Taurus 2024 Horoscope: Love, Money and Top 5 Themes for the Year

The following is excerpted from The AstroTwins’ Taurus 2024 Daily Horoscope Planner.

Taurus 2024 horoscope overview: Electrified excitement

This year, your sharpest compass is the one that resides deep inside of you. Call it your gut instinct, your intuition, your core values. As the planets push you out of your comfort zone, you can always come home to your finely honed beliefs. That’s the beauty of being a Taurus!

Remember that, Bull, because 2024 promises to be an exhilarating year, jam-packed with adventure. With expansive Jupiter and experimental Uranus joined at the hip in Taurus until May 25, a treasure trove of new opportunities awaits your discovery. The work you do during this powerful year of renewal and fresh starts could raise your public profile in a prestigious way. You’ll feel electrified with excitement!

“Here’s a riddle to solve in 2024, Taurus: How can you live your truth while traveling through wildly unfamiliar terrain?”

-The AstroTwins’ Taurus 2024 Daily Horoscope Planner

Top 5 themes for Taurus in 2024

Will 2024 be good for Taurus? The following is a short highlight of each theme for Taurus, explored in the 300-plus pages of The AstroTwins’ Taurus 2024 Daily Horoscope Planner!

1. Experiment everywhere

What’s next, Taurus? You may not have the faintest clue as 2024 opens up. Consider it a blessing! A wide spectrum of unexplored opportunities awaits you in 2024, which is an epic year of discovery for Bulls. And even if you do have an answer on the tip of your tongue, hold on before you declare it out loud.

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2. Simplify for success

Just say, “ahhhh.” Your devil-may-care attitude softens come May 25, as thrill-seeking Jupiter bids Taurus adieu and treks on to Gemini and your sensible, sensual second house. Hosting the red-spotted titan in Taurus was an exhilarating ride! But the supersonic pace of the first half of 2024 probably didn’t jibe with your preferred, ambling speed.

Feel free to take your foot off the gas starting May 25. But don’t remove your hands from the wheel! With Jupiter anchored in your practical, money-minded second house (AKA “the Taurus house”) you are ready to steer your life in a more concrete direction.

3. Assemble a supportive community, but set boundaries

While your indie spirit soars, 2024 is also a powerful year for community. You’ll be fueled (or drained) by the company you keep, so choose your affiliations wisely.

All year long, status-boosting Saturn and compassionate Neptune flow together through Pisces and your eleventh house of teamwork and technology. Expect to make truly important connections this year.

4. Rise up as a role model

What to do with all that wisdom in your head, Taurus? If transformational Pluto has anything to say about it, you might write a book, start a business, develop a curriculum and teach it to people around the world.

Does that sound like a stretch? It’s actually not, Taurus. This year brings a metamorphic shift for you, as Pluto completes its 16-year trek through Capricorn. 

5. Prioritize your health

During this fast-paced, momentum-building year, it would be easy to let self-care slip. But don’t! Wellness is a high-priority item for you in 2024—and it’s an inside and an outside job. Have you ignored red flags telling you to reduce stress and prioritize rest? You may get doctor’s orders to make a lifestyle change. Consider it a wakeup call, reminding you that the body is the soul’s earthly address, and you need to maintain your “property”!

Taurus 2024 horoscope for love

While love may not be a primary focus for Bulls in 2024, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to revel in amour. You’re a Venus-ruled Taurus, after all. Romance is the backdrop of your life, even when you’re in “putting me first” mode.

This year of unprecedented growth and self-development creates the perfect springboard for a healthy relationship. The reason? When you’re being your truest, “you-est” self, you greatly increase the likelihood of attracting people who are genuinely compatible. If you’re already in a long-term relationship, here’s hoping you have a flexible partner who supports your expansion.

Taurus 2024 lucky dates for love: January 28, May 23, October 8

Taurus 2024 horoscope for money & career

How much good fortune can you handle, Taurus? You’re poised for bigger-than-usual gains this year, as abundant Jupiter sails through your sign until May 25, then heads into Gemini and your second house of fiscal security for the remainder of 2024.

But here’s the thing: Jupiter is the galactic gambler, which means playing it safe is not going to help you rise toward your wealth goals. While we’re not saying you should leap without a net, you may need to take a calculated risk and step outside your comfort zone.

Taurus 2024 lucky dates for money: May 18 (AKA “The Day of Miracles”), May 23, September 15

Planets in Taurus in 2024

The following planets visit Taurus in 2024, with a brief excerpt about what it means from The AstroTwins’ Taurus 2024 Daily Horoscope Planner!

Sun in Taurus
April 19 to May 20, 2024
It’s birthday season for you, so step out and shine! Seek novelty and take extra initiative during this radiant monthlong phase.

Taurus new moon
May 7, 2024
Bonus New Year! Set your intentions for the next six months and get into action.

Taurus full moon
November 15, 2024
Ready, set, manifest! Your work of the past six months bears fruit, and it’s time to harvest the rewards.

Mercury in Taurus
May 15 to June 3, 2024
Crown yourself monarch of the social butterflies. Circulate and get social—but don’t make promises you can’t keep!

Venus in Taurus
April 29 to May 23, 2024
You’ve got the romantic It Factor when the galactic glamazon charges up your powers of seduction. Willpower is weak in the face of beauty and luxury. Watch your spending!

Mars in Taurus
June 9 to July 20, 2024
Motivation is high when energetic Mars visits your sign. But check your combative streak and try not to come on too strong.

Jupiter in Taurus
May 16, 2023 to May 25, 2024
How lucky can you get? Bountiful Jupiter visits your sign once every 10-12 years, blessing you with extra fortune. Everything’s exciting…and extra! Take calculated risks but avoid gambles.

Uranus in Taurus
May 15, 2018 to April 25, 2026
Retrograde August 28, 2023 to January 27, 2024 and September 1, 2024 to January 30, 2025

Next flight to deep space leaves in 3, 2, 1…Life feels like a sci-fi movie when Uranus visits your sign (for seven years) every 84 years. Ungrounding and chaotic as it is, you can make incredible life changes now—at lightning speed.

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