2020 Numerology Forecast for 5 Personal Year

Your 2020 Numerology Forecast for a 5 Personal Year: Freedom and change

by Felicia Bender, The Practical Numerologist

So many pleasures, so little time! Your 2020 5 Personal Year might feel like a whirlwind after the more practical vibe of your 4 Personal Year in 2019.

But the energy of the 5 can feel intoxicating. Often the year starts out with a bang, bustling with new people, experiences and fun. Your charisma and sex appeal are off the charts. Be open to trying new things during this spontaneity-inspired 12-month cycle.

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This is not necessarily the best time to make a long-term commitment because there will be so many interesting options to try. Embrace the uncertainty—there’s a certain thrill to not having it all planned out!

The 5 Personal Year is filled with grand adventures, but the key is to maintain some semblance of self-discipline. Otherwise you’ll get to the next year feeling like you have a massive hangover from the party of the decade (and well, it kind of is!). This high-octane year brings lots of ups and downs, so be flexible and willing to adapt. Otherwise “drama” may also be a recurring issue.

This is a pivotal time because you’re midway through your 9-year Personal Year Cycle. You could face a turning point or transition. The 5 Personal Year offers a plethora of opportunities to face your fears, dismantle restrictions and rekindle your sense of adventure. You could indulge in excessive behaviors—sex, drugs, alcohol and all the rest of it. Or you could go to the opposite extremes with overwork, obsessive exercise and controlled eating. Moderation, wherefore art thou?

Be careful not to numb out with escapism this year. Channel the vibrant 5 energies into a creative project that has your personal stamp on it. Combine the 5 with the powerful energy of the 4 Universal Year and you’ll keep on track and have fun doing it.

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