2020 Numerology Forecast for 2 Personal Year

Your 2020 numerology forecast for a 2 Personal Year: Slow burn!

by Felicia Bender, The Practical Numerologist

This year is about slowing down and developing patience for your 2 Personal Year. The overarching themes for you are: letting your emotions and relationships take a front seat.

After a three-year period of intensity and transformation during your Personal Years 8-9-1 (2017 to 2019), 2020 is your “hall pass” to downshift. This year is about being devoted to love in all of its forms.

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The 2 Personal Year is a slow-moving cycle designed to test your trust in “the right timing.” It also helps school you in developing patience. The universe does have your back, even though you’ll often feel as though it’s snoozing on the job. It’s a “tar walking” year, during which you may feel as though even the most basic step forward takes far too much energy, time and patience. Your frustration levels may feel heightened in 2020.

The highest and best use of your 2 Personal Year resides in slowing down, relaxing (if you can), and relationship building. Rather than that hopping on one phone call a month or trading terse emails, spend more face-time with people. This year, you’ll benefit from cultivating and honing your tribe. It’s a fabulous year for networking, finding a long-term partner or rekindling flames. Just don’t expect anything to transpire at a rapid pace!

Relationships Require Boundaries

This year, you could seal a relationship, business or romantic. If you’re single, you may find a soul-centered mate and enjoy slowly getting to know each other.

Learning to set strong but supple emotional boundaries with friends, colleagues and family will also be a theme for you this year. Speak your truth gently but firmly. Intuition can soar in a 2 Personal Year. Your sense of style, design and artistic eye are sharper. This is an ideal time to open and soften your heart, trust in divine timing, and develop authentic relationships. Remember, patience will be needed for all endeavors. If you’re a “Type A” personality, this may be challenging for you to loosen up, but not impossible!

In addition to the core elements of the number 2, you’ll navigate the over-arching theme of the 4 Universal Year. Along with it being a slower, relationship-oriented and emotional year, you’ll have an opportunity to set concrete goals for your visions.

This year will test you in standing up for yourself, taking the lead in your life and manifesting results in a tangible way.

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