From Fierce To Fluffy In 0.2 Seconds: Your Year of the Rabbit Horoscope Is Here

Bye, edgy Water Tiger. Hello, cuddly Water Rabbit! After clawing your way through the cold, competitive energy of 2022, it’s time to change our stripes. The ethereal water rabbit arrives January 22 to restore serenity. Here’s your Year of the Rabbit horoscope for 2023!

2023 is the Year of the Water Rabbit

The Rabbit is associated with the Western zodiac sign of Pisces and the planet Neptune. Themes of a Water Rabbit year include:

  • serenity
  • abundance
  • ethereal mood
  • creativity
  • sensitivity
  • expression of affection
  • desire for intimate bonding
  • escapism
  • addictive tendencies
  • victim mentality

The Chinese zodiac is divided into five key elements of nature, or Wu Xing: wood, water, metal, fire and earth. Each lunar year is governed by a different element. A year ending in 2 or 3 is ruled by the water element, such as 2022’s Year of the Tiger and 2023’s Year of the Rabbit.

Years Ending in are ruled by:
0-1: Metal
2-3: Water
4-5: Wood
6-7: Fire
8-9: Earth

To learn about the prevailing energy of this Lunar Year that we all feel, see our article (excerpted from our 2023 Horoscope book): Year of the Rabbit 2023: Lunar Year Horoscope

Was I born in the Year of the Rabbit?

People born in these years are (or will be!) Rabbits in the Chinese Zodiac:
1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023

But! There is an exception. If you are a Capricorn born between January 1-19 of these years, you are not a Rabbit, you are a Tiger. The reason for this? Lunar New Year always begins during Aquarius season, the Western zodiac sign and month after yours.

December-born Capricorn in the above years are Rabbits.

Not you? Calculate your Chinese/Lunar zodiac sign right here.

When does the Chinese New Year begin?

The Chinese New Year, also called the Lunar New Year, occurs in January or February each year.

Lunar New Years Eve is always celebrated during the annual Aquarius new moon. The Aquarius new moon arrives on a different day each year—but always on a day between January 19 and February 19, while the Sun is in Aquarius.

In 2023, Lunar NYE—and the Aquarius new moon—arrive on Saturday, January 21, and New Year’s Day is Sunday, January 22.

About the Chinese zodiac calendar

The Eastern calendar follows the moon, which is why Lunar New Years dates shift annually on our Western, calendar. The timing is based on the moon-based lunisolar calendar, not the Gregorian calendar.

There are 12 months in most years of the lunisolar calendar; leap years have 13 months.

Unlike Western Sun signs, which are based on monthlong periods, your Chinese zodiac sign corresponds with years. Your Chinese zodiac sign is not related to constellations. But it is related to the moon’s monthly cycles.

Fun fact: The word “zodiac” means “little circle of animals.”

The lunar zodiac assigns an animal and its traits to each year in a repeating 12-year cycle. The 12-year cycle is an approximation to the 11.85-year orbital period of Jupiter.

What is the Golden Year in the Chinese Zodiac?

Your 60th birthday year is called your Golden Year in the lunar zodiac because it’s the first time since your birth that both the animal and the element (metal, water, wood, fire or earth) are in the same position they were when you were born.

People born in 1963 are Water Rabbits by birth. They are turning 60 this year and celebrating their Golden Year as of January 22, 2023—the day that the Lunar New Year officially begins.

Your Year of the Rabbit Horoscope for 2023

In this Article

Aries, Year of the Rabbit horoscope

January 22 is the Lunar New Year, kicking off the Year of the creative and abundant Water Rabbit. The more is absolutely the merrier and this is the year to find ways to multiply your efforts. Your Aries star qualities won’t dim if you share your methodologies with others. In fact, you can use your allure to spotlight other people’s talents and gain an even bigger following as a result. The world may finally be ready to embrace your most outré ideas! Lawyer up and trademark them where appropriate.

Taurus, Year of the Rabbit horoscope

The lunar Year of the Water Rabbit begins on January 22 when the cuddly, emo bunny takes the wheel from the aggressive Water Tiger. This should feel like sweet relief for you, Taurus. Settle into the softer side of your personality because tender moments are ahead. This family-friendly year is right up your alley. Just don’t get so comfortable that you lose the independent edge you cultivated in 2022.

