Planets & Astrology: Jupiter

Bigger, stronger, faster! Mighty Jupiter is the big daddy of the solar system. In astrology, Jupiter inspires us to grow, expand and take risks.

Named after the Roman supergod (aka Zeus in Greek mythology), Jupiter directs the laws that shape our society. There are certain truths we collectively hold to be self-evident, and these governing principles are Jupiter’s main domain. According to astrology, the red-spotted planet also presides over philosophy, religion and wisdom traditions. His influence inspires us to be curious and to stretch our minds; to follow the spirit of the law rather than the letter of it.

Your Jupiter sign reveals what you have to teach and to whom.

Jupiter is the planet that reveals our comfort level when taking a gamble. Someone born with Jupiter in analytical Virgo will probably need to research statistics and data (exhaustively!) before taking a bold leap. While a person with Jupiter in mystical Scorpio may rely on intuition and the general sexiness of a situation, before deciding whether or not to pull the trigger. To find out your Jupiter sign, run a free chart here:

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Jupiter can also act like a giant magnifying glass, exposing all our flaws and weak spots. Thankfully, this planet embraces experiential learning, self-development and vision quests. Awareness (Read: seeing your own bullshit) is the key to creating lasting change. Jupiter might show you your lemons, but it will also give you the recipe to make sweet lemonade.

Working with Jupiter is ideal when making a one-year plan, because he chills in a single sign for about 12.5 months. This planet also goes retrograde annually, napping in a low-power mode for about four months. Mercifully, Jupiter’s timeout tames our gambling instincts and slow our rapid expansion before the sprawl becomes too stressful.

Jupiter’s larger-than-life influence can also help us shine! Like loving Venus, Jupiter is one of the “great benefics”: a planet that has a mainly positive affect in our charts. Where do we feel most loud and proud? Where do we excel naturally and with ease? Someone born with Jupiter in ambitious Capricorn could crush it in the boardroom, while Jupiter in expressive Leo folks may have performer-presenter skills worthy of an Academy Award or a TED talk.

Jupiter governs higher learning and can be an “edu-tainer,” schooling in an entertaining manner. Got knowledge to pass on? Your Jupiter sign reveals what you have to teach and to whom. This planet has a whopping 67 moons orbiting around it, much like the pupils (or disciples) one can gather when tapping into Jupiter’s mojo. Caveat: with this winsome planet in the mix, your cult following could turn into a full on cult if you aren’t too careful. (Look out, Jupiter in future-forward Aquarius people!)  

Jupiter is the ruler of worldly Sagittarius and, secondarily, dreamy Pisces. In masculine (yang) Sagittarius, he expresses his worldly curiosity as the traveler, seeker and cultural ambassador. Jupiter’s placement can push us to explore new corners of the world and connect to people of diverse backgrounds. Those born with Jupiter in homespun Cancer may love traveling to remote islands while Jupiter in dramatic Leo folks may prefer a wander through the palace of Versailles.

Whenever we’re feeling venturesome and entrepreneurial, Jupiter has a hand in the equation. This planet inspires us to take more risks in the business realm.

Our philandering, promiscuous urges are also Jupiter’s territory. This indie-spirited, hedonistic planet awakens wanderlust in the erotic sense. Mythology is packed with tales of Jupiter’s/Zeus’ many affairs, and the rage this spawned from his wife Juno/Hera. The red spot on Jupiter is actually a giant storm that’s been raging for over 300 years—fitting since our unchecked “Jupiterian” urges can wreak havoc on relationships and cause chaos for days. But they sure are fun to experience in the heat of the moment!

Through feminine/yin Pisces, Jupiter’s spiritual side emerges. This is the planet that governs religion and wisdom traditions, and Pisces is the sign that ponders the soul’s life beyond the body.

But there is another way that Jupiter can get us in trouble, giving in to compulsive hedonism and ignoring safe, healthy boundaries. There’s a paradox with this planet, as it can swing wildly from the wise teacher to the self-indulgent nomad archetype. But if we don’t make mistake,s how will we ever learn? So maybe we stick our hands in the fire a few times before we realize it burns. At least we’ll understand the concept of heat and passion in the process!

Here is a helpful guide to working with Jupiter’s energy:


Planetary Stats: Jupiter

  • Changes Zodiac Signs: Every 12-13 months
  • Zodiac Sign It Rules: Sagittarius (and secondary ruler of Pisces)
  • Day of the Week: Thursday

Jupiter governs:

  • Wisdom & Higher truths
  • The law
  • Growth & Expansion
  • Higher education & Teaching
  • Risk-taking
  • What we expose/reveal


Special positions of Jupiter: 

Domicile: Sagittarius & Pisces
The planet’s home base, an easy flow if placed here in the chart.

Detriment: Gemini & Virgo
Opposite sign of home base, may need to work harder to integrate the planet’s energy if placed here in the chart.

Exalted: Cancer
The planet’s most powerful position, indicates ease and added fortune with using the planet’s energy if placed here in the chart.

Fall: Capricorn
Opposite sign to the exalted position, can indicate struggles with utilizing the planet’s energy if placed here in the chart.