Scorpio Style Horoscope

For enigmatic Scorpio, your clothes are part of your mystique. As someone who is deeply affected by unspoken cues, Scorpio style relies on colors that can make or break your mood. You’ve been known to race home and swap outfits midday for this very reason. Black is your signature hue (you may even dye your hair raven), and you smolder in charcoal, burn bright in red and work the pink and fuschia like a punk rock Barbie gone wild.

Does Scorpio have good style?

Since you come to life after hours, evening wear pieces—like little black dresses and strappy tops—are your favorites. Pair with a white blazer and vintage pumps for work, then, slip on the heels and a leather jacket and head to a concert or dinner date at sundown.

How does Scorpio dress?

Your style may be sexy, even a little vampy. A black leather jacket and moto boots are style staples. Fishnet and spiky-heeled knee-high boots just work on you, and you probably have at least one tattoo or piercing. You look great in a vintage band tee or lumberjack plaids. And of course, what you’re wearing underneath it all (if anything) may be the most intriguing part of your outfit.

Bohemian styles also go a long way: column dresses over black leggings, sheer fabrics or a sexy wrap dress all flatter you. You can also wear upscale, sophisticated styles tailored with a sexier cut. As a water sign, you can go nautical too. Think: preppy Parisian boat shirts and white jeans.

The eyes are the windows to your soul and you’ll stir up a sensation with smoky shadow, winged liner, and vintage cat-eye glasses. On days that you want to lurk in the shadows, your essential staple is chic, designer sunglasses you probably spent an entire paycheck on.

What should Scorpio wear?

The Scorpio style profile

What colors should Scorpio wear?

Black, red, hot pink

Scorpio body focus areas

Eyes, hips

Fabrics for Scorpio

Leather, black lace

Scorpio style best looks

Sunglasses, leather jacket, black tank top, lingerie-inspired styles, ripped denim, moto boots, dresses and shirts with unique cutouts, drapey pieces that subtly reveal your shape, sharp-edged pieces

Scorpio styles to avoid

Conservative or classic cuts, thick and blousy fabrics that hide your figure


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