Open Your Heart and Fuel Your Fantasies with February’s Pisces New Moon

This just in! Intuition reigns over logic as the Pisces new moon invites your softer, more receptive side to take the wheel.

The Pisces new moon arrives on Monday, February 20, 2023, at 2:06 AM EST, two days after the Sun moves into this zodiac sign for the four weeks of Pisces season. Surrender control and immerse yourself in the creative process.

What is the meaning of the Pisces new moon for you?

Every 27-29 days, there is a new moon, a night when the sky goes dark and the Sun and moon align at the same degree and zodiac sign. The Pisces new moon occurs every year during Pisces season, between February 18 and March 20. This date differs from year to year.

Think of the Pisces new moon as a blank canvas for something you want to do

During a new moon, we get a blank canvas upon which to create. Think of the Pisces new moon as a chance to reboot all things Piscean in your life—no matter what your zodiac sign is. Expect to feel more compassionate, free-flowing, artistic, spiritually aware and dreamy. Use this new moon energy to kick off a meditation practice, start a creative project or deepen your connection to someone you care about. Keep reading, we have lots more ideas for you!

But first, what needs to drain away?

Emotions are the domain of the Fish, Pisces is one of the zodiac’s three water signs (along with Cancer and Scorpio). A Pisces new moon provides both a reflecting pool and a chance to plunge into the depths of your own feelings. From that open state, divine guidance flows in.

But first, is there anything you need to drain away? Since Pisces is the last of the three water signs in the zodiac—and the 12th sign—it connects to endings and transitions.

The Pisces new moon also reveals where you need to refill the metaphoric pond with fresh water. Have you allowed feelings to get murky and boundaries to blur? While you may not resolve matters overnight, pay attention to where situations feel heavy.

And grab your life raft!

You don’t have to drown in those feelings! Let the Pisces new moon throw you a life raft. This compassionate energy is great for making amends—and also forgiving yourself.

Love & the Pisces new moon = secret desires

Harboring a secret desire? The floodgates to fantasy open today. Surrender and see what happens if you follow the flow of your imagination. This boundary-blurring new moon can give you the confidence to go beyond your fears and bare your soul. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

A new moon in selfless Pisces brings a golden opportunity to be the supportive angel of your lover’s dreams. But also…

Heed this planetary PSA: Compassion does not equal codependence!

This sacrificial lunation may find you playing the role of caretaker instead of companion. It’s great to lend a hand when people need extra support.

If you’re feeling drained, set boundaries around your availability. A healthy “no” or “not right now” saves you from resentment in the future and lays the groundwork for a healthier relationship that has everyone pulling their weight.

Check in with yourself before you offer up time and energy. Is compassion veering into caretaking terrain…even codependence? “Giving” feels best when it comes wrapped in boundaries. Measured generosity spares you future resentment, and you’ll avoid putting pressure on a relationship.

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What to do during a Pisces new moon: imagine wild!

The fantasy floodgates open as the year’s only new moon in Pisces awakens your wildest imaginings.

Since the spiritual veil is thin under these moonbeams, this is one of the best days of the year to download divine inspiration. You could:

  • Get yourself into a quiet space where you can receive the guidance of your inner voice.
  • Take a ritual bath, detox in a sauna or with a special elixir (think adaptogenic mushroom drinks or alkalizing spritzers)
  • Start an artistic venture or sign up for training in a spiritual modality. Anything from life drawing workshops to Human Design astrology could make the winter months fly by
  • Immerse yourself a spiritual or artistic experience like a sound bath or a live music show. Get ready for a state change!

7 ways to protect yourself at the Pisces New Moon

1. “Marie Kondo” your psyche

So, you’ve given your closets and drawers the style blogger treatment as a New Year’s resolution. Now, how about your psyche? As the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac, Pisces energy can hold a lot of baggage, and not just the physical kind.

Since this sign rules the subconscious, the Pisces new moon beams your attention inward. Your thoughts have a big part in shaping your reality, which, in turn directs your outlook on life. So it makes sense to give your mind an internal audit from time to time. The goal is to gain awareness of that unconscious chatter so it doesn’t run the show.

Regular meditation breaks can help you tune in to those shadowy corners of your mind.

As you close your eyes, allow yourself to ruminate on where you are feeling stuck, uninspired or hopeless. You may discover some entrenched thinking that needs to come to light. For example, maybe you’re telling yourself, “I’ll never make THAT much money,” or “If I want it done right, I guess I’ll just have to do it myself.” After sitting quietly and observing your mental landscape, open up your journal and write about it.

Here are a few prompts you can use:

  • What situation is causing me to feel upset?
  • What emotions am I experiencing about this?
  • What is my belief about this situation?

Then, try giving each disempowering thought a positive reframe. For example:

  • “I am committed to learning about money management so I can create abundance in my life.”
  • Or, “I will ask three experienced people for their advice on how to navigate my relationship crossroads.”

Helpful mentors and “earth angels” tend to show up near a Pisces new moon, so don’t try to figure out the particularly snarly issues on your own. Friends and family can be great sources of support, but if you’re worried about leaning too heavily on them, reach out (and up!) to an expert who can Sherpa you through your transformation, like a therapist, coach, spiritual leader or shaman.

