The AstroTwins’ 2021 Event Calendar

AstroTwins 2021 Event Calendar

Join us for astrology workshops, webinars + more.

MON, April 19
How to Be a Boundary Boss: A conversation with Astrostyle’s Meditation Expert Terri Cole
Instagram Live
7:00pm EST

Year of the Metal OxPin

WED, February 10
Year of the Metal Ox: 2021 Lunar Year Forecast

Free Webinar
7:00pm EST

Join Ophi and our resident Feng Shui expert Kate MacKinnon to plan and prosper in the 2021 Lunar New Year! Register here >


The 2021 Vision Board Experience

5:00-8:00pm EST

Join us on 2021’s first full moon (and the “Day of Miracles”) for an immersive 3-hour live workshop of moon mapping, galactic goal-setting and special coaching from Red Elephant CEO Afrin Khan. Use code VISION2021 for $50 off. 


FRI, January 15
Live Riff with Angel Gambino: AstroTwins + Astrologers Steven Forrest, Ricky Williams

2:00pm EST/11:00am PST

Tune in live with us and two of our favorite astrologers, Steven Forrest and Ricky Williams, as we talk to the amazing Angel Gambino about 2021 astrology, “astropreneurship” and our new cosmic collaboration! Watch live here >


New Year, New Leaf: Astrology Night with The Sill

7:00pm EST

Join us and our plant-astic friends at The Sill for a fireside chat about 2021 horoscopes, Feng Shui astrology and tips on picking the perfect houseplant for your sign in 2021. **SOLD OUT**


The AstroTwins’ Yearly Horoscope Masterclass

2:00-3:30pm EST

Tune in or set your DVR—we’re giving our cosmic compatibility predictions on the brand-new Season 12 of Lifetime’s Married At First Sight. Watch the Kickoff Special and learn the fate we see for these couples, based on their zodiac signs.

AstroTwins on Married at First Sight

8:00pm EST, Lifetime TV

On this live webinar, the AstroTwins guide you through the most important transits of 2021 for every sign. Tickets exclusively available with the purchase of our 2021 Horoscope book bundles. 


Relationship Revolution Webinar
Watch free on Mindbodygreen

Learn all about The Astrology of Love in the Aquarian Decade and redefine the rules of relating in 2021.