The Luckiest Day for Your Zodiac Sign in 2022

Yes, we believe you create your own luck…or at least, co-create it with the cosmos. But some days you’re extra #blessed.

We chose a super-lucky day for every zodiac sign in 2022 that you won’t want to miss. Write it in your iCal or planner—then be on your toes, ready to manifest in sync with the stars.

Oh and PS – if your lucky astrology day is in the later part of the year, that doesn’t mean you won’t have good fortune before then! Maybe it’s stating the obvious, but attitude and mindset are a huge part of shaping how you move through the world.

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Now, here’s your luckiest day of 2022 according to astrology…

Aries: October 9

Aries have a long, fortuitous spell as abundant Jupiter sails through their sign from May 10 to October 28, but circle October 9 for a harvest when the full moon in Aries brings hard work to a peak manifestation moment. 

Taurus: November 8

With the destiny-driven North Node heading into Taurus on January 18, Bulls are #blessed with 18 charmed months! In 2022, the full moon of November 8—also a potent lunar eclipse—thrusts your talents into the spotlight, ready or not!

Gemini: September 28

Go-getter Mars is on an extended tour through Gemini from August 20, 2022 until March 25, 2023. While you’ll have no shortage of juice during this transit, you’ll plug your powers into a seriously productive grid on September 28, when Mars trines masterful Saturn. Hello, results!

Cancer: June 28

Lucky Jupiter soars through your career zone from May 10 to October 28, it first visit here since 2011. Circle June 28, when the year’s only new moon in Cancer helps you gain serious traction with one of your ambitious goals.

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Leo: February 16

The year’s only full moon in Leo won’t only help you reap rewards, but because it squares the North and South Node, it will push you to take a chance on something that’s out of your comfort zone. Venus and Mars meet up in your investment zone that same day, brings promise of financial gains.

Virgo: August 22

Virgo season begins as the Sun beams into your sign for a month, beginning August 22. While this is always a bright spot of your year, the 22nd is particularly lucky since your ruler, savvy Mercury is also in your sign—and forming a prestige-boosting trine to powerhouse Pluto that day.

Libra: April 16

Your 2022 full moon makes you the star of the zodiac, but this one comes with some extra heft! A trine from authoritative Saturn in Aquarius positions you as a leader and an influencer. Cameras on, please!

Scorpio: May 16

Big magic is coming in with the annual full moon in Scorpio this May 16, but since it’s also a lunar eclipse, it could bring surprises. Lucky for you make-it-happen Mars and dream-agent Neptune are lending support. Be intentional and focus on what you want!

Sagittarius: March 5

Once per year, the gleaming Sun teams up with your ruler, bountiful Jupiter, an event now dubbed “The Day of Miracles.” This year’s conjunction takes place in Pisces, help you plant deep roots and establish yourself as a beloved force in your field.

Capricorn: July 13

You’re at your brightest during the Capricorn full moon each year, and 2022’s gets a boost of cosmic support from the lunar North Node in Taurus. Destiny calling!

Aquarius: March 6

Cosmic co-pilots Venus and Mars unite in Aquarius this March 6. Not only does this give your goals major momentum, but you’ll have the charm to get people onboard with your vision. With Venus here until April 5 and Mars here until April 14, this day is just the beginning!

Pisces: April 12

Talk about a rare blessing! April 12 is your day for making magic as your cosmic co-rulers, Jupiter and Neptune unite at the same degree of Pisces—their first conjunction in your sign since 1865.

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