6 Capricorn Full Moon Rituals That Are Bite-Size Ambition Activators

The Capricorn full moon gives you a mid-year boost of productive energy. Here are some rituals to maximize this lunar event on June 21, the first of a rare double-header of Capricorn full moons this year (the second of which arrives on July 21)!

While tenacity is this earth sign’s strong suit, so is productivity. Maybe there’s a better route to the finish line? Try one of our Capricorn full moon rituals to support your goals.


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Capricorn Full Moon Rituals

1. “Blueprint” your plans

Ideas are only as strong as the plan you put behind them. If you haven’t mapped out an actual roadmap or blueprint for any of your goals, the time to start is now. And if the plan you have in place isn’t yielding the right results, this lunar lift sends you back to your creative drawing board. Start by identifying milestones to mark your progress.

Consider the possibility that you might gain more by doing less. It might behoove you to narrow your focus and give your all to one important benchmark that you want to accomplish by the end of 2024—or even by the second Capricorn full moon this July 21. After you clarify the desired endpoint, list your actionable items. Bite-sized is still the right size if it gets you one step closer to your goal every day.

2. Do more than glance at your calendar

Open your calendar and take a hard look. Are you cramming an unreasonable number of commitments into a small block? Capricorn (and its planetary ruler, Saturn) are nothing if not realistic. See if you can back-burner (or outsource) a few draining obligations to focus on ones that raise your energy levels. If you’ve been winging it, plug commitments back into your daily grid. Set reminder alarms so you don’t have to rely on memory, which takes up more psychic space than you may realize!

3. “The roots create the fruits.”

There’s a popular belief among the Law of Attraction crowd that, “the roots create the fruits.” In other words, whatever has manifested around you is likely to be a result of a seed that was planted long ago. As the eldest of the three earth signs, Capricorn’s focus is on results. During the Capricorn full moon, take a look at what you’ve harvested. Do you like what you see? Would you like to change anything? Surface adjustment and cosmetic fixes aren’t going to do the trick. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, the astrological architect. To evoke change, you have to work beyond the symptoms to transform the structure itself. 

4. Let your resistance guide you

Ambitious, high-performing Capricorn energy can elevate performance pressure. If it all feels like too much hustle and grind, you might just feel like throwing in the towel before you even get started. But try not to. Instead, ask yourself: What am I resisting? Be brave, and brutally honest with yourself.

This is the flip side of being tenacious. We can be our own worst enemies, and sticktoitiveness can morph into self-sabotage. But instead of seeing resistance as bad, let’s view it as energy and acknowledge it (here’s probably some innate wisdom underneath the surface). Often, it’s just fear, and we go into a self-protective fight-or-flight mode.

Try asking yourself: What am I protecting myself from by not taking action? How can I help myself feel safe and get back into action?

5. Begin again

So you stopped doing cardio every morning. You were overwhelmed by work, family life and the state of the world. You meant to and swore you’d do it tomorrow, but you didn’t. A week passed. Then you thought: why bother? The Capricorn full moon can reboot your motivation. Forgive yourself. Set a new goal. Begin again. You’ll pick up right where you left off. Or, go back a few steps. If you focus on the top of the mountain, the journey can seem daunting. But if you take a first step, and then another, soon enough, you’ll see you’re closer to the summit. 

6. Lean on a tree

This Capricorn full moon ritual reminds us to honor the wisdom that comes with time and experience. Nothing happens overnight with this persevering and process-driven sign. Instead, Capricorn puts down roots with an eye toward longevity and legacies. This ritual can get you grounded, especially if you’ve been feeling less so lately.

While goal-obsessed Capricorn can be all about leaning in, we’re actually going to lean back for this ritual—against a tree, that is. The towering trunks of a tree are a solid representation of Capricorn’s grounding force. They signify the wonder of what can be created with time and your patience.

For this exercise, you’re going to tune in to nature and find a tree that “calls your name.” This might seem like a bizarre concept to the city dwellers (it sure did to us when we first tried this!) but trust us, if you suspend judgment, those trees will start “talking” to you. You might wander around a park or down a nature trail until you find one that looks relaxing and inviting to rest against. This should be a mature tree—one that’s tall, with a thick, sturdy trunk on which you can really recline. It might be one in your own backyard.

Capricorn is the father sign, so hey if you get that “Who’s your daddy?” vibe from a mighty oak or weeping willow, by all means choose that! You could bring an outdoor seat cushion, towel or a yoga mat in case the tree you pick doesn’t have a comfy seating area at its base.

Once you’ve found your tree…

  • Settle down and lean against it for at least 10 minutes (longer if you can!)
  • Consciously tune in to the feeling of the trunk of the tree on your back and to the leaves overhead.
  • Allow yourself to feel safe, supported and stabilized by the strength of the tree.
  • See if you can feel the tree’s actual energy. This is a living organism, after all. You might even repeat a mantra like: “I am at one with the cycles of nature” or “I am safe and protected.”

Tali once took a course where the students talked to trees and asked them for answers. She got some fascinating downloads that way, so feel free to give that a try. Total hippie moment, we realize—but hey, what have you got to lose?

When you’re ready to leave, silently thank the tree for providing you with a moment of solid support. Consider leaving a little gift for the tree, like a small crystal, at its base (this should be a natural object). And, if you totally bonded with that timber, visit it regularly!

Other, Simple Capricorn Full Moon Ritual Ideas To Try

  • Capricorn rules the skin and teeth; give yours a little extra TLC or book a dental check-up or facial
  • Meet friends for an outdoor farm-to-table meal
  • Wander through a farmers’ market and select ingredients for healthy meals or snacks
  • Plant something, be it a second crop of kale for your garden or some bright blooms for your window box. This earthy full moon loves all things green.

Photo by Olga Moreira

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