 15 (Sagittarius)
December 9 (Gemini)

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