2022 Mars in Gemini Transit: How to Navigate Communication (And the Retrograde)

How long is the 2022 Mars in Gemini transit?

On August 20, 2022, Mars enters dualistic, fast-talking Gemini for a seven-month circuit, until March 25, 2023. The reason for this protracted period? The red planet goes retrograde from October 30 to January 12, 2023.

Forget about deciphering fact from fiction in 2022’s final quarter! The multi-ringed media circus will make heads spin with more fake news, conspiracy theories and righteous anger into 2023.

What does Mars in Gemini mean?

When Mars is in an Air sign (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius), it makes you a networking wizard. You’ll have the courage to slide into DMs and get into the VIP room. Just be sure to slow down long enough to make meaningful connections.

Mars began 2022 in Sagittarius, making us all warriors for truth. But whose version of the story is the actual, factual one?

The battle wages on as the red planet sets a zealous tone for 2022. Many of us are already exhausted by all the polarizing, disinformation and other data-skewing hype that’s been raging for the past few years. Alas, don’t get your hopes up: It probably won’t go away any time soon.

Seeing Mars in the sky

You can get a glimpse of the cocky red planet in the morning for most of 2022:

January 1 – December 8

Mars lights up the night like a beaming Christmas star from:

December 8 – 31

Mars Retrograde in Gemini Effects

Mars is retrograde in Gemini: October 30, 2022—January 12, 2023

When Mars flips into reverse every other year, it can turn us into unnecessary daredevils. Deprioritizing personal safety? Bad idea. This is not the time to take uncalculated risks.

With Mars in mouthy Gemini, one nasty tweet or snarky comment can torch a bridge to the ground. Getting involved in gossip or trusting the wrong people could also wreak havoc. Distance yourself from shade throwers and nonstop complainers. Protecting your name— and your identity—is crucial during a Mars retrograde in Gemini.

And since this zodiac sign rules mobile gadgets, be careful of where you log on using your phone, laptop or tablet! Strong passwords are not enough to save you from hackers. Check your location settings and delete any questionable apps.

So what can you do when Mars is retrograde in Gemini?

Watch your temper

Firebrand Mars retrograde can cause tempers to flare, so fights may erupt over the pettiest things. We all have bad days. Try to be extra compassionate when Gemini-ruled peers (friends, coworkers, neighbors, siblings) are not acting like their highest selves. As a rule, don’t take their off-putting behavior personally! What can you do to de-escalate the battle rather than pouring gasoline on the fire?

Pay attention to mental health

Mental health challenges (ruled by Gemini) may flare up for people as a result of the pressures of day-to-day life. Talk therapy can be extremely helpful for processing the bottled-up thoughts that create anger, anxiety and insomnia.

Any mindfulness and mentally soothing practices such as journaling and meditation can cool the fires of Mars retrograde in Gemini. Mars is independent, but Gemini is people-focused. Don’t try to push through hard times alone! This backspin may force you to speak up and get the right support for your struggles.

Buddy up for exercise

Physically, you may experience a few energy slumps during the retrograde, and motivation to exercise can fall by the wayside. To stay fit, adopt Gemini’s favorite life hack: the buddy system. There’s never been a better time to invest in a personal trainer or enlist your workout-obsessed friend as your accountability buddy. (Paging our Cosmic Love Water Element Superfit Noel!)

Gemini rules neighborhood activities, so check out that hiking group or cycling club for motivation. Try a new eating schedule to see how it impacts your energy levels, whether you’re giving intermittent fasting a go or making a pledge to stop skipping breakfast.

Maybe skip the booty call

Mars can be lusty, but Gemini is the sign of platonic relationships. During the judgment-skewing retrograde period from October 30 to January 12, it might seem harmless to turn a friend into a booty-call or to temporarily bench your significant other in the friend zone. Reversing the terms will not be easy, so unless you’re prepared to risk losing this person from your life, we don’t suggest experimenting.

Retrogrades bring back the past, and backspinning Mars can leave a trail of “sex with an ex” stories in its wake. A tantalizing but torturous past lover could resurface. While this may be what it takes to awaken your slumbering libido, the spark could turn into a dumpster fire before you pick out matching Christmas sweaters on Etsy.

By the same token, Mars in Gemini can inspire potent conversations about sex, erotic desire and even sex work. No shame in your game for wanting what you want. Whether you’re exploring a kink, starting an Only Fans page or declaring yourself a proud, monogamous “vanilla,” break free from peer pressure and claim your sexual truth.

Dynamic duos get a boost

Mars’ extended circuit through Gemini can give cooperative ventures wings. Put your focus on duos that are truly dynamic and get to work on any joint projects while Mars is direct in Gemini from August 20 to October 30. That way, you’ll have a great buffer built up before the backspin. While Mars is in reverse, you can get tons of behind-the-scenes work done, especially anything Gemini-related such as writing, recording and researching.