Gemini, Year of the Rabbit horoscope

The Year of the Water Rabbit begins on January 22 when we hop into a fresh, 12-month cycle on the lunar calendar. As you bid farewell to the fierce Water Tiger, find solace in Rabbit’s gentle chill. If you used your jungle cat claws to drag anyone in 2022, you’ve got some ‘splainin’ and apologizing to do, Gemini. (No, they didn’t understand that you were “only joking.”) Make a repeated effort to show that you’re ready to listen, own your part in the drama and bring back the love.

Cancer, Year of the Rabbit horoscope

January 22 is the lunar New Year as the gentle, emo Water Rabbit takes over from the predatory Tiger. The next twelve months are much more your speed, Cancer. Family (baby bunnies!), creative exploration and creating personal safety are on deck. Your emotional intelligence will be in demand. Those sensitive feelings, they are your gift. Channel them into art, romance and your own spiritual development.

Leo, Year of the Rabbit horoscope

With the Year of the Water Rabbit beginning January 22, communal efforts get a boost! This may feel like a sudden switch as you wave farewell to the solitary Water Tiger who ruled 2022. While you’ll miss the vibes of your fellow jungle cat, Water Rabbit’s innate creativity, gentle playfulness and spirit of abundance are right up your royal alley. The only thing you need to do is switch from a competitive mindset to a cooperative one.

Virgo, Year of the Rabbit horoscope

You may, er, hop right into a new routine on January 22 when the Year of the Water Rabbit kicks off. But if you want it to stick, lean in to the bunny’s desire for creativity and spirituality. Set up a workout area with colorful lights and mirrors (and maybe a ballet barre). Look for dance-based workouts or mix in yoga with mantras and meditation. Approach every area of your life with this Zen mindset and look for any opportunities you can find to collaborate.

Libra, Year of the Rabbit horoscope

With the Year of the Water Rabbit beginning January 22, you have permission to be the dreamy, romantic Libra without reserve. More than most signs, you’ll be happy to wave farewell to the vicious Water Tiger and embrace Rabbit’s spirit of cooperation. Over the coming twelve months, make more time for your creative work and any activities that nurture your spiritual side.

Scorpio, Year of the Rabbit horoscope

January 22 is the Lunar New Year as the quixotic, emotionally attuned Water Rabbit takes the throne for twelve months. While you thrive in a competitive environment, 2022’s Water Tiger Year is over—so no more of this “kill or be killed” ferocity, ok? The Rabbit is prey, not predator, after all. While it’s important to be self-protective in 2023, build a buffer instead of an army. How? By creating solid relationships that are safe and secure. There’s strength in numbers, Scorpio!

Sagittarius, Year of the Rabbit horoscope

Sorry to report that you’ll need to dial back some fierceness starting January 22 (AKA the Lunar New Year) when the passive Water Rabbit steps in for the predatory Water Tiger. As the zodiac’s hunter, you’d rather pursue than chase, but it’s time to pivot, Sagittarius. Rather than running away, focus on amplifying your magnetism and drawing opportunity into your “net.” Learn to use the Law of Attraction, not simply by focusing on a wish, but by creating the right circumstances to vibe with whatever your heart desires.

Capricorn, Year of the Rabbit horoscope

You’re no stranger to stalking opportunity—and 2022’s Water Tiger brought you plenty of chances to do just that. But the Law of the Jungle is not going to bring you the same success starting January 22 when the gentle, cooperative Water Rabbit takes charge for a year. So what to do? Try the Law of Attraction instead. Rabbit is an abundant creature, but it multiplies through its inherent creativity and communal nature. Get thee to networking, Capricorn, because this is the year to grow stronger together.

Aquarius, Year of the Rabbit horoscope

The Lunar New Year is celebrated on January 22 and this one marks an important passage for Aquarians. For the past twelve months, the Water Tiger reigned, which was a favorable period since this creature is associated with your sign and your ruling planet, Uranus, in the Eastern zodiac. After a year of innovation, science and individuality (totally your vibe), you may need a moment to adjust to the left-brained, dreamy and esoteric fluff of the Water Rabbit. Our best advice? Go with the flow? Your own enchanted energy will blossom quickly. So much fun to be had!

Pisces, Year of the Rabbit horoscope

Get ready to hop to a new beat January 22, when the lunar Year of the Water Rabbit begins. It’s a familiar rhythm, in fact, since the Rabbit is associated with Pisces and your ruling planet Neptune in the Eastern zodiac. Your creative and esoteric gifts are ripe for sharing now—yes, even with people who scoffed at your intuition last year. (Forgive them, Fish, they needed time to catch up to your level of enlightenment.) In 2023, you may pick a creative project or spiritual practice that got sidelined months (or years!) ago. Music, meditation and making magic are themes for the next twelve months. So very…you.

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