Libra Travel Horoscope

The Libra travel style is social butterfly. This sign loves the local lore…not to mention the locals themselves.

Does Libra like to travel?

You’re an adventurous traveler and will try anything once. From the Turkey to Bolivia to Kenya you are fearless about exploring diverse locales—and want to experience the culture and people fully. As long as there’s a comfortable bed and sexy cuisine to indulge in, your glamorous sign will feel right at home. 

The element associated with Libra is air, which can take you to great intellectual heights. You will readily travel for a humanitarian cause. As a Libra, you want to use your mind—to fight for world peace, teach or study abroad, research holistic medicine, or make a documentary film about a lesser–known culture. You get inspired by people wherever you go, and quickly become a local favorite, bonding with everyone you meet.

The perfect Libra travel destinations

As an air sign, you’ll try adventure travel that literally puts the wind beneath your wings. Parasailing, skydiving, even that death–defying new roller coaster—you love the experience of open air. A season pass to the local amusement park would make a great gift for many Libras. If free–falling makes you squeamish, a brisk rush of air will do the trick, so try downhill skiing, biking through Amsterdam or touring Central America on a rented scooter.

Libra travel astrology tips

A spa vacation fulfills the pampered royal in you. You love to feel sensual and revitalized. While the more diva-like among you love resorts, cruise ships and five-star hotels, most Libras travel for the total experience. You can exhaust your companions with your non-stop itinerary, so be sure to travel with fellow go–getters. You’re not there to sleep— you’re there to live!


The AstroTwins

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