Dating an Aries

So you’re dating an Aries or want to be. Here’s our guide to navigating first moves, knowing if it’s reciprocal, flirting and memorable date ideas.

What’s it like dating an Aries? This is the baby of the zodiac and a fire sign. Here’s what you can expect.

First Moves: How they woo you

The typical Aries has two styles of dating: the preening peacock or the direct attack. When an Aries is in peacock mode, they simply turn up the volume on their undeniable mojo. Like magnets, they let the invisible aura of their body chemistry do the work. Who’s that sexy and vibrant person? Aries will grab your attention while (seemingly) doing nothing.

When an Aries is interested in you, they can also charge after you like their symbolic Ram, making their intentions crystal clear. An Aries once walked up to Ophi on the beach and, without even introducing himself, asked, “Want to go out tonight?”

Of course, he was charming enough to plop down in the sand and engage her in a three-hour conversation about life, relationships, and the senselessness of monogamy. And he was so earnest about that, she went out with him anyhow. That night, he brought her an exquisite box of Max Brenner chocolates— “chocolates by the bald man”—because he, too, was bald.

When Aries dates or seduces you, they always leave you with something to remember them by. And indeed, you will.

Signs an Aries likes you

In the unlikely event that Aries doesn’t make their attraction obvious, here are some signs of romantic interest if you’re dating an Aries:

  • Aries will approach you and start a conversation, peppering you with direct questions and holding you rapt in their piercing gaze
  • Aries will ask you all about yourself, or tell you all about their life—the stories will be hilarious and fascinating!
  • They walk right up to you and tell you that they find you attractive and why
  • They directly ask you out—why wait?
  • They hit on you shamelessly (if they’re feeling super-confident)
  • They “hover” and study you to see if you’re available, asking leading questions
  • They observe you from a distance making you feel slightly uneasy and desirable at once
  • They begin protecting you, sticking up for you and helping you advocate for yourself
  • They say something sweet, sincere and flattering
  • They turn up the charm around you, becoming the brightest light in the room
  • They play peacock—showing off their “feathers” and making sure that you are impressed by their intellect, taste, whatever!
  • They get loud, funny and cocky, playing pranks and cracking borderline inappropriate jokes
  • They bait the trap—talk about sex, other lovers, their fantasies—knowing you’ll get all hot and bothered
  • They call you daily, even if the conversation is short and sweet. Hey, this sign isn’t known for their long attention spans, but it’s the thought that counts when you’re dating an Aries.

Flirting with an Aries

Want to make an Aries fall in love with you? The way to the Aries heart is through the mind. Even if your Ram seems completely distracted, this sharp zodiac sign notices everything. Chances are, by the time you approach Aries, they’ve already been scoping you out for a while.

Aries can be gruff and rough around the edges. Aries rules the face, and a key Aries trait is to have a memorable expression on theirs. Aries are often unaware that they’re scowling or look a little intimidating, even fierce. Most likely they’re lost in their thoughts. But their guards are also up to a degree.

Want to melt off the tough-guy mask and get Aries all hot and bothered? Here’s what to do when you’re dating an Aries:

Engage in passionate conversation

Your relationship with an Aries will be largely centered around bonding through great talks. Open up and share from the heart. Don’t interrupt them when they start telling a story or sharing an opinion. They want to know that you’re fascinated by their ideas and observations.

Tell them you think they’re hot

The Aries personality is direct and authentic. This zodiac sign loves a bold come-on, especially when you deliver it in their own straightforward style. The Aries peacock wants to be admired. You might as well strut up and admire their feathers.

Say something clever and edgy

Here’s a secret about the Aries personality: They think they’re smarter than everyone else. Are you clever enough to hang with this sign? Make Aries laugh and show them that you’ve got sharp wit. Reveal your instincts and opinions. If you start to establish an “us-against-the-world” camaraderie, you could soon be their favorite confidante.

Do your own version of a mating call

Show off your star quality, laugh loudly, be the sexiest one on the dance floor. Like an animal in heat, they’ll home in on your seductive signals.

Remind them of themselves

There’s a teensy bit of a narcissist in every Aries. Did you take the words right out of their mouth? Do something exactly the way they would? It must be love! Our friend Lisa met her Aries husband Rob on the first day of grad school. The students went around and introduced themselves, saying why they enrolled in the Masters program. “Rob told me that I said exactly what he was going to say, almost word for word,” Lisa says. They were in love from that moment on.

Dating an Aries: Play time!

Aries are steel magnolias 99% of the time

When it comes to love, however, they prefer to surrender control to a dashing and magnanimous partner. They want to be wowed and wooed simultaneously—and if you pick up the tab, they won’t complain. Warning! Given how particular their tastes can be, Aries can be difficult to please. Fortunately, they have no trouble vocalizing what they do and don’t like, and will provide a date with quality information. Hopefully they’ll speak up before you’ve dropped hundreds on orchestra level tickets to a show they can’t stand or hired a private chef to cook dishes that they abhor.

Activity dates are fun for the daredevil Rams

They’ll gladly show off their star-powered skills on the karaoke mic or flaunt their rhythmic mojo on the dance floor. They love to be entertained with movies, concerts and plays. Bonus points to the date who can get Aries into the VIP section of the club or theater. Being around an elite and intellectual crowd rocks their world, so attending an exclusive party as a couple can get Aries totally charged up.

As a relationship progresses, they relax significantly and prefer to share adventure dates with a mate, checking off all the items on their Bucket List one by one. Skydiving, snorkeling, snowboarding, jumping off a cliff on matching hang gliders—they’re total thrill-seekers at heart who consider an adrenaline rush to be the sexiest aphrodisiac. They’re up for an emotional adventure too, frolicking on nude beaches and attending a tantric breath work retreat.

What to do on a date with an Aries

  • Take Aries to their favorite restaurants, these fussy eaters love to frequent their favorite joints
  • Intellectual Aries love to learn, so a lecture at a bookstore or university will stimulate a great discussion
  • Since Aries can be party animals, head to a club or house party (just make sure you’re always close at hand when Aries wants your attention, they despise being ignored!)
  • Action movies with fighting scenes can stimulate the warrior in Aries
  • Many Aries are highly political, so check out a film or play about global issue
  • Poetry is an Aries favorite; head to open mic night at a cafĂ© and don’t be surprised if your Aries brings down the house with a freestyle flow

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