Motivate, Collaborate! Mars in Libra Until July 25

Energizer Mars is the planet that supplies our ambition and drive, the source of competition, the “yang” principle and that warrior spirit. Since December 2013, Mars has been visiting Libra, the sign of peace, love and harmony—quite a contrast. In astrology, Mars is considered in “detriment” when it visits Libra—in other words, a bit disempowered and out of sorts. So our lives since the winter have been a study in war and peace, conflict versus resolution, competition balanced with cooperation, the warrior spirit against warm hugs. We’ve had to learn when to hold ’em and when to scold ’em—and it hasn’t been easy, especially since Mars dipped into low-power retrograde (backward) motion from March 1-May 19.

Now that Mars has resumed direct (forward) motion, anything that went from a sizzle to a simmer reaches full boil again. Mars is in Libra until July 25, so it’s time to pick up speed on your goals and dreams once again. Just remember the Libran principles of mutuality and love as you resume your world domination efforts. Go forth and kill it…with kindness!

Here’s how your sign can use the last two months of this Mars cycle best:

It takes two! Your indie spirit gets fired up to collaborate and form a synergistic partnership. Don’t do it all alone!

Hit the gym. Mars in your health, fitness and organization zone inspires you to get your body and your life in shape.

Love rules! Mars in your zone of passion, fertility and art could bring a creative brainchild, or an actual “love child.”

Home is where the heat is with Mars in your domestic zone. Tackle home decor/repairs, make a big move, get fit together.

Say what? Mars in your communication house makes you more loud and proud than ever. Be that squeaky wheel.

Cha-ching! You’ve got money mojo in spades with Mars in your finance zone. Pursue new jobs/clients, slash expenses.

You’ve got the It factor with sizzling Mars in your sign. Let your lesser-known assertive side out. Put yourself first.

Deal to heal. Confront that bully, cut off energy vampires, expose hidden enemies as Mars hits up your secretive twelfth house.

Power posse! Mars in your group activity sector makes you the queen/king of networking. Find your tribe and make a splash.

Corner office calling! Red-hot Mars in your career zone says world domination or bust. Build that empire, fast!

Say anything! Mars in your worldly and outspoken ninth house stokes your travel and truth-telling urges.

Money, power, respect. Mars in your steamy eighth house of intimacy and wealth brings sexy right on back.


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The AstroTwins

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