Do You Dress Like A Gemini? 10 Ways To Tell

Do you crave variety? Mix luxe and louche with seamless ease? Love to discover one-of-a-kind pieces that will make heads turn?  If you’re not a Gemini, you might have a Gemini rising  or Venus in Gemini. The rising sign shows how we express ourselves to the world; the first impression we like to make. Venus is the cosmic aesthete which influences our tastes. If you’re wondering what your rising and Venus signs are, you can do a free chart on our site and find out—a must for every astro-obsessed person on planet Earth.

Here we break down the 10 sartorial signs you’re a Gemini (or a Gemini in spirit) with  Glamour Fashion Editor Leah Melby. Have a read!

Image by WeHeartIt