Katy Perry’s “Part of Me”: Lessons from a Scorpio

Want to rule the world? Watch a Scorpio…and learn.

Confession: I took my 12-year-old Leo stepdaughter Clementine to see Katy Perry’s “documentary” Part of Me last night. I thought we’d bond over the sugary beats, snark about a few scenes, and stay in step with pop culture. Instead, I found a fascinating portrait of the indomitable Scorpio work ethic and spirit. I left inspired, secretly wanting to Tweet a snap of myself in a candy-colored wig under the hashtag #katycats.

I was also inspired to give the Scorpios out there some good press, since they so rarely get it. I’m a Sagittarius, but my moon, Mercury, Mars and Venus are all in Scorpio, and I’ve come to love the rocket fuel that gives me. My Scorpio friends and colleagues have an intense but grounding energy—I trust them with my soul and to get the job done to my exacting standards.

Want to rule the world? Study a Scorpio in action. Scorpios have important lessons to teach us all. Katy Perry may not be building wells in drought-ridden nations, but anyone who wanted to could adapt her formula. The woman has more #1 singles from one album than The Beatles, so she’s gotta be onto something here.

So, Katy Perry: unlikely role model for success, life and business. Why not? Here are the “parts of her”—and all Scorpios—to borrow if you want to make it big:


Scorpios are known for their drive and ability to stay in control. We’ve seen this in Scorpios like Bill Gates and Ted Turner, but usually with a “moohaha” twist that sparks proletarian unrest. However, this ambition doesn’t have to be evil.  There’s something fearless about this sign that we can all learn from, I believe. Scorpio is a fixed sign—along with Leo, Taurus, and Aquarius. They dig in their heels, and they don’t budge. In one Part of Me scene, a record executive remembers meeting Katy for the first time: she cartwheeled into his office and landed in the splits in front of him.

Watching Katie soldier through a yearlong tour filled with Candyland costumes, audience meet-‘n-greets, and a brand-new marriage, I was inspired by her bottomless energy reserves. And only a Scorpio could break away from an Evangelical Christian upbringing (Katy’s parents are Pentecostal ministers), wear spinning peppermints on her breasts, and remain on perfectly good terms with her family. She started as a gospel singer, had some crappy records, and finally decided to stop trying to be the next Kelly Clarkson or Britney Spears. Instead, she would be “the first Katy Perry.” That kind of self-belief burns in every Scorpio I know.

Lesson: Make like a Scorpio and don’t give up. Believe in your burning obsession, and one day, others might, too.


Scorpios can be massively creative, a lesser-known trait of this sign.  Even as her marriage to Russell Brand unraveled and a concert teetered into “should we cancel?” terrain, Katy pulled herself together with and the show went on. She seemed to channel her vulnerability into her music, something artistic Scorpios do. In fact, this sign can suffer from depression without a proper creative outlet. Once they have it, they’ll burn the midnight oil, working on their craft until the wee hours. Scorpio P. Diddy is famous for his all-nighters. We once read an article where he said he liked to go window-shopping on 57th Street at, like, three a.m., prowling the streets for couture while the rest of the world slept.

Astrostyle shared an office for five years with two amazingly creative Scorpios: artist Vinnie Angel (whose Vinnie’s Tampon Cases were a hit a few years ago) and BUST magazine founder Debbie Stoller, who singlehandedly created a knitting and crafting revolution with her Stitch ‘n Bitch books and parties. And we cut our teeth in the publishing industry 20 years ago working for the iconic Sassy magazine, helmed by Scorpio Jane Pratt.

These Scorps shared a brash outspokenness, an ability to pierce through inauthentic crap in a haze of blinding colors, jarringly free speech and raw personal expression. Whatever they were obsessed with, they could make iconic. In fact, Sassy magazine was the first to discover Chloe Sevigny—another trendsetting Scorpio who can turn the ugliest 1980s castoffs into fashion genius. Chloe began as an intern in Sassy’s fashion department while Tali and I were there in 1992, introducing us to liquid eyeliner and inspiring us to start a hatmaking business (she was a skater girl then) that paid my college tuition for a year. Jane inspired us to start a magazine of our own in college called HUES, which was published for seven years.

Learn from the Scorpios: don’t hide your quirks, embrace them. Declare them cool, and watch the herds try to imitate your style.


In this economy, making something out of nothing is the best skill you can have. We can no longer afford to wait around for someone to hand us a job, or think that printing our resumes on a sheet of creamy, watermarked specialty paper will score us an extra edge. It’s all about seeing the opportunity where others don’t, letting burning curiosity trump manners, being that squeaky wheel (but in an authentic way, not an annoying one). That’s how you make it, and Scorpios know that.

In a kooky contrast to my Katy Perry excursion, I started my weekend at the CBGB Film Festival, at the premiere screening of The Rise and Fall of The Clash, by Scorpio director Danny Garcia. (For anyone who loves both punk rock and astrology—hey, it could happen—The Clash’s lead singer Joe Strummer was a Leo). During the post-show Q&A, I was struck by Garcia’s incredible passion, focus and resourcefulness. Garcia had nothing but a burning obsession for The Clash and a tireless urge to get the real story behind the band. In true Scorpio style, he was unstoppable, and attracted funding, a creative team all over the world (he’s based in Spain), and incredible interviews with band insiders. All from a dream and a desire.

The Scorpio lesson here? Instead of looking for a handout, look around. What can you do with what you already have?


Scorpio is the sign of reincarnation, transformation, regeneration. They are master recyclers. Their genius is in taking something old and making it feel totally original. (Many of them pull from the 1950s retro era, we’ve noticed, since Scorpios love kitsch.) Childhood pastimes leave a strong imprint on Scorpios, since they have insane memories. They like the pure, wondrous spirit of kids, the uncensored honesty. However, they tinge it all with trademark Scorpio naughtiness.

And when they’re done with something…they’re done. Scorpio Ryan Gosling is the only former Mousketeer from his peer group to reinvent himself as a serious actor. (Sorry, Justin Timberlake, our visions of you in N’Sync will never go “bye bye bye.”).

Take a cue from the Scorpios—reduce, reuse and recycle! And when it’s time to ship it off to the landfill, bury the evidence.

Oh, and as for that Gemini ex of Katy’s, Russell Brand? Bah, we say. The Scorpio-Gemini combo can be a tricky one, as Gemini men are the zodiac’s Peter Pans. Personally, I think it was a classic case of a Gemini getting swept away, then losing interest—which can be a typical pattern for this sign.

But I also freely admit that I’m not totally biased. Team KatyCat has my membership dues. And right there is the power of a magnetic Scorpio, to pull you onto her side without you knowing how. I saw bright colors…costumes…life-size lollipops. I took a trip to Scorpio wonderland…and I liked it.


The AstroTwins

Identical twin sisters Ophira and Tali Edut, known as The AstroTwins, are the founders of Astrostyle.com and the authors of multiple bestselling astrology books. Their horoscopes reach millions here and through their resident astrologer column at ELLE Magazine.