2020 Numerology Forecast for 1 Personal Year

Your 2020 numerology forecast for a 1 Personal Year: Fresh starts!

by Felicia Bender, The Practical Numerologist

This is a year of new beginnings for your 1 Personal year. The overarching themes for you are: independence, initiation and achievement.

2020 may give you more clarity than 2019 did because this year is the start of a new, nine-year cycle (2019 was your 9 Personal Year, and the end of a numerology cycle). In 2020, you’ll plant the seeds for what you want to see grow and mature through 2028.

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2020 is also the final push of a three-year transition cycle for you (Personal Years 8-9-1). You may be a little fatigued at this point! But don’t slow down. These twelve months are very important, so don’t waste them with frivolous activities or useless relationships.

Your 2020 Personal Year can be best used by cleaning your slate. If any unfinished business is left over from your transitional 9 Personal Year in 2019, wrap up those loose ends before you can fully engage in the magic of the initiating 1 energy.

The more you can connect with the unique and quirky aspects of yourself, the more successful you’ll be. Any failures will teach you accelerated lessons in self-esteem, trusting yourself and standing on your own two feet.

The 1 Personal Year is a time for action. Relationships flourish as long as you maintain a strong sense of autonomy. It’s likely they’ll take a backseat to other matters, particularly career advancement.

If a bond is codependent or overly enmeshed, you’ll be challenged to stop enabling (or being enabled).

You may also have the sense that a lot rests on your shoulders and only you can get it done. This can be a somewhat lonely year if you take on too much.

Tap into your pioneering spirit and take some calculated risks relating to your long-term goals, which is also a theme for all of us during a 4 Universal Year.

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