Scorpio Entertaining Style

Scorpio entertaining aims for intimate gatherings and rich dinner conversations.

Does Scorpio like to party?

You’re a private sign, so large groups can give you major anxiety. Your worst nightmare is to walk into a room full of strangers and be forced to mingle. Scorpios don’t trust lightly and hate to feel vulnerable. You’ll disappear into a shadowy corner, leaving friends wondering where you went. You prefer incognito travel or the intimacy of your few close friends. You’ll skip the crowds and opt for a private karaoke room, a seductively smoky hookah bar, or a decadent multi-course dinner party in a small, intimate restaurant.

The Scorpio host

If you do throw a big bash, it will be to increase your status and power. You’ll want total control over the guest list. This behind-the-velvet ropes touch gives you the dominion you crave. With your flair for mystique, you may even disappear for a while mid-fete. Set up plenty of private areas so guests can enjoy one-on-one conversations. Aim for low lighting, cozy cushions placed in little nooks, candlelight, and touches that increase the sensual vibe.

Since you warm up slowly in a crowd, try a dress-up theme or another icebreaker to get things rolling. You may even want to incorporate a musical performance or a roundtable political discussion into your parties, especially if you lead it. This allows you to hold court and display your power and intellect. You go to extremes to impress your guests and show them how important, worldly and accomplished you are. If you host a dinner party, you’ll prepare complex dishes, paying attention to the littlest touches and adding plenty of spice.


The AstroTwins

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