The last Mars retrograde was in Aries

Renegade Mars was last retrograde in its home sign of Aries from September 9—November 13, 2020. (The red planet had an extended circuit through Fire sign Aries from July 27, 2020—January 6, 2021. ) With the brashness and anarchy of warrior Aries, rebellion became street theater. Civilians clashed with law enforcement throughout the entire Mars cycle. Crowds toppled statues of controversial historical figures. Gun-toting citizens attempted to obstruct registered voters from casting their ballots during the U.S. Presidential election and tempers generally flared. In the final hours of Mars in Aries (the tide-turning anaretic 29°), the U.S. Capitol was stormed by insurrectionists, the fallout of which we’re still feeling.

How does the 2022 Mars in Gemini transit affect your zodiac sign?


Mars is your ruler, and when it zooms into Gemini on August 20, it flips on all the power switches in your third house of communication for seven months. You’re a straight shooter, Aries, and between now and March 25, 2023, you have cosmic clearance to tell it like it is.

The caveat: From October 30 to January 12, 2023, the warrior planet is retrograde. While you have a point to make, try not to be overly combative or argumentative just for the sake of it. If a hearty, healthy debate will let off some steam, make sure you find the right sparring partner who can match your verbal strength and stamina.


You’re not just ready to make it rain, Taurus; your forecast is calling for a downpour. On August 20, motivating Mars heads out of your sign and into Gemini, your second house of finances, boosting your earning power and business prowess until March 25, 2023. For the record, that’s five times longer than the red planet usually stays in a single position! You’ll want to make money, and lots of it—hopefully by doing something you love.

Warning: Mars is known for being a bit of a stress-head, which doesn’t sit well with slow and steady Bulls. And you may feel that doubly so while Mars spins retrograde from October 30 to January 12, 2023. However, if you embrace the feisty planet’s impetus for the coming seven months, you won’t just fulfill your ambitions—you’ll amaze yourself by what you achieve. Schedule the performance reviews, pitch meetings and interviews, but give yourself a moment to get all your ducks in a row.


Been missing your mojo? Buckle up, Gemini, because it’s coming back full strength! On August 20, red-hot Mars, the planet of charisma and motivation, moves into your sign for the first time in two years, making you simply irresistible. But that’s not all. Normally Mars hovers in a sign for seven weeks, but you’ll host the passionate planet for seven whole months in your first house.

Between now and March 25, 2023, don’t squander your sizzle on the wrong audience. If people don’t want what you have to offer, move on to those who do! The warrior planet will make you more assertive than usual, encouraging you to stand loud and proud. Speak your truth without hammering people over the head. Let your disarming personality do the heavy lifting—especially during the tricky retrograde period from October 30 to January 12.


Your inner life has always been rich, Cancer. And starting August 20, you can enjoy a soulful sabbatical from all the extroverted activity of the past couple months. Mars takes respite in Gemini and your sector of solitude and spirituality for an extended seven-month tour. It’s been a buzzy summer, so this news should come as a relief.

While you may feel pressured to expedite timelines or burn the wick at both ends, don’t! Stress could take you down if you don’t lighten your load and practice self-care. With Mars in your nocturnal twelfth house until March 25, 2023, your dreamstate will be active. But the red planet can also disrupt your sleep, particularly during its retrograde cycle from October 30 to January 12, 2023. Pre-empt bouts of insomnia by disengaging from screens earlier than usual. Give yourself a buffer to read, listen to soothing music or meditate before you flick off the lights.


As zodiac royalty, you carry a lot of responsibility on those shoulders of yours. But starting August 20, Leos can heave a sigh of relief. Mighty Mars zooms into Gemini, energizing your eleventh house sector of collective endeavors until March 25, 2023. Yes, Leo, you were born to run the show, but that doesn’t mean you can’t perform with an ensemble cast.

For the next seven months, focus on building bonds, both with existing acquaintances and people you meet online. As for your current crew, you won’t have much patience for people lagging behind. Bellicose Mars can fire up your temper, but remember that gentle clarity will go a long way toward boosting momentum and unification. If the status quo with your squad isn’t working, have a conversation about how you can shift the dynamic BEFORE you bail. Recommendation: Schedule those talks ASAP! The red planet will be retrograde from October 30 to January 12, 2023, and you’ll want everyone on the same page by then.


For the past couple months, Virgos have been expanding in every direction—which has been exciting AND exhausting. If you’re ready to stop feeling like an overstretched octopus, you’re in luck. On August 20, make-it-happen Mars ascends to the top of your chart as it kicks off a seven-month tour through Gemini and your purpose-driven tenth house. Rather than juggling eight things at once, put full focus on one (or two) major missions, ones that bring a healthy payout.

Courage and conviction will enable you to reach even your loftiest goals, but scrappy Mars will also fire up your competitive spirit. No standing on ceremony, Virgo. If you want to achieve your vision, you’ll have to get down in the trenches now and then. Due to the demanding nature of Mars in this placement, tension with bosses, colleagues and clients could intensify—especially during the retrograde period from October 30 to January 12, 2023.

To deal effectively with issues that arise, take ‘em on like a boss whose only mission is to find the best solution for everyone. For the next seven months, focus on building bonds, both with existing acquaintances and people you meet online. As for your current crew, you won’t have much patience for people lagging behind. Bellicose Mars can fire up your temper, but remember that gentle clarity will go a long way toward boosting momentum and unification.


