A Zodiac Guide to the 2021 Mercury Retrograde in Gemini

by The AstroTwins

For the second time in 2021, a signal-scrambling Mercury retrograde is going down. This one’s a double whammy, backing up through already-indecisive Gemini, one of the two signs (along with Virgo) the planet rules. Good luck making any sort of binding decision during this three-week spell.

Just when you think you’ve nailed a solution, more information emerges from the ether. Opinions fly freely whenever Mercury’s in Gemini, but while in reverse, they could lead you down an endless (and frustrating!) rabbit hole. More than ever, it’s essential to check the source of any “news” that floods your feed.

On the plus side, Mercury retrograde can bring happy reunions—and in Gemini, the sign of peer relationships, a much-awaited chance to reconnect to friends you haven’t seen since pre-pandemic. If you keep plans simple, a destination hangout may bring the perfect excuse for a road trip. Keep a spare and jack in the trunk for safety measures, and make sure you have all the details needed, like the door code for your vacation rental, proper check-in (and out) times, and best driving routes.

With the messenger planet highlighting “re” activities, tap Gemini’s media savvy and review, revisit or revive a project that involves writing or broadcasting. DIY divas and creative makers should also reconnect to their craft. Treat this three-week cycle like an intensive retreat. By June 22, you could have a draft of a screenplay to shop around—or wares to sell at a summer flea market.

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Here’s how each zodiac sign can navigate the 2021 Mercury retrograde in Gemini


Watch out for mixed signals starting on through June 22 as messenger Mercury turns retrograde (backward) in Gemini and your communicative third house. For three weeks, major misunderstandings could arise. Do your best to express yourself in the clearest manner possible. If you need to have a serious talk with a loved one, it might be best to hold off until after Mercury corrects course. The same thing goes for high-stakes business meetings. Can’t wait? Be sure to rigorously prepare. Since retrogrades rule the past, don’t be surprised if an old friend resurfaces.


Start pinching pennies as communicator Mercury goes retrograde in your second house money zone until June 22. But don’t panic, Taurus! With a little financial planning, you’ll be able to ride out this cycle without going into the red. Balance your budget, put a moratorium on lavish purchases and consider making extra ends through a side gig. The silver lining? Retrogrades rule the past, so an old colleague could come through with a new and unexpected opportunity.


History could repeat itself as Mercury spins retrograde until June 22, digging up your past in the process. It’s one thing to be nostalgic, but don’t start reliving your former mistakes. This backspin could be particularly tricky since it’s taking place in Gemini and your first house of self. Mixed signals will complicate your efforts at communication. If possible, delay the launch of major projects for a few weeks. The same thing goes for any public statements. Table them until this transit is over (if possible). In the meantime, fine-tune your message. Is it as clear as it could be?


Stuck in the same old cycle? Firm up boundaries while Mercury is retrograde in Gemini and your twelfth house of healing and conclusions until June 22. You don’t have to confront a problematic person about their troubling behavior—but DO make time for introspection. What keeps drawing you back into the unhealthy dynamic? Discovering your role in the dance is the way to create a healthier rhythm between you—or, if necessary, to set yourself free.


Trouble in the Lion’s den? Mercury pivots retrograde through Gemini and your eleventh house teamwork and tech zone until June 22. If a conflict erupts among your friends or colleagues, examine the inciting incident. Does this all just stem from a simple misunderstanding? Play peacemaker if you must and work to ease the tension. On the other hand, if a bad apple continues to poison the bunch, it may be time to show this person the door.


Assess your professional progress as clever Mercury turns retrograde in Gemini and your tenth house of career advancement. Is everything going according to your master plan? If not, it’s probably a good idea to hit the brakes and adjust your strategy. Until June 22, brainstorm ways to approach your career challenges from a fresh angle. If you start feeling frustrated with a colleague or client, find a way to diplomatically address this issue, or don’t go there. Losing steam? Dialing back a few commitments could help you recharge your batteries. You’ll be ready to jump back into the action by the time Mercury resumes forward motion.


Wanderlust has been a hard itch to scratch in 2021, but as Mercury turns retrograde in your ninth house of travel and expansion, the pull of nostalgic locations will be hard to ignore. Well, Libra, COULD you safely revisit any of those important destinations? Taking a road trip and spending a week in a rental property might be just what you need between now and June 22. Just make sure there’s a spare in the trunk and that you’ve got your itinerary carefully mapped to avoid retrograde snafus.


Could pooling resources with a partner help you stabilize your finances? That’s something to consider starting while Mercury is retrograde through your eighth house of bonding and joint efforts until June 22. But if their inconsistent earnings are draining your reserves, insist that they pull their own weight from now on. During the next few weeks, don’t let jealousy get the better of you, even if envious feelings bubble up out of “nowhere.” If it feels like someone is being shady, don’t launch into impulsive accusations. Do a little digging instead and get your facts straight first. The heart wants what it wants, and your emotion-driven sign is generally willing to “go there” to get it if the attraction is strong enough. It’s when you try to deny your heart’s desires that you twist your emotions into a pretzel.


Have you been carrying extra weight in an unbalanced twosome? Work to rectify any relationship inequities as messenger Mercury turns retrograde in Gemini and your seventh house of partnerships. Rather than stew, let the other party know how you’re feeling. Just beware: This wonky cycle (which lasts until June 22) could scramble signals. Plan your “speech” in advance to avoid making the situation even worse. Since retrogrades rule the past, don’t be surprised if a former flame comes back to rekindle that spark. Proceed with caution! This could be the real deal…OR you could get hurt again. Do your best to protect your heart without shutting it down.


The devil’s in the details while Mercury is retrograde in Gemini and your meticulous sixth house until June 22. Before you press “publish” or “send,” rigorously proof your work. And don’t rush to finish an assignment, or you could make crucial errors. Your efforts to eat healthier and work out could be interrupted by Mercury’s mischief. Try a lighter exercise schedule and make sure to warm up and cool down properly to avoid injuries. Batch your food prep making extra portions for lunches that you can freeze and reheat. It’s all about the lifehacks now!


Love could get complicated while Mercury turns retrograde in Gemini. As the backspinning planet stirs up friction in your love zone until June 22, you can’t rely on gut instincts alone. Fight the urge to cyberstalk your ex or reach out to that toxic (but sexy) former fling. There’s a reason that things didn’t work out the first time around, so take off your retrograde goggles! Currently coupled? It may feel like you keep hitting the same wall. The gift of the retrograde is that it reveals stuck patterns and helps you take a deeper look. How can you avoid getting sucked into a similar situation this time around?


Feeling prickly? While messenger Mercury is retrograde, trouble is stirred in your emotional and domestic fourth house. Between now and June 22, avoid triggering people and social situations known to bring out the worst in you. Family drama could get particularly heated. Be honest, Pisces: Is it time to deal with an issue that’s been swept under the rug? If you’re able to discuss things without playing the blame game, fractured bonds might soon be repaired.

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