2023 Pisces Horoscope: Stronger, Wiser and Up for a Challenge

2023 Pisces horoscope and astrology forecast for love, career & money, wellness and friends & family. Plus how the major planetary transits will affect you.

Plan your year by the planets with your AstroTwins 2023 Pisces horoscope! The following is partially excerpted from The AstroTwins’ 2023 Horoscope; get your copy of the book today.

Talk about coming into your own! The past two years have kicked off massive personal growth for you, Pisces, as you’ve explored new pathways and desires. For your 2023 Pisces horoscope: It’s time to put these discoveries into concrete form!

An indie business, a new home, a fresh start? You’ll break ground in March 2023, and over the next two years, rise into new levels of leadership and self-reliance. In the meantime, there’s money to be made, and you can earn a great living doing what you love this year. Pursue your passions while patiently cultivating your sense of self-worth. A secure partner in business or love (maybe both) could stand out from the crowd. New friendships and kindred spirit connections can pop up in the second half of 2023. Branch out!

Pisces will be lucky with: Money, making new friends

Pisces will be challenged with: Building self-confidence, releasing limiting beliefs

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Where will you be lucky in 2023?

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Key dates for Pisces in 2023

Sun in Pisces 2023

Pisces season begins February 18, 2023, at 5:34 PM ET, and ends on March 20 when Aries season begins.

New moon in Pisces 2023

The Pisces new moon is on February 20, 2023, at 2:06 AM ET.

New moons plant the seeds of intention and inspiration.

Full moon in Pisces 2023

The full moon Pisces is on August 30, 2023, at 9:36 PM ET.

Harvest time! During a full moon, you reap the seeds that were sown six months prior during the corresponding new moon.

2023 Pisces horoscope highlights

Bye, people-pleasing Pisces…hello, legit love.

“Love without limits” might be the Pisces preference, but as boundary-hound Saturn settles into your sign on March 7, you’ll be singing a different tune. The ringed taskmaster hasn’t visited you since 1994-96, so this is a new groove! During this three-year cycle, everything must be weighed, measured and meted out wisely, including your affections. Keep your heart open, but embrace Saturn’s lessons of discernment and energy conservation.

The biggest hurdle? Facing down people-pleasing (and codependency) and learning to say “no” to the ones you love. Venus brings another boost in the healthy relationships department from June 5 to October 8, taking an extended tour through Leo and your mindful, revitalizing sixth house. Prep yourself! Venus will be retrograde from July 22 to September 3, a time when clear relationship rules are a must.

When the karmic South Node swings into Libra from July 17 to January 11, 2025, you’ll be ready to deepen a special bond—while also sorting through a few demons like negative thinking, fear and jealousy. It’s gonna be intense—but also damn sexy!

And the adult in the room is…You, Pisces!

Boot camp starts March 7! The call of duty will be impossible to ignore as heavy-hitting Saturn plants its flag in Pisces for three years. When the lean, mean taskmaster planet visits your sign every 29.5 years, it tests your endurance and forces you to pay dues. But there is a reward ahead. Saturn is the planet of excellence and mastery and your hustle builds muscle.

Put your focus on a clear goal and humbly forge ahead. Earnings could increase while abundant Jupiter tours your money zone (Aries) until May 16. And after July 17, the Libra South Node helps you stabilize with investments, from real estate to digital assets. Cooperative ventures could spark up mid-year—and while these deals may be short-term, they’re bound to be profitable.

Don’t forget to move your body, Pisces.

Let the strength-training begin! With endurance-boosting Saturn in Pisces starting March 7, you could get into the best shape of your life. But this will take consistency and effort—two of Saturn’s favorite words. This planet rules structure, so take extra care to prevent injury: warm up, learn proper posture and build stamina slowly. Saturn governs bones, knees and teeth—all areas to take special care of during this three-year cycle.

From June 5 to October 8, enchanting Venus embarks on an extended tour through Leo and your sixth house of wellness. Skip the punishing workouts and find joy in moving your body, preparing vegan food and working with natural healers. Preventative medicine is the best “cure” of all!

Reclaim Pisces social time in 2023.

Branch out socially and discover new aspects of yourself! While the lunar North Node buzzes through Taurus and your outgoing third house until July 17, you may prefer to be a “floating fish” who mingles freely without getting caught in anyone’s net.

And once free-spirited Jupiter jumps into Taurus for a year on May 16, you won’t abide by any restrictive affiliations. But don’t miss the opportunity to develop a few enriching connections, especially with people in the local area. If there were ever a year to get a social club membership, this is it, Pisces. That way you can “bump into” familiar folks without getting roped into rigid plans.

Your 2023 Pisces horoscope, by the planets

Jupiter in Aries and Taurus

Jupiter in Aries:

On December 20, 2022, the planet of plenty shifted back into Aries, taking its second (and final) lap through your house of income, daily work and self-esteem, until May 16, 2023. How can you tap Jupiter’s wellspring of security—and take it to the bank? When the planet of growth and opportunity visits this part of your chart every 12-13 years, it signals an exciting financial upswing.

Jupiter in Taurus:

On May 16, magnanimous Jupiter zooms into Taurus, pouring its can’t-stop-won’t-stop energy into your communicative, cooperative third house until May 25, 2024. What passion can you tap into?

Mars in Gemini

On January 12, Mars corrects course and gets back on track once again. Since the red planet remains in Gemini until March 25, 2023, you’ll have plenty of can-do momentum for (re)creating the kind of security you need to relax into a space that doesn’t just feel like home but actually is your home. Thankfully, the 2023 leg of this journey is all about finding the perfect mix of stability and stimulation. But how will you navigate what’s right for you?

Saturn in Pisces

On March 7, Saturn, the ruler of time, structure and integrity, voyages into your sign for the first time since April 1996. As the zodiac’s boundary-dissolving free spirit, this seismic shift is going to change up your flow. How will the boundary-enforcing planet teach you, the sign that struggles with any sort of limit, how to create healthy systems that bring you profound satisfaction?

Pluto in Aquarius

On March 23, alchemical Pluto changes signs, dipping into Aquarius and your dreamy, esoteric twelfth house until June 11. While this first cycle is brief, take notes! Pluto returns to Aquarius for 20 more years on November 19, 2024, laying out a new pathway for your soul’s evolution until January 19, 2044.

Venus Retrograde in Leo

Since relationship friction intensifies during the six-week retrograde (July 22 to September 3), try to deactivate any emotional landmines that may be lying dormant before then. And we’re talking specifically about the ones planted inside you.

Aries North Node

Money matters are top of mind for Pisces starting July 17, as the lunar Nodes begin a journey across your financial axis that lasts until January 11, 2025. Can you afford to go with the flow?

Where will your sign be lucky in 2023?

Find out in The AstroTwins 2023 Horoscope — and plan it by the planets all year long!

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