What exactly does “broadening your horizons” mean in your world right now? Well, Libra, you’re about to find out. On August 20, intrepid Mars zips into Gemini and your worldly, expansive ninth house for an extended seven-month tour.

Between now and March 25, 2023, rule nothing out. Glamping with your two closest friends? Swapping apartments with your colleague in Paris? This envelope-pushing cycle only comes around every other year, so find the right growth strategy for yourself. Maybe it means completing a degree and qualifying for a new career, fulfilling your dream of studying with a master teacher or launching your own online startup.

Get into action like not even the sky’s the limit. But try to set plans in stone before the red planet turns retrograde from October 30 to January 12, 2023. Since Mars can make you impulsive, be sure to research every option exhaustively before plunking down a significant amount of cash.


Whether you’re practicing the art of seduction or negotiating business deals, you’ll be an undeniably potent force starting August 20. For that, you can thank your co-ruler Mars stepping into Gemini and your eighth house of seduction and intimacy for an extended seven-month tour.

Between now and March 25, 2023, the red planet reboots your libido and brings more sizzle to your love life than you’ve felt in a long time. Emotions will intensify, however, including that notorious jealous streak of yours. Keep all “deadly sins” at bay by focusing on YOUR unrivaled allure and magnetic power. If anyone can resist that, they’re not worth keeping around.

Head’s up, Scorpio: A returning “cast member” may appear, tempting you mightily while Mars is retrograde from October 30 to January 12, 2023. If a second chance is on the table, make sure that it’s earned!


As the zodiac’s free spirit, you exercise your right to come and go as you please. But when was the last time you stopped to consider how your nomadic ways affect your closest relationships? On August 20, potent Mars shimmies into Gemini and your seventh house of partnerships for its biennial visit. This cycle is far longer than usual, lasting until March 25, 2023, thanks to a retrograde from October 30 to January 12, 2023. (You’ve been warned.)

No self-respecting Sagittarius would ever let anyone clip your wings. But if you want to find a forever “wingperson,” it can’t just be about “me, myself and I.” Over the next seven months, you’ll be keen to couple up, for business and pleasure.

But note: Red-hot Mars is also very impulsive. While you should explore, discuss and have fun, don’t feel the need to sign a contract, swap keys or put a ring on it. Take your time but also keep things moving at a mutually satisfying pace. If an existing relationship has been on the rocks, this courage-boosting cycle gives you the guts to deal with the conflict for once and for all.


Let’s go, Capricorn! On August 20, energizer Mars zips into Gemini, charging up your work and wellness sixth house until March 25, 2023. The red planet only stops over here every two years, so make the most of this extended seven-month cycle. What professional projects have been simmering on the back burner, waiting for some elbow grease? This proactive cycle is the perfect time to roll up your sleeves and get them cooking again. And with Mars in partner-powered Gemini, you may be inking deals with collaborators before you know it.

Just try to get everything rolling before the slower retrograde cycle from October 30 to January 12, 2023. If you want to detox from sugar, start a fall fitness routine or shift into a more proactive mindset (or all of the above), this is THE ultimate time for action. Similarly, creativity thinks on its feet. Getting outdoors and working your muscles will also activate your mind. For goal-oriented Goats, this Mars phase is the perfect cosmic kick to propel you forward. Just don’t let ambitions become all-consuming! Lifestyle changes are a marathon, not a sprint.


Cuffing season comes with a special bonus for Aquarians this year. Starting August 20, hot-blooded Mars zooms into Gemini, charging up your fifth house of passion and romance for the first time since early 2021. This cycle is an extended one, lasting for seven whole months! And it’s sure to ignite the fire within and set pulses racing. With your style dial set to “stun,” the part of you that loves attention (and yes, shock value) will make regular appearances between now and March 25, 2023. Here’s hoping your Instagram spouse is nearby to capture the moment!

Just ease off the unnecessarily controversial stuff while the red planet is retrograde from October 30 to January 12, 2023, unless you’re okay with getting canceled. The fifth house rules fertility and children, and the pitter-patter of little feet could be imminent for some. Other Aquarians may unleash some fierce creative expression. Leave room in your schedule for the muse, who will knock often this fall and winter.


If it’s peace and quiet you’re craving, home may be the last place you’ll find it for the next seven months, Pisces. Feisty Mars takes up its biennial residence in Gemini, sending ripples through your domestic fourth house between now and March 25, 2023. With your innermost circle of friends, expect plenty of comings, goings, theatrics and laughter.

Combative Mars could also make household dynamics tense, but don’t go into denial. Channeled proactively, airing your long-held grievances might actually resolve issues. Have it out, wipe the slate clean and collectively concoct some new house rules. And try to do so before the red planet turns retrograde from October 30 to January 12, 2023.

Ready for a change of address? The red planet hastens your search. It may be time to embrace a whole new lifestyle or tackle a home improvement project that plays to your creative strengths.

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