2020 Numerology Forecast for 7 Personal Year

Your 2020 numerology forecast for a 7 Personal Year: Elevate!

by Felicia Bender, The Practical Numerologist

The 7 Personal Year is about delving inward. The universe is giving you full permission in 2020 to contemplate your own naval. You’ve got one foot in the material world, one in the esoteric realm.

As you go about your day-to-day life, you’ll also be heavily involved in deep inner work. It’s a year of spiritual development when your faith and trust can be tested. Don’t be surprised if you want to retreat from the chaotic crowds to be more quiet and introspective.

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Your mission—should you choose to accept it—is to explore the depths of your soul’s calling. Go on retreats and enjoy your alone time. Read more books. You may change your lifestyle to align with these illuminated new findings, for example, cutting out animal products or starting a daily meditation practice.

The 7 Personal Year is a time of deep contemplation. If you’re working with more destructive tendencies in this cycle, big feelings of being a victim in your life. Evaluate how you’ve chosen to position yourself in the world. Heal any disempowering beliefs.

It’s a good time for therapy, energy work and anything else that prompts deep personal growth. You need to truly embrace “you” during this time.

You may be more low-key than usual. Let your loved ones know there’s nothing wrong, this is just how you need to be now. Often people report that difficult and painful events happen to them during a 7 Personal Year. It has the potential to rival a 9 Personal Year (which is the end of your cycle; you’ll experience it in 2022). Both personal years are rife with letting go, facing challenges like loss, health issues or other events that you might typically find hard to handle.

The 7 Personal Year helps you balance between your intuition and your analytical mind, and also supports taking care of any health issues that arise or that you’ve been ignoring.

Combined with the energy of the 4 Universal Year that we will all feel, you’ll be ready for illumination and doing the work below the surface.

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