A Scorpio Season Meditation to Provoke Passion

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, this Scorpio season meditation can help you shed old patterns and give birth to a powerful new you. 

It’s time for transformation! Water sign Scorpio flows in to support with big changes. There’s no arguing that Scorpio is the zodiac’s most intense sign: This is the ruler of sex, joint finances, death and rebirth that we’re talking about here! Dive deep below the surface to examine what’s buried in your unconscious. Feelings, desires, secrets…now’s the time to embrace all of your humanity! (Even if you do so while no one’s watching.)

If you’re ready to change your life, you’d better upgrade that mission to an “extreme makeover.” This “all or nothing” zodiac season can help with the big stuff, like overcoming an addictive vice, ditching a toxic relationship or grieving a loss. Let creativity be your catharsis. Regenerative Scorpio knows how to turn pain into passion. With the Sun drifting through this nocturnal sign, you may do your best work after dark when no one can interrupt your flow.

But don’t get lost in the abyss! Seductive Scorpio makes you like a curious detective on a treasure hunt for the next big thing. And as the zodiac’s legendary sex symbol, the heat index will rise…regularly. Mojo in slow-mo? Reconnect to your body through dance, sensual movement, and erotic touch.

Warning: During Scorpio season, power and control issues can flare along with jealousy, shame and even a few revenge fantasies. Work to accept your shadow side (we all have one), but try not to act on the possessive-obsessive energy that arises. You can listen to this guided meditation for support with the ups and downs these four weeks are bound to bring. As you relax, you’ll feel your channels open up, allowing you to reignite your passion and strengthen your most cherished bonds.

Relax, Relate, Meditate with this Scorpio Season Meditation

Learn how to find peace, harmony, and collaboration this Scorpio season.

This Scorpio season meditation is about 11 minutes in length. Guided by Boundary Boss author Terri Cole. To begin:

  • Create some “sacred space,” a quiet, private nook or set up a space that feels sacred to you, indoors or out.
  • Optional: rub a calming essential oil onto your temples or palms, light a candle, plug in an aromatherapy diffuser and put up a “do-not-disturb” sign.
  • You may want to keep a journal close by to record any inspirations that arise during your meditation.
  • Then, simply press play, and enter the “Zen Den” with Terri.
  • Allow her soothing voice and words of wisdom to ground you in stillness.
  • (Later: approach everything in life with renewed passion!)

Photo credit: Stocksy


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