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Scorpio Season: 5 Ways to Reignite Your Passions by November 21

scorpio season

Ready, set, rebirth! Scorpio season has descended upon us. The Sun is in this intense, sultry and secretive sign from October 23-November 21, putting our focus on intimacy, transformation and how we share our power with others.

Just when we thought things couldn’t get more heated (in Hollywood…and beyond!), Scorpio season has arrived with a vengeance. Every 30 days or so, the Sun visits a new zodiac sign. During this “season” everyone feels the energy of this prevailing astrological energy, no matter what your Sun sign. Scorpio is the second of the zodiac’s three water signs and part of the “fixed” quality (or triplicity). Fixed signs (the others are Taurus, Leo and Aquarius) are all about security, planting their flag in the turf they’ve claimed and establishing their dominance there. They are often hardworking and stable, or unafraid to take a strong position on issues.

As lighthearted Libra season flutters into the rearview, we dive into the depths of Scorpio time, a cosmic cycle where passion and extremes move into the forefront. No more taking the safe middle ground or avoiding conflict in order to be liked. Scorpio time is about honing in on a target; it’s power mergers, strategic alliances and shared energy AFTER the honeymoon phase ends.

Here are five ways you can turn up the metaphorical heat of Scorpio season and channel its intensity between now and November 21. 

1. Behold the power of mystery (but watch for excessive secrecy).

rihanna scorpio season

With the Sun in sultry and secretive Scorpio, the intrigue gets turned way up. So hold back a little—we dare you! In a time of social media and instant everything, no detail of people’s private lives is spared. During Scorpio season, take a break from documenting mundane moments on Facebook Live and let people wonder a little more. The power of #FOMO (fear of missing out) can actually work to your advantage now.

The power of suspense is a Scorpio specialty: Suggestion, anticipation—the dangling of the carrot. Scatter a few clues like rose petals, teasing people to follow your trail while you build their curiosity into a frenzy. They’ll be dying to know where the thrilling story arc leads.

The power of suspense is a Scorpio specialty.

If you’re a business owner, follow this same formula. Seth Godin’s classic book, “Free Prize Inside: How To Make a Purple Cow,” explains the concept of the irresistible bonus. During Scorpio season, you can put his principle to work, seducing people into buying that metaphorical sugared cereal with the toy buried inside. Because if you think about it, it’s not the prize that creates the excitement. The thrill comes from the anticipation, the experience of ripping open the package, the moments before you find the crappy little plastic ring and shrug, “Oh well.” Heck, it’s the secret behind those addictive “unboxing” videos. So perform your own Scorpio season dance and watch the crowds go wild!

Warning: While you might get off on a little cloak-and-dagger mystique, make sure you’re not being SO opaque that it turns people off. You don’t want to come across like you’re intentionally trying to hide something. Otherwise, people will just think you’re shady.

2. Get a little spicy and sex it up!

Ru Paul is a Scorpio

Scorpio is best known as “the sex sign”—it’s got a reputation—and Scorpio season is definitely prime time to get intimate. But this isn’t just about a quick shag, contrary to popular lore. Scorpio is the sign of intimacy and merging—it’s where “me” melds into “we,” the communion AND the union of mind, body and soul. During this season, a kiss is never just a kiss, so don’t kid yourself into thinking you can keep it casual for long. Exchanging energy with another person during Scorpio season creates an invisible “cord” between you, so consider whether you want that.

During Scorpio season, a kiss is never just a kiss.

Since Scorpio rules jealousy and transformation, you might explore new thinking about consent, monogamy vs. polyamory, Tinder culture and other of-the-moment topics. The bold memoir, Future Sex by Emily Witt details a single woman’s foray into sex and sexuality in the Internet age (from “orgasmic meditation” workshops to “Chaturbate” to no-strings hookup attempts with friends). Or check out Esther Perel’s new treatise on monogamy, The State of Affairs: Rethinking Infidelity.

Too much for you to handle? Use this time to get in touch with your sensual, life force energy—which exists within all of us. (These Venus in Scorpio scents can also be spritzed on during Scorpio solar season to amp up your mojo and mood.) Even doing some simple hip circles—standing in place and rotating your hips like you’re slowly hula hooping—can get stagnant energy “down there” moving and flowing again.

3. Dive into a (healthy) obsession.

scorpio season one track mind

One incarnation of Scorpio is the sharp-eyed eagle, which dives for its prey from high in the sky, rarely missing its target. Scorpio season hones our focus in such a way, making this an ideal time for research and detailed work.

Beware getting so fixated on your agenda that you miss important cues. 

Scorpio season helps us delve into the depths, which can make us smarter and more self-aware. But watch out—it can also give you tunnel vision. Beware going to extremes or getting so fixated on your agenda that you miss some important cues. Your one-track mind can give you incredible stamina—but it can also take you off the rails.

4. Steer clear from jealousy and low-vibe behavior.

Yet another form that Scorpio appears in is the ground-dwelling Scorpion, which is easily threatened and lashes out with a preemptive deadly sting. During Scorpio season, some of our basest instincts come out: jealousy, possessiveness, gossip, paranoia. Scorpio is ruled by powermonger Pluto, which can drive up issues of domination and control, or emotional manipulation.

scorpio season obsession

In The Artist’s Way, author Julia Cameron suggests viewing jealousy as a “map” pointing to your true desires. It’s an intriguing way of looking at it. So don’t deny that you feel these intense and even shameful feelings. Just make like an alchemist during Scorpio season and transmute them from lead into gold.

Scorpio season drives up issues of power and control.

Does someone’s excessively loud voice push your buttons, for example? Reflect on WHY that is. Maybe you don’t feel entitled to speak up or brazenly take up space like this person seems to. Challenge yourself to raise your own volume and ask directly for what you want. Once you let yourself be that squeaky wheel, you might find that this person no longer bothers you so much.

5. Merge for mutual gain by pooling your resources.

scorpio season high five

Scorpio rules “other people’s money”—a somewhat misleading term that suggests we should all start rifling around in our mother’s purses for a $20-spot she won’t miss. Savvy Scorpio time is less petty thief and more about pooled resources. It’s high season for strategic alliances, combining your money, talent, time, energy—whatever you have in abundance—to create a mutual win-win.

This is a time for reinvention and manifesting, to make something out of nothing.

Scorpio is masterful at refurbishing and remixing—taking the old and spinning it into something fresh and new. This is a time for reinvention and manifesting, to make something out of nothing. Yet another incarnation of Scorpio is symbolized by the golden Phoenix rising from the ashes. This month, you could even rise triumphantly out of something that felt like a loss, a waste of time or downright apocalyptic.

So sure, you might court some deep-pocketed and well-connected investors for your grand ideas. But you could also freecycle, potluck, carpool and mine the shared economy’s treasure trove. No money actually needs to change hands for you to tap into Scorpio season’s wealth-building powers. Heck, the Scorpio mantra might as well be “never pay retail.” A resourceful attitude is all you need, and the spiritual Scorpio vibes will light the way. Join up with people who have a bounty of what you’re lacking—and vice-versa. Make sure everyone is giving an equal amount, even if one of you donates sweat equity while the other just writes a check. Together, you’re a force to be reckoned with!

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