2020 Numerology Forecast for 6 Personal Year

Your 2020 numerology forecast for a 6 Personal Year: Nurture and be nurtured

by Felicia Bender, The Practical Numerologist

After your freewheeling and hedonistic 5 Personal Year in 2019, it’s time to buckle down in 2020, your 6 Personal Year.

This year you’ll devote more time and energy to home, family and responsibility. 2020 is a year to regroup. You’ll may feel a higher level of duty in your personal life this year as well. The 6 Personal Year is often referred to in numerology as the “marriage and divorce year.”

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Relationships are a focal point, and you could make a major decision in 2020. Is marriage or an engagement on your horizon? You could attract “the one” if you’re single, or grow closer to a longtime love. Some people may break up, file for divorce or part ways from a business partner. You may finally feel certainty if a relationship is in need of a separation. You might gain the clarity you’ve been waiting for to officially say “I do.”

The energy of the 6 helps you evaluate your role in relationships. Do you over-function and give too much to your kids, partner, parents, boss or friends?
Or do you level judgment on those around you, impeding everyone’s happiness? Examine how you feel empowered or disempowered in your domestic and personal life and get the support you need.

A note about the demands on your time

This year, friends and family could ask you to take on added responsibilities for them. That may come in the form of a wedding, graduation, birth of a baby, military deployment, a loved one’s health crisis or some other family event. The trick is to participate in the way you want to and not feel beholden. How can you do this without getting resentful or over-giving? If your tendency is to avoid responsibility, you could grow by taking something on.

The 6 Personal Year is the perfect time to beautify your home. Do you have a desire to move? Redesign the kitchen or bath? Revitalize with new landscaping? Do it! On the career front, the 6 Year can be a make-or-break time for business. Should you stay or should you go? That will be the question you’ll grapple with. The energy of the over-arching 4 Universal Year will help you stay organized and focused.

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