Astrology & Business: Podcast with B-School’s Marie Forleo

Thinking of starting a business or working for yourself? We talk to B-School founder Marie Forleo to get savvy success tips for every zodiac sign.

Maybe you dream of “firing your boss” and pursuing your passions—doing what you were born to do. But the so-called freedom of business ownership comes with a lot more risk, heavy responsibility and lots of emotional ups and downs. How do you know if it’s right for you?

In this podcast, Ophi talks to fellow Sagittarius Marie Forleo, creator of B-School—an 8-week online course that teaches modern marketing and online business secrets to turn your heart-centered ideas into a profitable venture. Marie shares tips on how to break through blocks or fear for every zodiac sign.

Listen to the podcast:

Explore B-School: Launch your dreams

As proud B-School graduates, we used Marie’s teaching to turn Astrostyle into a full-time business. Now, we partner with B-School each year, helping hundreds of entrepreneurs gain the tools and know-how to succeed at their dreams. Learn more >

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