Starstruck: 2020 Astrology Summit (Colin Bedell)

Colin Bedell & The AstroTwins

North Node in Gemini: Managing Shame, Cultivating Worthiness & Relational Intelligence

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About Colin Bedell:

As the north node (our collective destiny point) moves into Gemini in 2020, relationships will get redefined. Ophi talks to Colin Bedell of Queer Cosmos about astrology and modern love, particularly how overcoming shame can help us create true intimacy. What is “relational intelligence” and how can we cultivate it to reinvent love for our times?

Colin Bedell is a queer Gemini Twin from Long Island, New York. He’s a passionate student of secular personal-growth systems, and the universal spiritual themes explored in A Course in Miracles. Colin was a Provost’s Scholar in the MA Fashion Studies program at Parsons School of Design where he was the Student Speaker at the 2016 New School Commencement Ceremony. Complementing his work with QueerCosmos, Colin’s the weekly horoscope writer for,. His bestselling first book “A Little Bit of Astrology” from Sterling Publishers launched November 2018, his second book “Queer Cosmos: The Astrology of Queer Identities & Relationships” launched November 2019, and his third book “Gemini” by Sterling Publishers debuts January 2020.


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