Jupiter in Cancer

The planet of luck and expansion is in its “exalted” sign from June 25, 2013 – July 16, 2014.

by The AstroTwins

So what does a “modern family” look like? With expansive, open-minded Jupiter nesting in domestic Cancer from June 25, 2013 until July 16, 2014, we’ll continue to redefine la familia beyond the nuclear model. It takes a village, after all! Jupiter in Cancer will encourage us to form small tribes with friends, relatives and neighbors, pooling resources and supporting each other through our busy lives.

Jupiter is “exalted” in Cancer—in other words, at its absolute best—which should inspire positive growth for us all. Potluck dinners, ride shares, cooperative babysitting, and other joint efforts will allow us to spend more time with our loved ones. Maybe those 1960s communes were onto something, or the Israeli kibbutz, which adopted a shared model of living and commerce. Of course, not everyone will feel like expanding the radius  of your white picket fences. Regardless, more creative way of collaborating with roommates and the relatives who live under our roofs could emerge in the second half of 2013.

Jupiter’s entrepreneurial influence could bring a rise in home-based businesses when it tours Cancer. Get those cottage industries in motion! The company you work for may be happy to save on overhead by allowing you to set up shop at su casa. Jupiter in Cancer loves the fact that working from home enables parents to spend more time with children—even if an in-home caregiver lends an assist during business hours. Home schooling may become a bigger trend. We may even see neighbors teaming up to share this responsibility with a small group of children.

Security-minded Cancer is all about saving for that rainy day and retirement. With Jupiter’s expansive influence, we’ll be able to grow our nest eggs exponentially. But beware the too-good-to-be-true Bernie Madoff schemes! Jupiter is a gambler, so make sure your broker is reputable and that you understand where your hard-earned cash is being tucked away. This is an excellent time to take a money management class or to learn the finer points of investment yourself.

Jupiter is a traveler and family vacations could bring back the love. Waiting for the right time to plan a reunion? Get on the ball, and corral your long-lost relatives or childhood friends for a heartwarming gathering in the early part of summer.