Leo Style Horoscope

Leo style is essentially: life is a costume party, so dress to make a statement!

Does Leo have good style?

Whether you’re embracing maximalist glamour or power dressing in a tailored suit, you want all eyes on you when you step into a room. As the sign that rules drama, you like to look as if you’re on a Hollywood set: Jackie O glasses (she was a Leo), giant hats, and bright colors from head to toe. Or, you may sing an ode to the jungle with animal prints, safari-inspired neutrals, tribal jewelry and colorful patterns.

How does Leo dress?

What matters most of all is how luxurious you feel when you slip into your attire. Silky fabrics that feel delicious against your skin are a must! Curate a collection of high-end loungewear for the copious hours spent in your lair. The concept of “pajama dressing” must have been designed with off-duty Leos in mind. Patterned silk pants, camisole tops and satiny button-downs look perfectly appropriate for public when you dress them up a smidge. Who says you can’t brunch looking like a Miami Beach snowbird on the way to a Mahjongg Tournament?

As the sign that rules fertility, you may be blessed with goddessy curves like Leo Jennifer Lopez, your sign’s posterior poster girl. If so, you won’t hesitate to rock the hourglass defining styles without apology. Since your sign rules the back, slip into halter dresses or off-the-shoulder tops, or any other backless style. Going shirtless is totally a Leo thing too, so bare if you dare! If tattoos are your thing, get one on your shoulder blade that can peek out from your clothing cutaways. Your sign is also associated with the heart, so choose a special necklace that you never take off.

Your hair is the “mane event,” of course, Leo. Let your locks go wild, in a “big hair, don’t care” kind of way. Or make like a female lion with an elegant, close-cropped ‘do that reveals your flashing grin and soulful gaze.

What should Leo wear?

Leo style profile

What colors should Leo wear?

Gold, orange, red

Leo body focus areas

Shoulders, back, hair

Fabrics for Leo

Silk, fur

Leo style best looks

Backless dresses, power suits, formal gowns and tuxedos, cape coats, bold patterns, bright colors

Leo styles to avoid

Generic basics that make you fade into the background, delicate patterns, anything too conservative

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