Libra Style Horoscope

Libra is ruled by celestial stylist Venus, which means Libra style has a flair for fashion and expensive tastes to match. You’re the consummate shopper who will splurge on custom garments, which will be in good company in your overstuffed closet.

Does Libra have good style?

Your sign rules balance, and that’s key. A little color or detail goes a long way, so keep it subtle—but not so much that you fade into the background. You love anything coordinated, like a pantsuit or dyed-to-match shoes. Libras look great in jewel tones, and should avoid dull or heavy colors. Patterns truly pop on you, whether you’re wearing printed yoga wear or delicately batiked silks.

How does Libra dress?

Libras may take glam to a new extreme wearing evening gowns, stilettos, diamonds, and fishnets with the ease of a silver screen starlet. Or you’ll get a tux with tails and a top hat and give the Monopoly guy a run for his Park Place money. 

You’d dress up for an errand run too, and your version of casual may include a tank top with delicate, crystal-encrusted straps, booty- hugging jeans (Libra rules the bum), and bedazzled sandals or ballet flats. Hey, you enjoy turning heads! The more low-key Libra will look chic in anything preppy, like a tailored oxford, white jeans, and a pair of Prada loafers.

Because you’re the sign of the freedom fighter, some Libras prefer a punk-rock edge. Caution: it could look like you’re trying hard too hard to be a badass. Balance the grit with soft accents, and you’ll rock that Libra combination of sugar and spice. With your symmetrical features, you can wear strong makeup and dye your hair dramatic colors, like bright ginger or platinum blond.

What should Libra wear?

The Libra style profile

What colors should Libra wear?

Light blue, pink

Libra body focus areas

Lower back, booty

Fabrics for Libra


Libra style best looks

Statement jewelry, formalwear, cashmere and hand-knit sweaters, designer labels, silk shirts, stiletto heels, organic cotton yoga pants, maxidresses, tunic tops, crisp oxford shirts and suits

Libra styles to avoid

Polyester, sportswear, baggy tees, costume jewelry, muted colors, wash-and-wear cotton


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