Activate the Earth Element with Our Virgo Season Meditation

virgo season meditation earth element

Ground yourself in timeless wisdom with a Virgo season earth element meditation from mystic-musician Brooke Dabalos. Relax, relate and retreat into your mind.

From August 22 to September 22, 2021, the Sun gets grounded in Virgo, one of the zodiac’s three earth signs (along with Taurus and Capricorn.)

Earth energy governs the material realm. It stabilizes us so we can make the sensible (and profitable!) decisions. Slow and steady, earth reminds us to build upon a solid foundation. Enduring traits, such as loyalty, devotion, and being “down to earth,” are hallmarks of this element.

But if we rest on our laurels, we can short-circuit exciting developments. While the pace may be slower now, it’s important to stay in motion instead of hovering at a plateau. This Virgo season earth element meditation helps you get centered while motivating you to streamline and systematize your life.

This original track was composed by one of our favorite mystical musicians, Brooke Dabalos (who is also a twin!) for that very purpose. During this serene Virgo season earth element meditation, you may realize where you could bring more efficiency and practical magic to your processes. Maybe you’re barking up the wrong tree or spreading yourself too thin. Savvy Virgo helps us prioritize our efforts to ensure that they bring the best possible results.

Connect to your center with these Virgo season meditations

There are two meditations from which to choose, depending on how much time you have: one is 10 minutes long, and one is an hour. You could also use the 10-minute one to supercharge yourself throughout Virgo season and the hour-long one when you have more time to devote to your meditation practice.

About Astrostyle’s Meditation Expert Brooke Dabalos

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Brooke Dabalos ( is a musician, songwriter, poet, artist, intuitive medium, author, and Bay Area native. Brooke experiments with looping, beatboxing, piano, and she recently learned guitar. After a move to Portland, Brooke dove into healing arts and meditation practices, exploring a childhood interest in spiritual wisdom. With the encouragement of mentors and family members, she began to share Intuitive Readings, Mediumship, Past Life Regression, and spiritual workshops as in 2014. She self published her first book of poetry and spiritual tools, Lightning Thoughts, in 2017, and opened The Lightning Center, a space for healing and community gatherings. She recently moved to New York City to work on her seventh album and second book, Something in the Sky: True Stories and Tools for Transformation. Follow her on Instagram at @TheLadyofLightning and @BrookeDmusic.