2022 Astrology: The Year of the New Abnormal

Nothing’s been the same since the new decade began—and it probably won’t ever be again. In 2022, we’ll start getting used to this “new abnormal.”

An exclusive excerpt from The AstroTwins’ 2022 Horoscope

As old systems break down, space for new ones emerge. Call it entropy: Nothing ever disappears but, like wood burning to ash in a fire, it does change form.

Astrologers have been sending up smoke signals since before this decade began. We observed that major planets were moving from classical Capricorn into avant-garde Aquarius and knew this would spark a seismic shift. Our 2020 Horoscope book even predicted a “black swan event” that would overturn the economy, supply chains and life as we knew it.

Two years later, the next evolution of humanity is calling. And, in a weirdly Aquarian way, it involves going backward and forward at the same time. Restructuring the way we “do life” is part of the New Abnormal.

2022 Astrology: Similarities and patterns

While researching this book, we found a striking similarity between 2022 and 1962 in their planetary patterns. Sixty years ago, Saturn was also in Aquarius while Jupiter transited between Pisces and Aries. The Chinese Water Tiger ruled the Lunar Year, uniting empathy with strategy.

Impactful breakthroughs were a hallmark of 1962. New York City introduced its first automated subway car. Worldwide broadcasting debuted with the first transatlantic TV signal. Civil Rights activist James Howard Meredith was the first Black student to attend the University of Mississippi. Bob Dylan released his first album. Walmart opened its doors.

The Jetsons aired, treating us to TV’s pre-millenium interpretation of the Space Age. While we’re still waiting for Elroy’s flying jetpack to hit the shelves, the Musk-Bezos-Branson trio is sending civilians on rocketship rides. Today’s A.I. gives Rosie the Robot, The Jetsons’ machine-operated maid, a run for her Roomba. (Siri, search “sex robots.” Wait—no, don’t.)

The excitement of progress has swelled to high tide since 1962, warming our oceans in the process. As you’ll read in the pages ahead, 2022 is both a year of reckoning and one that’s ripe for ingenuity.

We don’t have to stop innovating and creating

As if we could curb that human impulse! The challenge is to work with what we’ve already got, whether we’re upcycling secondhand denim, reforesting acres of wildlife using permaculture or figuring out how to capture carbon from the air to achieve Net Zero by 2030.

There’s plenty of support from the stars with such matters. The karmic South Node heads into resourceful Scorpio, alchemizing “trash” into treasure. Expansive Jupiter gets spiritual alongside boundary-dissolving Neptune in Pisces—then advances into trailblazing Aries, inspiring fearless action. Saturn and Uranus keep disrupting the system, drawing attention to disparities and helping us engineer innovative solutions.

Hoarding all the toys isn’t cool on the Aquarian playground, but oligarchs and dictators may tighten their iron grips one final time as Pluto draws its last few breaths in Capricorn between now and January 2024.

Venus and Mars both have retrograde phases, echoing this “stick with it” sentiment in love. Rather than endlessly swiping the apps, 2022 wants us to assess our patterns, heal from traumas and forge deeper connections. Simultaneously, unconventional arrangements for loving and living (apart and together) continue making “relationship anarchist” a viable status.

Here’s to a decade of mapping the yearly stars together, and to many decades more.

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