Cause Smiles with Our 2020 Virgo New Moon Ritual

The new moon in Virgo on September 17 invokes the spirit of service. Give for giving’s sake and catch a feel-good buzz with our 2020 Virgo new moon ritual.

by The AstroTwins

Ritual: Random Acts of Kindness

This 2020 Virgo new moon ritual calls for simple acts of kindness. Think of your ritual as a day for selfless service.

As you move through your day, look for little ways you can make a difference—or just put a smile on someone’s face. For example, your Virgo new moon ritual could look like:

  • leaving an extra $5 at the drive-through to cover a latte for the person behind you in line
  • sending a colleague a box of cupcakes or a friend a bouquet of flowers
  • donating clothes to a thrift shop that’s connected to a charity you believe in
  • offering to send lunch to a friend who is on an insane deadline
  • placing a recycling bin in the mailroom of your apartment complex for neighbors to toss their junk mail
  • collecting school supplies to donate to a school in your community for when classes resume

Just keep your eyes open while you’re grooving through your day. When you spot little ways to help your community, make your move!

This 2020 Virgo new moon ritual doesn’t have to cost a cent.

Simple moves count, too: sharing a link to a friend’s art show on social media, bringing an elderly neighbor’s newspaper from their lawn to their front door, buying extra masks for friends.

Heads up for all the people-pleasers and caretakers out there. We know you already give too much on an average day; this exercise isn’t about making sacrifices. For you, the practice is knowing that it’s “enough” to act small and within your means. It’s not generous to drain your own reserves; in fact, this can leave the receiver feeling obligated and uncomfortable, especially in these trying times of 2020. Mind the balance—small actions speak volumes!

Other ideas for a 2020 Virgo New Moon Ritual:

  • Purge and purify: throw away (and recycle, if possible) old beauty products, pillow inserts and condiments; invest in fresh replacements
  • Give your space a pre-fall Marie Kondo treatment by clearing out summer clothes that just didn’t spark joy (and probably never will) or were not worn and are taking up space
  • Swap one of your chemical cleaning products for an environmentally-friendly one
  • Join or start a book club, the Virgo new moon reminds us that geek is (always) chic!

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