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Divine Dance: A Ritual for the Pisces New Moon

pisces new moon ritual

Do you know where your limits lie? On March 17 at 9:11AM EST, the new moon in intuitive, primal Pisces arrives to dare us to be vulnerable and help soften our edges—while still maintaining healthy boundaries. 

As the sign of the healing elder, Piscean energy can reveal where we are being victimized or taken advantage of. No mas! It’s time to put your foot (or fin) down—especially since Pisces rules the feet and is symbolized by the two Fish swimming in opposite directions. You can harness the potency of the Pisces new moon with an alchemical ritual that invokes a divine cosmic dance.

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Ritual: Barefoot Dance Party

The enchanted sign of ethereal Pisces governs dance—a ritual that has been incorporated into sacred traditions for ages. Pull together a playlist or cue up your most stirring Spotify station and have a solar eclipse dance party!

You can do this alone or invite friends to join, but you’ll want to make sure that you start things off in a safe and private space. (Hit the club for an after party if you wish!) Choose music that is not only danceable but also speaks to your soul. Dim the lights to create the nocturnal and mysterious atmosphere that Pisces loves; you might even do the ritual by candlelight. Take off your shoes: Since Pisces governs the feet, this exercise is as much about having your head in the clouds, as it is about feeling the earth beneath your feet.

So go ahead and turn on the music and do the following two dances:

Foot Stomp:

When our boundaries are crossed, we can feel both angry and guilty, especially when the offense comes from someone in our personal lives. Stomping out energy through the feet is a way to say “No! I’m putting my foot down!” Choose a song with a strong beat for this (some good hip-hop maybe) and dance in a marching and stomping gesture. You might even shout out the word, “No!” while dancing just for added effect. We promise, it will feel amazing—especially if you picture the boundary crosser’s face when you do it.

Boundary Activation Air Chop:

Our auric field extends outside the body—and when people cross into that zone, we can feel pushed, fearful and even violated. This dance is meant to reactivate the protective field around your body and reinvigorate your intuition—one of Pisces’ gifts. While dancing, make a karate-chopping motion, striking into the air about six inches away from your physical self. Start at the root chakra, the area between your hips and work your way up to the top of your head. Notice where you may want to spend more time, for example, if you’ve had trouble speaking up, work on the throat area; or, if you’ve given too much in love, chop in front of your heart. This is not about blocking people but rather remembering where your own limits lie!

Other Ideas:

Listen to a shamanic drumming track with eyes closed, then journal about the dreamlike images that arise. Celebrate the arts at a live concert or theater performance.

Get a reflexology treatment, foot massage, or pedicure. Buy a dream journal to keep by your nightstand and record your waking thoughts and ideas.

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