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Make sustainable wellness a happy, healthy part of your life in 2024—with passion, pleasure and zero deprivation. We’ve teamed up again with our friends at Kroma Wellness for a giveaway bundle that will kick-start your 2024 with vitality and alignment to your highest vibration.

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The Kroma 5-Day Reset is unlike any detox or cleanse on the market. Each day consists of 9 nutrient-rich, deliciously satiating meals and beverages. No starvation or deprivation. This revolutionary program is customized to your taste and goals and works seamlessly with your lifestyle — working, traveling, training, or slowing down at home — with proven results in just 5 days. Includes special bonus gifts to support your journey!

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  • Membership to a private online community of group Resetters and wellness experts
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  • Education and inspiration from celebrity doctors, nutritionists, and thought leaders including Kroma Medical Director Dr. Will Cole, Dr. Alisa Vitti, Dr. Gerry Curatola, Lauren Roxburgh, Adina Niemerow and the AstroTwins
  • One month access to Forma Pilates’ 5-Day Reset workout program
  • Invite-only access to ‘surprise’ exclusive in-person events nationwide, including fitness classes, wellness talks, and more. Events to be announced soon — stay tuned!
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