Dating a Virgo

So you’re dating a Virgo or want to be. Here’s our guide to navigating first moves, knowing if it’s reciprocal, flirting and memorable date ideas.

Ruled by communication planet Mercury, dating a Virgo means connection through conversation and mental chemistry. Although they may have a mischievous twinkle in their eye and love to flirt, Virgos prefer to be straightforward about their interest, rather than play evasive games.

​​First moves: How Virgo woos you

Ruled by communication planet Mercury, Virgo connects through conversation and mental chemistry. Although they may have a mischievous twinkle in their eye and love to flirt, Virgos prefer to be straightforward about their interest, rather than play evasive games.

Underneath the sarcastic jokes and catty comments, Virgo is a serious soul looking for a permanent partner. They want to make sure all the basics are there—chemistry on every level, friendship, and other elements of a solid relationship. So, wooship is really Virgo’s research laboratory, their way of testing whether you’ll suit their particular tastes well enough to keep around.

Signs a Virgo likes you

Subtle ways a Virgo might be trying to say, “I’m into you”

  • Cracks sly jokes, showing off their intelligence and wit
  • Comes on strong, drawing you into intimate conversation and overwhelming you with attentiveness
  • Writes you long letters or leaves you little notes
  • Becomes your best friend, and works their way into romance
  • Shows up consistently; they’re just always there, and thus becoming an indispensable fixture in your life
  • Comments observantly on a detail of your outfit or style
  • Talks to you about movies, music, or their favorite social issue
  • Offers to help you with something—homework, housework, errands, whatever
  • Wows you with great conversation and keen listening skills
  • Does simple but sweet little things—drives you to work, brings you a falafel, walks you home, cleans up the dog poop in your yard, comes to your 12-Step meeting
  • Plays trivia games, asks all about you and remembers the details
  • Makes you funny, clever little gifts and cards
  • Tries to kiss you right away (they need to check the merchandise)
  • Pursues you relentlessly, calling you at all hours or several times a day

Flirting with a Virgo

Flirting is relatively easy with Virgo, who’s always up for a little provocative banter. You may have to initiate it, though. They can be shy and self-protective at first. Before approaching you, Virgo will “read” you. They’ll lock eyes from across the room to see if you look back. Or they’ll observe you unnoticed before making a well-calculated move. Then, they’ll pick the ideal moment to engage you in conversation. They’re crafty, those Virgos. Here’s how to make it safe for them to approach you if you want to be dating a Virgo.

Talk about your dreams

Virgo loves a dreamer and a grand idea. Being such good planners, they imagine themselves as the practical grounding force who will help you realize your lofty goals. They also have dreams of their own, but their pessimism and skepticism can interfere. Your optimism boosts their faith.

Engage in lively conversation

Virgo is ruled by communication planet Mercury. They love to text, talk on the phone, share pop culture trivia and witty banter. Analyze a topic together and express a strong opinion. They love people who are feisty and know where they stand. Wishy-washiness is a turn-off.

Be yourself

Virgos appreciate honesty and realness. They’re not big on fake conversation or guessing games, and they like a tough-talking type. With Virgo, it’s okay to be direct when you flirt with them, even a little raw—as long as your body language exudes safety and a non-dominant stance.

Ask them about their favorite TV shows, movies or books

Virgos are up on news, pop culture and celebrity gossip. They always have a favorite movie, show or newspaper. Bonus if you know the character lineup of their favorite TV series, remember past episodes or have theories on plot lines, when dating a Virgo.

Get them alone

Virgo’s private nature makes flirting best when it’s one-on-one, away from prying eyes and listening ears. Pull them into a corner or a hidden area. Your words can make them blush, but don’t make a scene.

Be receptive

Virgo is a giver and a pleaser, and they want to be part of your everyday life, providing a helping hand. They just need you to open the door. Make it safe for them to extend their generosity and they gladly will.

Dating a Virgo: They have a plan

Virgos might be picky, but they’re fairly low-maintenance dates. That’s because they are a walking cultural guide. As the zodiac’s trivia gatherer, they come equipped with a list of favorite ideas and places that they’re eager to try. A plus-one won’t have to work hard to come up with a restaurant or movie suggestion. Virgo is likely to take charge of the planning, mapping an itinerary and dutifully booking reservations.

Culture vultures

Intellectual and opinionated, they need a companion who can match their conversational repartee. They love haute culture events like gallery openings and independent films. Refined critics, Virgos want to banter about the nuances of each shared experience with a partner who is as keenly observant as they are. Bonus points to the well-read suitor who can keep up with them in discussions about music, literature and current events. Just try not to turn the conversation into a competition.

Make it food centric

This sign rules the digestive system and Virgos are always up for an epicurean adventure. Take a cooking class or a wine-pairing workshop. As an earth sign, they love all things natural. Enjoy a bountiful feast at a farm-to-table restaurant, go for a gourmet picnic and hike, or soak in a natural hot springs when dating a Virgo. Wander through a farmer’s market and pick up the ingredients for a romantic, home-cooked meal. Co-hosting intimate dinner parties is one of their favorite ways to bond as a relationship progresses.

What to do on a date with a Virgo

  • Do anything and everything outdoors, from hiking to biking to kayaking
  • Have dinner at a celebrity chef’s restaurant (and come prepared to discuss the reviews!)
  • Head to a music festival or outdoor concert
  • Check out an immersive theater performance or live lecture
  • Go to a wine-tasting event or tour a vineyard
  • Take a dance lesson or hit the club for an epic DJ set
  • Snuggle up on the couch for a day of binge-watching indie films and nibbling on healthy versions of their favorite comfort food
  • Volunteer together at a community organization

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