Same Sign Compatibility (Conjunct): Twin Temperament

About same sign compatibility matches, called conjunct

Name: Conjunct (same sign)


Energy: Self-acceptance

As they say, how can you love somebody else unless you love yourself? If you date someone of the same sign, congratulations. You’ve probably embraced your quirks and accepted your humanity. Now, you can celebrate that with a kindred spirit!

If you haven’t learned to love yourself, warts and all, this relationship can inspire some crucial self-acceptance. Remember, though: #twinning might be comfortable, but autonomy is important to keep that frisky friction. Maintain some separation between your lives, even if it’s easy to hang out together. Otherwise, passion may cool to a brother-sister vibe. 

When a signmate mirrors your better traits, you find yourself high-fiving, feeling validated and laughing out loud with recognition. When they present the ugly truth about your own flaws—or demonstrate a raw, unevolved trait that’s common to your sign—you just want to run and hide. 

Why you’ve attracted each other & what there is to learn

  • To experience what it’s like for someone to be with you
  • To see your best and worst qualities mirrored back
  • Ease
  • Self-acceptance
  • Working through sibling rivalry

Same Sign/Conjunct relationship essential skills

Embrace the spectrum

With any zodiac sign, there are a spectrum of qualities from “good” to “bad.” Give yourselves room to express the whole range. One day, that fellow Cancer will morph into a moody grouch, instead of being a caring confidante who spoils you with home-cooked meals. The next day, roles reverse, and you’re the cranky “cat lady” going off on your honey because they didn’t make the bed. It’s just the way it goes. 

Bring in a third party to balance it out

Sometimes, too much of a good thing is just…too much. Same-sign couples might find it easy to disappear into a bubble-for-two, but this can eventually backfire. Autonomy is important to keep the friction alive. Hanging with other people creates healthy separation between your identities. Otherwise, passion can cool to a brother-sister vibe. 

Signmates may find it helpful to have a third person (of another sign) mediate conflict and ease your dynamic. For instance, two airy Geminis who bring out each other’s flaky sides can benefit from the grounding impact of an earthy Virgo friend. Or, two workaholic Capricorn business partners might appreciate having a playful Leo assistant who reminds them to go have fun. 

Own your quirks

If you haven’t learned to love yourself, warts and all, this relationship can inspire some crucial self-acceptance. If you find yourself pissed off by every little thing a signmate does, check in: Is it because you do these things too and are in denial about it? Is this person reminding you of some not-so-distant mistakes you’ve made that you’re still beating yourself up for? Or are they expressing some traits you feel ashamed about in yourself? Chances are, your irksome signmate is revealing an exaggerated version of your “flaws,” and you feel exposed. So what? Own it. 


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