Capricorn Full Moon Ritual: Lean on a Tree (Really!)

Our Capricorn full moon ritual can get you grounded, especially if you’ve been feeling less so lately.

Forget about shortcodes and life hacks. Playing the long game is the way to win under the moonbeams of the Capricorn full moon.

Capricorn is the eldest of the three earth signs. A Capricorn full moon reminds us to honor the wisdom that comes with time and experience.

Nothing happens overnight with this persevering and process-driven sign. Instead, Capricorn puts down roots with an eye toward longevity and legacies.

Capricorn Full Moon Ritual: Tree Time

While goal-obsessed Capricorn can be all about leaning in, we’re actually going to lean back for this ritual—against a tree, that is.

The towering trunks of a tree are solid representation of Capricorn’s grounding force. They signify the wonder of what can be created with time and your patience.

For this exercise, you’re going to tune in to nature and find a tree that “calls your name.” This might seem like a bizarre concept to the city dwellers (it sure did to us when we first tried this!) but trust us, if you suspend judgment, those trees will start “talking” to you.

You might wander around a park or down a nature trail until you find one that looks relaxing and inviting to rest against. This should be a mature tree—one that’s tall, with a thick, sturdy trunk on which you can really recline. It might be one in your own backyard.

Capricorn is the father sign, so hey if you get that “Who’s your daddy?” vibe from a mighty oak or weeping willow, by all means choose that! You could bring an outdoor seat cushion, towel or a yoga mat in case the tree you pick doesn’t have a comfy seating area at its base.

Once you’ve found your tree…

Settle down and lean against it for at least 10 minutes (longer if you can!) for your Capricorn full moon ritual. Consciously tune in to the feeling of the trunk of the tree on your back and to the leaves overhead. Allow yourself to feel safe, supported and stabilized by the strength of the tree. See if you can feel the tree’s actual energy. This is a living organism, after all. You might even repeat a mantra like: “I am at one with the cycles of nature” or “I am safe and protected.”

In Tali’s shamanic training, her class actually talked to trees and asked them for answers. She got some fascinating downloads that way, so feel free to give that a try. Total hippie moment, we realize—but hey, what have you got to lose?

When you’re ready to leave, silently thank the tree for providing you with a moment of solid support. Consider leaving a little gift for the tree, like a small crystal, at its base (this should be a natural object). And, if you totally bonded with that timber, visit it regularly!

Other Capricorn Full Moon Ritual Ideas

  • Capricorn rules the skin and teeth; give yours a little extra TLC or book a dental check-up or facial
  • Meet friends for an outdoor farm-to-table meal, or wander through a farmers’ market and select ingredients for a healthy meal
  • Make mid-year resolutions: the goal-oriented Capricorn full moon falls close to a year’s halfway point
  • Recommit to your New Year’s resolutions or revise them to fit with the path you wound up taking
  • Plant something, be it a second crop of kale for your garden or some bright blooms for your window box. This earthy full moon loves all things green.

Photo credit: Olga Moreira via Stocksy


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