2. Approach everything like you’re an artist

Let life imitate art at the Pisces new moon. What if you regarded everything you do—from preparing your breakfast to composing an email—as a work of art? Imagine what kind of honor, dignity and divinity you could bring to every waking moment. You would exist in a true state of grace. Experiment with this idea for two weeks and see how your experience of life begins to shift.

Need a nudge? Let artist extraordinaire Michelangelo, a Pisces born March 6, 1475, inspire you. He spent four years painting the awe-inspiring ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, which is one of the seven wonders of the world. During his lifetime, Michelangelo was known as Il Divino (“the divine one”). How very Piscean, since the veil between the earthly and the divine is thinned by Pisces’ esoteric influence. What spirit or force drove him—or other brilliant Pisces like Nina Simone and Alexander McQueen—to such excellence? Pick up your own version of the metaphorical microphone or paintbrush and find out!

3. Channel your inner Einstein and get in the zone

Explore the quantum field! Ever notice that when you’re feeling anxious, an hour feels like a lifetime, but when you’re “in the zone” it flies by way too quickly? The Pisces new moon directs us toward quantum thinking, where time is more elastic than fixed—and can be bent at our will. Albert Einstein, whose theory of relativity turned our concept of reality on its head, was a Pisces, born March 14, 1879. (And it’s interesting to note that the late, great theoretical physicist Dr. Stephen Hawking—a Capricorn—died on Einstein’s birthday, which is also Pi Day).

The Pisces new moon encourages us to question linear concepts like distance and time—just as Einstein, Hawking and even Galileo had done. One of our favorite (and most digestible) books on the quantum realm is Dr. Joe Dispenza’s Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How To Lose Your Mind and Create a New One.

On that note, when was the last time you lost track of a few hours?

Just let yourself follow your whims? Daydreamer Pisces encourages you to ride a divinely inspired wave. Tinker with a musical instrument or watercolors. Have an impromptu dance party for one. Wander through an adorable shopping district and try on some lust-worthy shoes (glamorous Pisces rules the feet). The Pisces new moon encourages you to follow the muse and see where it takes you.

4. Explore your past life

Or at least ponder the possibility of a past life! As the final sign of the zodiac, Piscean energy is often equated with a metaphorical death. It’s why so many people born under this sign are “old souls” with a strong connection to the other side. Pisces is also associated with reincarnation and the afterlife.

A book that’s made a huge impact on us is late (Aries) hypnotherapist Dolores Cannon’s Between Death and Life: Conversations with a Spirit. While regressing her patients to heal traumas, they recount memories of their time in between earthly incarnations. Cannon records this with fascinating detail, without trying to convince the reader to believe, but rather to try on the possibility and see if it resonates as a personal truth. For us, Cannon’s work brought deep comfort—and a profound sense of “remembering”—during the transition of our beloved pets.

5. Care for the caregiver (that means you!)

Set up healthy boundaries at the Pisces new moon. While this zodiac sign is the most empathetic of them all, when does compassion veer into codependence? Nebulous Neptune rules Pisces. Figuring out where you begin and another person ends can be a bit challenging—but try! The Pisces new moon may serve as a wakeup call that you’ve been making too many sacrifices to your self-care in the name of “being there” for a loved one.

Giving is not a true act of generosity if you exhaust yourself in the process. Set up healthy boundaries and don’t stay silent about your need for support. The struggle is real sometimes; instead of wearing it like a badge of honor, let it be a wake-up call that you need to reach out. (See also our Pisces New Moon Ritual about setting boundaries!)

6. Let (insert divine power of choice) take the wheel

Be open to divine guidance. Wanting to be in control is part of the human condition. Pisces is the star sign of surrender and release. Under the spell of this intuitive energy, try handing the metaphorical reigns to the universe (or god, the divine…however you see it). The mysterious and unseen force may have a better plan than the one your mortal mind can concoct. If things take a U-turn or veer off onto an unchartered path, try not to freak out. Instead, say, “Hmmm…I wonder what I’m to learn from THIS change of events?”

Let your curiosity lead instead of your anxiety. Stop, tune in, and plug into the flow. You’re being guided, so listen carefully and watch for serendipities as clues along the way. You might even keep an angel card deck handy and pull one for the Pisces new moon, then ponder the meaning of its message.

7. Remember to drink your water!

Boundaries aren’t the only things that are fluid near the Pisces new moon. As the twelfth and final zodiac sign, Pisces rules our elimination systems, the ones that help us move toxins out of our bodies. Since the skin is the largest elimination organ, sweat is what flushes those unwanted chemicals we absorb out of our pores. But that’s a lot harder for your body to do if you’ve been chugging three (or more!) cups of dehydrating coffee or soda to every glass of fresh H2O. (Guilty!) 

And, duh, Pisces is a water sign so why not go for the low hanging fruit here? Chug those recommended eight, 8 oz. glasses of water in per day as a minimum. If you’re a caffeine addict, try a two-week test. Replace at least one cup of coffee with tea blend that uses bitter, coffee-like herbs such as chicory or dandelion. You may discover that you think clearer and your productivity improves. You never know: This could be the fastest route to getting yourself into that famous Pisces “flow state.” 

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