Thrive Causemetics x AstroTwins Holiday Bundles: Look Good, Do Good!

Sponsored by Thrive Causemetics

What do we love more than vegan, cruelty-free makeup that’s long-lasting, hydrating and easy to apply? A makeup and skin care brand that’s donated over $140 million in products and funds to 500+ Giving Partners!

So we were thrilled to share these specially priced, limited-edition holiday bundles from Thrive Causemetics with The AstroTwins community.

For a limited time, you get to save big on Thrive Causemetics’ incredible makeup and skin care products, like their award-winning mascara that gives extension-length lashes. All this while contributing to important causes including enduring battles with cancer, surviving domestic abuse, and fighting for racial and social justice. For every product purchased, Thrive Causemetics makes a donation to help communities thrive.

Find the perfect holiday look for your sign—and every sign on your shopping list!

To make your gift-shopping easier, we picked out a bundle for every zodiac sign below. Choose one or build your own bundle! Mix and match up to 10 of Thrive Causemetics vegan & cruelty-free products.

We’re die-hards for the Liquid Lash Extension Mascara, now in limited edition holiday packaging. And the Pout Hero Liquid Balm Treatment is giving “mistletoe magic” in peppermint and gingerbread holiday flavors. Yum!

Aries: Lengthening Mascara Duo

aries thrive causmetics astrotwinsPin

Dynamic Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, which explains why they like to be #1 at all that they do. Stoke your Ram’s competitive spirit with the Lengthening Mascara Duo. You’ll give Aries the longest lashes in any room! For a short time, save 20% on this double-pack of best-selling, award-winning mascara—now in a limited-edition design for the holidays!

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Taurus: Gift of Glow

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Dependable Taurus adores a routine—especially if it’s simple and sophisticated. The limited-time Gift of Glow trio only has three steps to hydrated, happy skin. Help your Bull prep for their busy days efficiently. Then, ease Taurus into bedtime mode, with this gentle set that removes impurities and waterproof makeup before they tuck in.

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Gemini: 5 Minutes To Glow

gemini thrive causmetics astrotwinsPin

Fast-moving Geminis are always on the go! As they buzz around town from morning to night, they love a polished look—especially if it’s fast, fancy and easy to reapply. Save $40 on the limited-time 5 Minutes To Glow bundle that has everything your Gemini needs to cleanse their skin and create a perfect everyday look: long lashes, defined brows and a pretty wash of color for cheeks and lips. Boom!

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Cancer: Sculpted Pout Duo

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Emotionally sensitive Cancers are ruled by the ever-changing moon, which explains why their feelings wax and wane so often. Turn their frowns upside down—or in any direction they desire—with this limited-time Sculpted Pout Duo of lipstick and liner. Creates a plumping effect while delivering equal parts hydration and pigment for a smooth, full finish. It’s a mood!

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Leo: Liquid Lash Mascara Set

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Scene-stealing Leos live for the spotlight! These glamorous, regal creatures love to turn heads. Get your Lion red-carpet ready with the Liquid Lash Mascara Set—extension-length lashes with faux-fur fullness. Hello! Volumizing and lengthening, both mascaras are made from lash-loving ingredients to promote lash growth; ophthalmologist approved for sensitive eyes. Save $10 on this popular duo for a limited time!

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Virgo: Starry Night Glam Color Set

virgo thrive causemetics astrotwinsPin

Polished to perfection? That’s the Virgo way! These detail-loving fashionistas will step out with a fully done look on any day that ends with the letter Y. The Starry Night Glam Color Set covers all the bases, so Virgo can open and define their eyes, top with a shimmery wash of color, then create a naturally flushed complexion with the perfect bold lip. Save 20% with this limited-edition set of skin-loving ingredients, designed for sensitive eyes.

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Libra: Beloved Classics Set

libra thrive causemetics astrotwinsPin

It’s all about balance for Libra, the sign of the scales. Since these stylish sophisticates are unapologetic social butterflies, they like an elegant look to carry them from day into evening. The Beloved Classics Set is bundled with all the bestsellers your Libra needs to create long lashes, luscious lips, and bright eyes. All with easy application and skin-loving ingredients. Save $20 on this collection for a limited time!

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Scorpio: Brilliant Eye Brightener

scorpio thrive causemetics astrotwinsPin

The eyes are the windows to the Scorpio soul. And if you’re lucky, these deep and caring creatures will let you get a glimpse of what’s going on behind their mysterious gaze. Draw attention to their legendary peepers with the Brilliant Eye Brightener Set. Added bonus: Since Scorpios are night owls, you’ll help them look awake and refreshed, even after they’ve been up ‘til dawn!

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Sagittarius: Starry Eyed & Liquid Liner Trio

sagittarius thrive causemetics astrotwinsPin

Wise and wildly hilarious Sagittarius always has something snappy to say. And if a friend is recording when they share their message, all the better! Get your eternally optimistic Centaur ready to be social—and social-media-ready—with the Starry-Eyed + Liquid-Lined Trio. Long lashes, defined lids and bright eyes: check! The limited-edition set is 21% off—plus, it’s fast and easy to apply for this impatient sign!

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Capricorn: Sculpt & Glow Trio


Brains, beauty and ambition? That’s the Capricorn triple-threat. This high-achieving sign can’t help but rise to the top in anything they take on. The Sculpt + Glow Trio of blush, highlighting and bronzing sticks creates a natural, glowy complexion that says, “Game Face: On!” Sweat-proof and smudge-proof for long-lasting wear, this trio will keep your Capricorn looking like a pro from power lunch to after-work mixer.

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Aquarius: Beaming Balm Duo

aquarius thrive causemetics astrotwinsPin

Everyone loves an Aquarius—a sign that manages to fit in everywhere and be 100% unique all at once. Pure genius! This friendly (and flirtatious!) sign’s smile can light up any room. Amplify their wattage with the Beaming Balm Duo, which has the added value of keeping Aquarius’ lips plump and ready to pucker up wherever the mistletoe hangs. Insanely kissable in two, limited-edition holiday flavors of Peppermint and Gingerbread.

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Pisces: Star-Studded Routine

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Life is but a dream for the ethereal Pisces, a sign that basically lives in flow state. These modern-day mystics love to luxuriate. Whether they’re making art or making themselves beautiful for the day, please don’t rush a Pisces. The Star-Studded Routine is a full, hydrating skin-care set, designed for nighttime, Pisces’ favorite hour! Safe and effective for all skin types, enjoy 20% off this limited-time, six-product set.

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The AstroTwins

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