An Ode to Mercury Retrograde in Taurus from Our Poet Laureate

We are regularly delighted by one of our readers, U.K. performance poet Myke Kofi, who writes us the most stunning verses inspired by our horoscopes. Talk about flattering! So we asked Myke to share his latest for Mercury retrograde, to offer lyrical cosmic insight to this notoriously stubborn starmap.

Since April 9, Mercury is retrograde for the second time in 2017. This backspin lasts until May 3, beginning in stubborn Taurus then slipping back through aggro Aries for the remainder. Conversations could devolve into endless ethical debates or even shouting matches. What’s important to remember for this three-week phase is that you CAN agree to disagree—before relationships are rammed into the ground.

Please join us in savoring this delightful piece from Astrostyle’s officially anointed Poet Laureate—a paean to the pain of Mercury that is both a blessing and a curse to us all. Enjoy! –Tali & Ophi

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Mercury Retrograde in Taurus

(Slow. Deep. Breaths)

Retrograde Mercury Taurus

Repairs and alterations: another zodiac test?

Re-blending cerulean blues with olive greens.

Reshuffling cosmic cards kept close to the vest

With slow. Deep Breaths.

Reminding us: look up from addictive screens!

Remember souls; revere your mindbodygreen ®

Restoring equilibrium; releasing resentments.

Replenish with juices. Refills clean and serene

With slow. Deep. Breaths.

Re-sniffing jasmine aromas; flowering rescue remedies.

Recycling plastic green bottles; renewable sunscreens.

Rediscover Beatles acoustic melodies

Reverberate Beach Boys harmonies

With slow. Deep. Breaths.

Reconnecting your head with your heart;

Reel in, real slow organic apple-carts.

Revisit local-sourced, farmer’s marks;

Replacing fast-food, processed marts

With slow. Deep. Breaths.

Re-practice alfresco, god/goddess asanas

Refueling your body; fair-traded bananas.

Retox and detox. Relentless technology!

Rebook massages; reprioritize reflexology

Retreating; relaxing with slow. Deep. Breaths.

Re: “Ain’t no particular sign I’m more compatible with?”

Fire signs. What’s your fast and furious, relentless hurry?

Reconsider the snail’s pace.

Be more tortoise than harried hare!

Pause for YOUR cause.

Resample slow-cooked, gourmet, epicurean curry.

Keep it real simple, sugar-plums with slow. Deep. Breaths.

Alas sometimes, you’ll wanna scream! Til you can scream no more.

Resolved to shut down paths beckoning no more?

Ready to release pains embedded DEEP in your core? Wanna

Reprise the slow-dance shag on the bedroom floor?

With slow. Deep. Breaths.

Reacquainted with Bluebella, anyone? Sensually, redefining pleasure.

Rejoice for skin! Every sensuous inch oozing heavenly treasure.

Reclusive mistress; softly subtle. Divinely refined, gestures non-verbal.

Reminiscing your fragrant tuberose; plucked from Eden’s garden herbal?

Relished every movement with slow. Deep. Breaths.

Releasing the inner, green-eyed monster;

Redacted, latent in your recycled upholster.

Release the tight grippage of the revolver!

Repent on your knees; relent to the great absolver

Retrograde Mercury Taurus with slow. Deep. Breaths.

© Myke Kofi 2017

Inspired by AstroStyle and an unforgettable Taurean muse.

Photo Credit: Stocksy


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