Ruling Planets


Each zodiac sign is said to have a “ruling planet” that governs it and imbues it with certain personality traits. Below, you can find your sign’s ruling planet and what it means.

SunLeocourage, self-expression, boldness
MoonCancersensitivity, nurturing, fluctuating moods
MercuryGemini, Virgocommunication skills, intellect, cleverness
VenusTaurus, Librabeauty, charm, sensuality
MarsAries (minor rule over Scorpio)drive, aggression, commpetitiveness
JupiterSagittarius (minor rule over Pisces)optimism, abundance, a big appetite for life
SaturnCapricorn (minor rule over Aquarius)discipline, restraint, a hard work ethic
UranusAquariusoriginality, innovation, shock value
NeptunePiscescompassion, creativity, psychic powers
PlutoScorpiointensity, depth, control and power

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