Taurus Friendship

Taurus friendship can mean a lasting bond and a shared love of the finer things in life. We threw in a gift guide for your Taurus friend, too.

Hardworking Taurus approaches friendships in much the same way that they do everything else in life—as a serious task that must be attended to with consistency. The Beautiful People will dazzle them, too; but at the end of the day, they prefer the realness of their salt-of-the-earth squad.

Their best friends are often low-key types who have plenty going on below the surface. The expression “still waters run deep” is one that Taurus knows well. People who know the art of keeping it real are the ones with whom Taurus will form genuine and lasting connections.

While they’re generally willing to help those in need, they form lasting bonds with people who are responsible, reliable and straight-shooters. Essentially, they’re looking for friends who bring some peace, love, and harmony to their life.

Like the finer things? Make a Taurus friend

Ideally, you’ll have the funds to accompany them on their many indulgent whims, from fancy dinners to weekend festivals to theater performances and spa days. A generous soul, though, they’ll spring for a bestie’s cover charge when you are down on your luck. But they know how to keep the scorecard even, so they’re just as happy to meet at free events or catch up over a nature walk.

With a Taurus friend, the little things mean everything

Little things mean a lot to them and as a result, they don’t easily forget or forgive an oversight. They also have a tendency to turn a minor issue into a major ordeal. At the first sign of trouble, they may press the panic button, blowing the situation out of proportion and ramming people with accusations. Perspective is an important thing for Taurus to gain. Your Taurus friend may need a reminder to stop and breathe before charging at a so-called red cape to enjoy a peaceful coexistence with others in the ring.

Gift guide: The perfect present for a Taurus friend

  • Luxe scented candles or a signature fragrance
  • Classic, but expensive, jewelry
  • Serving dishes for elegant parties
  • Spa treatments, especially massages
  • Framed art, prints and photographs
  • A classic car rental—or a zip around a racetrack
  • Customized playlists 
  • High-end cooking supplies and ingredients

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